NFL: Additional suspension for Josh Brown due to new information


A report on Friday morning indicated that former NFL kicker Josh Brown would be suspended six games by the league for violating the Personal Conduct Policy.

The reason for the suspension was domestic violence, which might sound familiar to those of you who remember Brown being suspended one game for the same reason last year. The NFL (and the Giants, who re-signed Brown with knowledge of the domestic violence allegations) wound up with egg on its face after the King County (WA) Sheriff’s Office released a trove of documents detailing multiple incidents beyond the one that the league deemed worthy of a one-game ban.

The NFL formally announced the new penalty and explained why they went back to the well.

“In August 2016, Brown was suspended for the first game of the 2016 season after an investigation into an incident on May 22, 2015 with his then wife.”

“In October 2016, the King County (WA) Sheriff’s Office announced publicly that it had closed its investigation in connection with the 2015 incident. As part of its report, however, the Sheriff’s Office released a volume of documents from its investigation. These documents, which previously had been withheld from the public and the NFL, contained information regarding a series of other incidents separate from the May 2015 incident.”

“The league then placed Brown on the Commissioner Exempt list and initiated an investigation into those incidents. Following a comprehensive investigation, which included a review of the documents and interviews with Brown and several other people, the league concluded there was a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy that warranted a six-game suspension.”

The timing of the new suspension has come up for discussion on Friday since it comes as the league is battling Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott about his own six-game suspension and one of the points Elliott is arguing is the inconsistency in the way the league handles discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy. The fact that the documents being used as the rationale for the new suspension have been available for almost a year won’t do much to dissuade those who think the new action on Brown is linked to Elliott.

Brown was released by the Giants last year and has not played in the NFL since then. The league says he elected to accept the discipline rather than appeal and his suspension starts immediately, which means Brown will be doing the same thing this Sunday that he’d be doing if the league hadn’t chosen to suspend him again.

25 responses to “NFL: Additional suspension for Josh Brown due to new information

  1. The NFL must really think the public is pretty stupid. If they wanted to they could’ve had those “withheld documents” available because I had read during the Elliott investigation the NFL was able to obtain documents that also weren’t made public. So, the NFL wants to feed some BS to the public so as to not look stupid. Give me a break.

  2. Fire Goodell already owner. This is becoming an embarrassment as a fan. I vowed to stop buying season tickets and any NFL logo item until he is gone last year and have stuck to it. $40m+ annually??? He won’t get a penny more from me or my family. We watch the games, read the articles, but will not take another penny out of our pocket for anything with that shield on it until a change has been made. Owners are looking like jokes allowing such an employee. I get it is because of money. But Roger didn’t bring that in, he was simply in the seat when it was brought in. Jerry Jones has more to do with the surplus of money coming into the NFL that this clown commish. In fact, Roger tried to STOP Jerry from finding the extra revenue sources!!! Jerry sued the NFL and they quickly came to an agreement that has turned into a huge load of money coming into the league. He speaks of protecting the shield.

    OWNERS – put a poll out on your teams website and ask your fans who has damaged the shield more over the last five years. Name all the bad boys (Hardy, Rice, Kap as some feel, etc…) and leave a blank option. My money is on the blank one being filled up with the commish as the one who has hurt the league’s image the most in the fans eyes.

  3. Why does it take them so long to investigate something so simple? If there’s no standard of proof, and the mandatory minimum was 6 games, why are they even investigating?

    Only now, when everyone knows that they let a Giants superfan dole out a lame suspension for Brown, and an over-the-top suspension for Elliott, are they trying to yet again cover their goodells.

  4. So wait… suspend a guy who’s unemployed and currently not even working for you. So next he’ll have to pay a fine retroactively???

    The NFL is definitely in a league of it’s own! And a world for that matter. I’m still trying to work through suspending someone who “isn’t” working……lmao!!!!!!

  5. Espn gave Bennet the mic and coverage and now won’t bring it up on any of their talking head shows from 330 to 6. How bout it florio. Screw these other clowns. Bennet lit a powder keg

  6. read it again. NFL got these docs in October of LAST YEAR. 11 months ago, and they wash this over as “new evidence” like they just came across it. Yeah, nothing to do with the suit put against you by Zeke’s team for your lack of consistency. Nothing at all. So, they try playing the fan and the current judge as stupid.

  7. LMAO

    They had enough proof over a year ago to give Brown a 6-game suspension per their own stated rule. Why? Because he literally admitted to doing it. There was no question as to whether he was guilty or not. Open and shut case. At the very least, his time on the “Commissioners Exempt” list should have been a matter of days, not months.

    The NFL makes its own rules, and breaks them constantly.

  8. hakunamangata says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:38 pm
    Was this additional information being made aware of hypocrisy?

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    goodell and mara continue to insult the customer’s intelligence

  9. oister78 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:37 pm
    Ummm…. Let’s have a story about the Bennet lies. Tmz released all the footage.

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    isn’t funny how goodell is always picking the wrong side
    of something and he gets caught, and acts like nothing happened?

    he just aligned himself
    witha fellow liar in michael bennett

    how cute

  10. mmack66 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:33 pm
    Why does it take them so long to investigate something so simple? If there’s no standard of proof, and the mandatory minimum was 6 games, why are they even investigating?

    Only now, when everyone knows that they let a Giants superfan dole out a lame suspension for Brown, and an over-the-top suspension for Elliott, are they trying to yet again cover their goodells.

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    power and lawyers…

    in this case here or like with ray rice, goodell was scouring for legal
    ways to help his buddies, bisciotti and mara

    with deflategate or elliott, they had to figure what angle they would
    use to frame

    that takes time
    and to legally cover your tracks…even still those weasely lawyers
    on park ave failed with their sloppiness

    laywering up in either direction (protecting certain teams ot framing others), takes a lot of time and legal jargon

  11. Now he’s taken to suspending players that no longer play for the NFL. If I was the NFLPA I’d file an injunction in federal court to block it, because frankly if suspending players that no longer play isn’t a total abuse of power, what is?

  12. Nfl: by new information, we mean that someone pointed out that this will look bad if we go in front of a judge. So….yeah, we actually meant to type a 6 instead of a 1 way back when. Our bad. We promise we aren’t idiots making it up as we go along. Trust us.

  13. The suspension should be at least a year. The stuff he wrote in his journal is the stuff of psychopaths. These guys are never going to learn unless the hammer really comes down, and there is no easier slum-dunk case than Josh Brown’s. For once, it’s not “he said, she said.” Everyone knows he did it. Bury him. I’m sure there are limits to what the league can do based on the collective bargaining agreement, but whatever the maximum punishment is, Josh Brown deserves it.

    And to those of you saying, “I’ll keep watching the games, but I won’t spend another cent at the stadium!” You’re kidding yourselves. Television is the league’s biggest source of revenue. They don’t care if you don’t want to go to the games. Most (maybe all?) teams only sell season tickets anyway, and the wait list is so long that fans don’t want give up their tickets even if they’re not using them. They don’t care if 90% of the fan base won’t consider going to a game, as long as they have the 50,000 fans they need to fill the stadium. If you want to punish the league, you need to stop watching. I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone for choosing to watch anyway, but people need to understand that if you’re really that angry with the league, the only thing you can do about which Goodell & Co. will care even a tiny bit is to stop watching it.

  14. @tylawpick6. I’m furious. I have many friends and employees from many cultures. These guys like Bennet are driving a wedge. I, alike with many others have done nothing wrong. I work hard daily and get along with everyone. I’ve been wronged many times by every kind of ”race”…. But never have lumped a whole group because of one.

  15. No matter how you look at this … the NFL got it wrong before they got it right. And that’s the best case scenario. No reason at all to every trust another NFL investigation. Ever.

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