Police officers will take part in pregame activities at Browns opener

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A meeting between Browns players, team officials and Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams has paved the way for police officers to take part in pregame festivities at the Browns’ season opener against the Steelers this Sunday.

Police officers were originally scheduled to hold a large American flag on the field during pregame ceremonies, but Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis said last weekend that they would not take part after a group of Browns players knelt during the playing of the national anthem before a preseason game. On Thursday, however, Browns players Christian Kirksey, Ibraheim Campbell, Seth DeValve, Randall Telfer, Jamie Collins and Ricardo Louis met with Williams to discuss ways to work with law enforcement to foster better relationships.

As a result of that meeting, the Browns will take the field with police, firefighters, emergency workers and military personnel before the game on Sunday. Loomis said, via the Associated Press, that Thursday’s meeting was one “where tough issues were respectfully discussed and viewpoints exchanged.”

“Once again Cleveland has risen above the fray and has demonstrated that respectful communication is the key to solving any problem,” Loomis said. “We can always accomplish much more good by standing, communicating and working together than we ever will by standing apart.”

A Browns spokesman said there has been discussion about players going on ride-alongs with police and to attend community meetings designed to build closer relationships with citizens as part of the effort to foster the unity sought in Thursday’s meeting.

14 responses to “Police officers will take part in pregame activities at Browns opener

  1. It is announced before the National Anthem “Please rise and remove your hats to honor America and those that serve it.”

    So lets all be perfectly clear here. When you do not rise, you disrespect America and ALL of those who serve it. Lets just be clear with that.

  2. Great! I would change “respectful communication” to “respectful, open, truthful communication, where truthful means presenting the whole truth on all sides”.
    Hopefully that results from these actions and we start seeing some real progress.

  3. It’s amazing what can happen with actual conversations. Kudos to the Police Chief for going above and beyond the Union to be constructive and actually find common ground. It’s almost like hearing the other side out can facilitate change. Who knew!

  4. I know a way to foster better relationships with the police, DON’T COMMIT CRIMES. The police are there to investigate crimes and arrest criminals. They are not there to coddle your delicate SJW feelings.

  5. Lets have a story about the Bennet lies. Tmz released all the footage. He lied and ESPN, who gave him the mic and press conference, won’t talk about it. How about you florio? You’ve stood up for him too. Somebody please tell me…. If this racism and profiling is so bad how is there even an NFL or NBA for that matter? 2 leagues consisting of mainly black players. Who’s watching? Who is spending all the money on cable, tickets, jerseys., etc? The 13% black population? All these racist white people can’t be making these leagues and players rich? How many white dudes own Bennet jerseys? Hmmmm…. Can’t be white people…. They’re all racist according to guys like Kapernick and Bennet. This guy lit a powder keg

  6. “We can always accomplish much more good by standing, communicating and working together than we ever will by standing apart.” <<< That. We need to come together and work together if we expect to heal an issue. The divisiveness just keeps driving us away from each other. We have to fix this thing. Surely there is common ground.

    But I have to say this is really funny: "As part of the deal, on Sunday Loomis will take a knee during the playing of the anthem…."

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