NFL circles back and suspends Josh Brown six more games

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One of the recent criticisms of the NFL during its recent Ezekiel Elliott investigation/suspension was a lack of consistency, after the Cowboys running back got a six-game punishment the year after Giants kicker Josh Brown got one.

The NFL has taken a retroactive step to remedy that.

According to Adam Schefter of, the NFL has suspended the former Giants kicker six more games for violating its personal conduct policy, for domestic violence.

Of course, Brown’s career was probably over anyway, as he’s a kicker, and the Giants parted ways with him after last year’s one-game suspension. (Even though, you know, they signed him to a contract extension with knowledge of the allegations of abuse by his ex-wife.)

The league re-opened their investigation into Brown’s case, and will say that they found new information during that process that justified the longer suspension.

Of course, no one was going to touch a 38-year-old kicker with a domestic violence charge anyway (unless he was a really good kicker, I mean), but the more interesting question will be how it serves as any kind of factor in the Elliott case or future cases. Elliott’s waiting for a ruling from a Texas judge on a restraining order which would allow him to continue to play beyond this week.

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  1. This is a message to the “Garden Gnome” Elliot in Dallas that there’s no way on earth that he’s going to win his suit against the NFL! He should get 6 games for the St. Patrick’s day event alone! Pulling up a strange woman’s shirt in public! No normal person would be employed after that! He will not win!

  2. Roger back tracking doesn’t make the NFL look any better nor does it justify Zekes
    suspension later in court. He is a kicker that was never coming back anyway.

  3. So now deciding to suspend a player who is not currently on an active roster is suppose to fix things? If this is an attempt at being fair than they should hold off Zeke’s suspension til he retires. Which still wouldn’t make sense given that he is innocent

  4. So now it’s 7 games total? Brown is done, but every time the NFL tries to do right, it’s more clear they make it up as they go.

  5. If they can do this, can they go back and add games for a player who was suspended after new information comes to light exonerating the player?

  6. This just makes the NFL look worse! They truly have no idea what they are doing. It is like the Three Stooges episode when they are doing plumbing work.

  7. Look, your honor, in order to address any potential concerns the court may have about arbitrariness in our process and lack of process in our arbitration, we’ve gone back and created a precedent for Zeke!

  8. Too late. The NFL’s approach to these cases are so stupid, the only reason they added 6 more games is because of the Elliott case, but the games means absolutely nothing at this point considering he isn’t even signed. The Giants and NFL still need to be accountable for why Brown’s case wasn’t dealt with when they immediately found out about it. Really, the Giants signing Brown to an extension knowing he committed domestic abuse.

  9. WOW……what a bold and brave move by the NFL… have more evidence that Josh Brown was a wife beater, you actually have him admitting to abusing his wife…..and you only gave him 1 game……they guy gets cut from the Giants……ONLY after it got out that he was an admitted wife beater……and he is out of the league. But since you’ve been called out for not giving him 6 games and Elliott’s case has exposed the hypocrisy and favoritism of the NFL’s conduct policy……you find “new” evidence and come back and 6 more games.

    If this isnt proof that the NFL and commissioners office is nothing more than a reactionary body that is more focused on appearing to be tough instead of following evidence and recommendations of investigators….I dont know what is!

  10. It’s obvious that this is nothing more than a reaction to the fact that Lisa Friel is a Giants superfan.

    That “new” information has only been out there for almost a year now.

  11. Now that he isn’t a Giant anymore, Mara will allow the suspension to be what it should have been all along. Plus, it looked really bad and all. An admitted wife abuser gets 1 game, a guy who has proof his accuser is lying gets 6.

    More of Goodell making things up as he goes and without the facts.

  12. I have zero sympathy for Brown. Zero. But this is absurd. Further evidence that the League hasn’t a clue how to do this, like someone at the doctor’s office sliding that one pound measure back and forth but never actually figuring out your weight.

  13. Brown deserved more than he got the first time to be sure, but why increase it now? Increasing penalties after the fact just to head off PR issues over cases that came later is a very poor practice.

    The ‘reopened and found new evidence’ excuse is nonsense. They knew enough the first time to give the appropriate punishment. This has nothing to do with suddenly obtaining more evidence.

  14. What a joke. This has Mara written all over it. Him and Goodell are trying to cover their backside. I can hear it now. Hey Roger, lets suspend Brown(a kicker who is not even in the league) to help us justify suspending Elliott.

  15. Does everyone remember what a great commissioner Paul Taglibue was? This move is so transparent, probably hatched at a Starbucks between Goodell and Mara. What a putz.

  16. Talk about a coincidence. This just happened to come out the day the judge hears the appeal in the Elliott case. What are the odds?

  17. NFL really has stomped on its on twig and berries with this zeke ordeal and this is them trying to close an avenue of inconsistency a year later. How stupid can these people be?

  18. Wow. Nice job NFL. Making sure you dont show any favoritism here by suspending a guy who is out of the league for an additional 5 games. This shows how truly fair and unbiased your rules are…Ok end of sarcasm. This move can be likened to someone rushing into their burnt out home and turning off the gas stove which was left on causing a fire that burned down the entire neighborhood.

  19. I would find it easier to applaud the league for correcting a mistake had they not timed this solely to bolster their Elliot decision and had they not tried to sell us about suddenly uncovering new information in the Brown case.
    “Oh wait, you mean he hit her? We didn’t notice that the first time we reviewed this case.”

  20. With every move they make, this League loses credibility. You could see the “Zeke” scenario coming since last June — Play the showcase Opener and then suspended….that’s a Kangaroo Court Ruling.

    And now a re-do for the case of a Low-Rent Kicker ?? That ought to teach all the Women-Beaters a lesson.

  21. The league choked on its discipline of Brown and now it is trying to save face and justify the Elliott suspension.

    Two totally different sets of circumstances. A watermelon to grape comparison. They’ll con those that aren’t paying attention. Those that are paying attention are not fooled.

  22. I realize the timing is suspect but in the end, it’s the right move in that it will establish a precedent for domestic violence.

    The fact that it gives Cowboy fans one less thing to bitch about is just the cherry on top of the ice cream.

  23. How much shameless can the league be? The only reason they circled back and suspended Brown 6 games is to strengthen their case in court as they defend themselves against Elliot’s lawsuit. These guys are despicable. They tried this nonsense against Ray Rice when they suspended him only two games for his Tyson uppercut on his fiance. After public out cry they tried to turn around and hand him a harsher penalty all with Goodell lying and saying Rice didn’t provide him full detail of the incident. A lie that the judge called him on by the way. Now the league is back doing the same thing.
    If this is how a private company, which the NFL is, that is constantly in the spotlight and very high profile handles it’s arbitration process I shudder to imagine how other big companies with lower public scrutiny handles their arbitration process.

    And if you think it doesn’t impact you think again. Just about Every company you do business with from credit cards, to banks, to almost anything on the internet requires you to agree to arbitration before providing you with service. Getting a precedent set against the NFL’s arbitration process will have an impact on almost every company’s arbitration.

  24. The Falcons should demand to replay the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. If Goodell gets do-overs, why not everybody else?

  25. We would like to know what this “new information” is that we didn’t already know. I bet the NFL never releases it citing privacy issues or something along that line to cover for the fact that there is nothing new.

    The NFL is just doing this to try and make themselves look good in front of the courts and to get good public relations for seeming to come across as fair. Josh Brown was never going to play again. Why don’t the suspend an active Giants player for conduct detrimental to the league. The NFL can start with Eli Manning and the memorabilia scandal.

  26. This is only gonna be interesting because it’s the NFLPA’s job to fight against the double jeopardy being waged on a union member.

    If they don’t fight this charge, the precedent will be set for the future that Goodell can levy 2 separate penalties for 1 instance of conduct detrimental. If they do fight it, they’ll look bad because they’re defending an alleged abuser of woman.

    Nobody likes Goodell but part of his job is to keep leverage against the union, and he’s doing a heck of a job.

  27. whatjusthapped says:
    September 8, 2017 at 9:43 am

    I realize the timing is suspect but in the end, it’s the right move in that it will establish a precedent for domestic violence.

    The timing is suspect? It’s the right move? Establish a precedent?

    Come on. This is the most ridiculous suspension ever, and it is completely obvious why it was done, and it has absolutely nothing to do with taking a stand against domestic violence.

    This is a lame attempt to cover for the fact that the league let a Giants superfan suspend a guilty Giants player for 1 game, and an innocent Cowboys player for 6 games.

  28. As others have pointed out, this is just a blatant attempt to make it look like the league is consistent on domestic violence. They are hoping this removes the precedent that Ezekiel Elliott can point to.

  29. I heard the NFL is going to suspend Lawrence Taylor for breaking Joe Theismann’s leg. They’re also looking into some dirty hits by Mean Joe Greene. Possible suspension is looming for him as well.

  30. This was 100% about Ezekiel Elliott. They know if Ezekiel’s case goes to court, Josh Brown’s 1 game suspension would’ve been brought up. So they fixed it. Now Roger and his cronies can even say they were lenient toward’s Ezekiel by giving him 1 fewer game than Josh Brown. Lol. I’m not even a Cowboys fan. Just ticked at Goodell after the Burfict witch hunt. NFL fans need to unite against Goodell.

  31. texansfan82 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 10:59 am

    As others have pointed out, this is just a blatant attempt to make it look like the league is consistent on domestic violence. They are hoping this removes the precedent that Ezekiel Elliott can point to.

    Actually, it just makes a stronger case for the league office being completely arbitrary and capricious in regard to player discipline.

  32. tylawspick6 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    what an insult to everyone’s intelligence

    Goodell has been insulting fan intelligence for 11 years. Well, those of us that have intelligence. The ones that don’t think he is doing great work.

  33. Didn’t the NFL try this with the Ray Rice fiasco where they suspend a guy, then suspend him again to cover their butts because the first time it was too soft? Didn’t Rice win in court over the NFL because of this?

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