NFLPA statement says league office continues to have “lack of integrity”

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The National Football League Players Association issued a statement after Judge Amos L. Mazzant III ruled in Ezekiel Elliott‘s favor, blocking his suspension pending the outcome of the litigation filed by Elliott in Texas.

The NFLPA’s statement reads:

“Commissioner discipline will continue to be a distraction from our game for one reason: because NFL owners have refused to collectively bargain a fair and transparent process that exists in other sports. This ‘imposed’ system remains problematic for players and the game, but as the honest and honorable testimony of a few NFL employees recently revealed, it also demonstrates the continued lack of integrity within their own League office.”

25 responses to “NFLPA statement says league office continues to have “lack of integrity”

  1. Name another major league commissioner who is involved in so much negativity and incompetency as Roger Goodell.

    Prior commissioners handled a merger, collective bargaining and free agency whilst emerging stronger each time.

    Whereas Roger Goodell frustrates, perplexes and even infuriates the league’s fan base time after time after time.

  2. Yes and Zeke has the utmost integrity while pressuring his girlfriend to have an abortion and then pulling down the shirt of another woman. Ray Rice has nothing on Zeke.

  3. It’s scary that the government can intervene with private business’s disciplinary decisions.

    Ita even scarier that one person can be judge jury and executioner and that people seem to find that fair and acceptable.

  4. THE NFLPA certainly does work hard for all their players, whether child abusers, sexual abusers, women beaters, drunk drivers, drug users/sellers, or whatever. I guess that is what a union is supposed to do but many jobs, teachers and police for example, have suspended with pay … while the outcome is being investigated or appealed.

  5. NFL players are doing well. Most of them are millionaires. The worst thing that’s happened to them in my lifetime is De Smith. The players have plenty, but if they ever expect to get more from the NFL owners, it’s not going to come via the negotiating skills of Smith. They need someone the owners are going to respect, and De Smith is definitely not on that list. And as long as Smith is representing them, the fans are going to side with the owners too. Like it or not. The owners and the players hire people to represent them. Those folks get together and hammer out deals. If the owners didn’t like their deal, they’d fire their representative. The players’ representative continues to complain about the deal that he negotiated. This is a joke, and the joke’s on the players.

  6. paison says:
    September 8, 2017 at 8:29 pm
    It’s scary that the government can intervene with private business’s disciplinary decisions.

    Ita even scarier that one person can be judge jury and executioner and that people seem to find that fair and acceptable.
    Wasn’t this process agreed to by negotiations in the last labor agreement?

  7. For those STILL choosing to believe Zeke is guilty or that he “sexually harassed” a woman (that flashed the crowd on her own prior to and after, by all appearances of the video motioned towards him for him to do it, left with him and for all we know came there with and never complained about what he did and in fact despite the “women beater” label obviously came out of the situation unscathed with no bruises even of the Tiffany Thompson bar fight variety) do y’all even keep up with any of this or are y’all just bitter because you hate the Cowboys? Seems like the latter to me as no competent, common sense person could keep up with this whole thing and not see that Zeke got the shaft just so the NFL could keep up appearances on their domestic assault stance, after screwing it up so badly before, by defending a scorned, psychotic gold digger even if it means silencing the ONLY investigator to interview Thompson. Kudos to the fans who can overlook their hatred for Dallas and see what’s really happening especially the Patriots fans who aren’t wanting to see another star player get made an example of. To the rest get a life or learn to read.

  8. When the NFLPA signed the current Collective Bargaining Agreement giving the commissioner powers to discipline, they obviously assumed he’d wield them responsibly, fairly, competently and without bias for the good of the league. They were wrong on all counts.

  9. “I’m still baffled that Elliott sexually harassed a woman in front of hundreds of party goers and that gets brushed off for some reason”.

    And we’re still baffled that you are unaware of what actually happened.

  10. “It’s scary that the government can intervene with a private business’s disciplinary decisions”.

    What’s scary are the people professing complete fealty to such decisions.

  11. De Smith no longer wants to honor the deal he signed off on with the league yet Goodell has “no integrity”?


  12. If you didn’t want the commissioner to have so much power then do not give it to him in negotiations. If your that dead set against it go on strike. The problem is that 99% of the players do not care about the commissioner’s power because the ARE NOT going to get in trouble and do now want to give up paychecks for the other 1% that are knuckleheads. Remember, this is not the first time that Zeke has shown questionable judgement/actions.

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