Thursday night wrap-up: Chiefs look like Super Bowl contenders

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The Patriots entered Thursday night’s game as overwhelming Super Bowl favorites. The Chiefs? Their 25-1 odds trailed quite a few teams.

But in a game reminiscent of a Week 4 game in 2014, the Chiefs stunned the Patriots. Alex Smith outplayed Tom Brady, and Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill rolled up big yardage in Kansas City’s 42-27 win.

Hunt gained 246 yards from scrimmage with three touchdowns and Hill had 138 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown as the Chiefs gained 537 yards against a defense that ranked in the top 10 last season. It was the most yards a Bill Belichick defense ever has allowed.

The Chiefs had three drives of at least 90 yards after having only one last season.

But the game didn’t start that way.

The Patriots unfurled their fifth Super Bowl banner pregame and gave their fans even more reason to celebrate early in Thursday’s game.

Everyone counted out Kansas City when the Patriots scored on their first drive and the Chiefs fumbled on their first play. But Kansas City made a fourth-and-one stop, one of two in the game, and scored a touchdown before halftime to cut the Patriots’ lead to 17-14. The second half was all Chiefs as they outscored New England 28-10.

The only bad news for the Chiefs was safety Eric Berry leaving on a cart with an Achilles injury in the fourth quarter.

The only good news for the Patriots is they have been here before. They lost to the Chiefs 41-14 in 2014 as Smith completed 20 of 26 passes for 248 yards and three touchdowns and Kansas City rolled to 443 total yards.

The Patriots rallied from a 2-2 start that season to finish 12-4 on their way to winning Super Bowl XLIX.

This is the beginning, not the end, with a long way still to go.

Here are five more things we learned during Thursday Night Football:

1. Patrick who? The Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes in the first round, and Smith’s critics had him heading to the bench sooner than later. But Smith played one of the best games of his career Thursday night.

Smith completed 28 of 35 passes for 368 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions and a 148.6 passer rating.

He has earned Pro Bowl honors only twice in his career, but played every bit like a perennial Pro Bowler on Thursday.

2. Hunt brings the Chiefs something they haven’t had since Jamaal Charles, whose last 1,000-yard season came in 2014. Hunt’s 246 yards from scrimmage were the most by any player in his debut since the 1970 merger.

Hunt rushed for 148 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries. He also caught five passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

His great night didn’t start with great promise as he fumbled on his first carry. Hunt had only one fumble in 856 career offensive touches at Toledo, and that came in his freshman season.

But that was forgotten in a record night for the third-round pick, who took over after Spencer Ware was lost for the season with a knee injury.

3. The Patriots have had a top-10 defense the past two seasons, but they looked nothing close to that against the Chiefs. Hill had a 75-yard touchdown and Hunt a 78-yarder, the first time the Patriots have allowed two touchdowns of 75 yards or more in a game since 1968.

The 42 points scored by the Chiefs was the most of the Belichick era, and the most points New England has allowed since the Jets scored 45 in 1993.

While the secondary surely lost confidence, linebacker Dont'a Hightower was lost to a knee injury. The extent of the injury isn’t known, but Hightower didn’t return to the game after being rolled by Chiefs center Mitch Morse.

The Patriots will have time to get it together, with 10 days until their next game. But the next game is against Drew Brees and the Saints.

4. Hill just might be the most exciting player in the NFL.

He now has scored a touchdown of 65 yards or longer in five consecutive regular-season games. Hill might have done even more damage than he did in catching seven passes for 133 yards and running for 5 yards on two carries, but he left with cramps in the fourth quarter and didn’t return.

5. Brady still is learning his receivers.

Brady lost his security blanket when Julian Edelman tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during the preseason. Edelman has averaged 89 catches for 957 yards and five touchdowns the past four seasons. Brady then lost Danny Amendola to a concussion during Thursday’s game after Amendola made six catches for 100 yards.

It was not one of Brady’s better nights as he completed only 16 of 36 passes for 267 yards with no touchdowns, no interceptions and a 70.0 passer rating.

133 responses to “Thursday night wrap-up: Chiefs look like Super Bowl contenders

  1. That dawg WILL Hunt! Woo, what a performance.

    You just can’t cheat your way out of that kind of butt- kicking!

    And it’ll be 0-2 after Drew and dem boys get after em next week. Who Dat?

  2. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here … Alex Smith had a career game. His performance tonight is an outlier.

    Nonetheless, it’s a great loss for the patriots. We don’t have to listen to their arrogant fans talk about how great they are and that they have a great chance of going undefeated.

  3. Do the Chiefs look like contenders, or did the Patriots just have a really bad night? That achilles injury means Berry is probably out for at least a while, and Peters was getting worked on too. Those are two major components for KC.

  4. To all the Atlanta Falcons fans who have had to endure months of smack talk about last year’s Super Bowl and be humiliated on national television with the 28-3 score being shown on the Gillette Stadium scoreboard tonight during the pregame ceremony…


    KC fans

  5. Brady was the no.1 fantasy option this week on a few sites. He will have much, much better days, but too many writer’s wanted to get in on the Patriots love too early.

    Patriots make the playoffs on an easy AFC East schedule and then face challenges.

  6. The lack of pass rush for NE was exposed, nothing more. KC did play well.

    2 AFC playoffs teams, but not likely either of the best teams in the NFL for 2017. We can calm down with SB predictions for the moment. Lots of football left to be played.

  7. They did not. Pump the brakes and slow your roll.

    Run defense is awful, secondary besides Peters is awful. Penalties stall drives. This team is no where near contenders.

  8. Patriots can still go on and win the super bowl, but the talk of 19-0 with that personnel group was always laughable.

  9. We all know how good Andy Reid can be with time to prepare and is a great regular season coach. It’s still a matter if he can manage a game properly in the post season which has yet to be seen.

  10. I am glad we don’t have to listen to the 16-0 crap anymore.

    That said depending on injuries the Patriots will be just fine.

  11. They were, until berry got hurt. Losing berry will be like the Seahawks losing earl Thomas last year.

  12. I’m sure that every Patriots braggart is going to say “I don’t remember saying ANYTHING about 19-0!”

  13. Belichick was completely outcoached. Brady looked lost.

    This team will likely get thru the perennial cupcake division they’re in, but as far as contending goes – they’re done.

  14. After all that ludicrous talk of 19-0, the Patriots are currently the only team in the league that ISN’T undefeated.

    Chiefs looked great, but to say they look super bowl great is just a way to save face for some people that have been talking up the Patriots way too much.

  15. Brady looked like he did for the first 2.75 quarters of the super bowl.

    If ATL hadn’t folded, the Brady over-the-hill talk would be in full swing.

  16. Congrats on a great game by KC. I don’t know what the hell game plan was installed this week, but it was rubbish. I hope, even though it’s on the road in NO, that the pats come out on all cylinders. It’s quite evident, that KC, deserved this win. I mean the 2 busted coverage TD’s were brutal. Good luck chiefs….

    Onto New Orleans

  17. Lol, a day for the haters. “Brady’s done, Patriots are awful and not making the playoffs…..etc…..etc……etc…..” Don’t run away at the end of the season, come back here and face the music.

  18. Things that put talk of 19-0 season to rest, quickly….

    A 42-27, opening night, home field, LOSS, to an AFC rival!

  19. any patriots loss is a good loss! a fan base that defends cheats and then brags about ill gotten trophies from cheating deserve to lose more than just the respect of all the other fans, they should lose all their games too!
    pats* donks* cheats should be kicked out of the league!

  20. Props to KC. NE goes from stacked at WR to thin in one game. As I’ve said before, Julian Edelman was the heart of this team. Until someone else steps into that role it will be a tough season for NE. Defense needs a LOT of work. Marsh looked lost. No return game. Brady overthrowing more than on target. Gronk a non-factor. Amendola?? Then again, remind me what happened the last time NE got smacked early in the season by KC?

    Revel today all you lovely folks who enjoy a NE loss more than a win by your own team. Perhaps your predictions of NE falling off a cliff may come true, but deep down you don’t really believe that, do you? Your leader Trent Dilfer told us 3 years ago that the Patriots just aren’t good anymore. Remind us how that’s worked out? Stay tuned.

  21. Thought it was interesting that the stands emptied out with more than 6 minutes on the clock. Guess Pats fans are who we thought they were.

  22. The Patriots’ season is not in jeopardy yet, but OH MAN was this a sweet loss for them. The silence from the pundits predicting an undefeated season is deafening.

  23. As a Falcons fan that’s never got to enjoy a championship, looking at last night it was really bizarre. The Pats have won multiple championships and a are class act organization.

    Last night I seen and bunch 12 year olds in the stands ,that looked like they never won anything in their lives! The Pats have been there and done that, but last night again was bizarre to say the least.

    Lastly I think Karma bit the Pats in behind and it was sweet to watch.

    (thank the Falcons for exposing that Defense last year— BLUEPRINT!)

  24. Hail to the Chiefs ! It was a dominating performance in all phases of the game. Lots of injuries on both sides . The toughest to see was Berry’s ; a great football player and a class act. He covered Gronk like a blanket and you don’t see that often.

  25. If the Falcons didn’t puke all over themselves that would be 2 straight games that the Pats have looked awful. They look like the older and slower team on the field.

  26. Congratulations to the Chiefs and their fans on the win. Despite all the penalties your team never gave up. Great game by Smith, Hunt, Hill, Berry, and several others.

    Disappointed by the Patriots performance. Not much else to say.

    As for those cranking us Pats fans about 19-0… is a well deserved crank. I’ve cringed many times over the past 6 months seeing those comments, so if there is a silver lining here, at least that is out of the way.

    Best wishes to the Chiefs, I hope they win the West.

  27. When an organization has TWO “-gates” to contend with, it’s quite obvious that additional cheating has been present over the span of its success. May the asterisks dominate the Patriots record books just like they do the mid 90s-mid 00s home run books.

    May Spygate, the greatest cover-up in American sports, come back to haunt this mediocre franchise and cause it to have many, many losing seasons in the coming decades, via karma.

    May additional details of cheating be exposed that completely tarnish the legacies of Brady, Bellichick and especially Kraft.

    The Patriots only WISH they were at the same level of the league’s royal franchises: Packers, Ravens, and Steelers.

  28. As good as this win was (and it was real good), remember that the Pats play in the AFC Least, so pretty much by default they are going to be in the playoffs.

  29. Let the over reactions begin.
    2 years ago the Chiefs thumped the Pats and everyone was writing them off.
    It’s one game.

    But the Chiefs did look good.

  30. This was in no way an upset – this was a butt-kicking. The Pats know it, Belichick knows it – we ALL know it and their history of coming back after something like this gives us Pats fans hope.

    This was a butt-kicking on a national level – the only game in town and all kinds of hoopla before the game with movie stars and rock stars and all kinds of nonsense to celebrate title #5.

    Welcome to the NFL 2017.

  31. Weird to watch the Pats get absolutely beat down and completely out coached. Matt Patricia couldn’t have done worse. Lets triple Kelce but cover no one else.

  32. Brady was way off the mark on many throws, Gillislee is no Legarette Blount and was a liability most of the night, defense was terrible with no pass rush. I would not want to be a Pats player in practice this week. On to New Orleans.

  33. tjacks7 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:31 am
    Belichick was completely outcoached. Brady looked lost.

    This team will likely get thru the perennial cupcake division they’re in, but as far as contending goes – they’re done.


    That’s what people said last time the Pats got blown out by KC. Then the Pats went on to win the SB.

  34. I’m under no illusions, the Patriots will still run away with the division and probably find their way back to at least the AFC Championship. But glad it shut up all the idiots who were already talking perfect season (media ‘experts’ included).

  35. Wow, the salt is released and then some! I didn’t read any Pats fan ranting about going undefeated – though I did read silly posts from fakePatsfan handles claiming it and other teams’ fans claiming it wouldn’t happen.

    Anyway, Chiefs won a good game and congrats to them. If my Belichick can’t win it this year I’d be happy for Reid (and for Smith). But just caution you all that the Pats often have mediocre starts to the season as it takes extra time for their extra-complicated game plans to gel. Plus, given the rest of the AFCE appears to be tanking with only ex-QB Cutler between Pats and the Div title, you’ll still be salting away about “Tammy” in January so don’t cry it all out now.

  36. Pats fan here.

    The wheels came off when Hightower went down. This is the thinnest defensive roster I can recall for the Pats. The Kody Ealy fiasco has repercussions. Mr. Tat Face has no business being in the NFL.

    Biggest surprise of the night was the near invisibility of Gronk and Hogan. If Dola is out, Tommy’s life is gonna suck.

    Kelce is the biggest D Bag in the league. Can’t believe Reid made him a captain.

    Great showing by Alex Smith. My hat’s off to him.

    Worst performance of the night was by the NBC crew, gutlessly ignoring the incredible trolling of Goodell. How could you fail to mention the 70,000 clown face towels in the stands. Yassa Massa.

  37. Well, I’m a Pats fan, and although I never espoused a 19-0 season, I did harbor fantasy hopes for 16-0. Ok, plan B. One game does not a season make, although I’m pretty sure the Browns said the same thing.

    Side note: after the way Goodell was treated, I’m guessing he smiled all the way back to his car. Karma?

  38. No team that plays that undisciplined and racks up that many penalty yards wins a Super Bowl. They better clean that up or all the Alex Smith passing yards and Kareem Hunt rushing yards in the world won’t save them.

  39. Chiefs looked good, Pats looked lost in the second half. Gronk TD overturned and two deep handoffs on 4th and 1 (McDaniels play calling was suspect all night) put the Pats in a hole. Anyone saying Chiefs are not contenders is kidding themselves; the crossing routes of Hill and Kelce supported by wheels from Hunt are going to be tough for any team to stop. KC D was not as good as the score suggests and if Berry is lost for significant time (hate to say that – great guy/player) getting that unit to play consistently might be their biggest challenge.

    As for my pats… very tough loss, but it’s a long season. Defense looked like they had never played together; will need serious improvement from that unit and a quick return to health for Hightower. On offense maybe think about working a gampelan to the best TE in the game rather than forcing stop routes to him in between trying to show off all the new toys at once.

  40. 2017…. the year the Patriots learn that they overpaid for Stephon Gilmore, that they should have re-signed Legarette Blount, and that Brady is showing signs of age.

  41. One game by itself is not cause for panic, in fact the last time there was this kind of talk (and I mean EXACTLY this kind, same catchphrases and everything) declaring them after an early aeason loss they went on to win a Superbowl. So in that way this sounds like 2014.

    But the IR attrition train has been a bit steep for this early in the year. It was showing already last night and they are certainly out of any contingency they had built in. Any more injuries will have direct impact. In that way this sounds like 2015.

  42. ninjapleazee says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:48 am

    Thats actually one of the few silver linings here for New England is that rhey can now throw that nonsense out the window and be done with it.

  43. This was an extension of the pre season for the Pats. Now that they got some good tape watch Bellichick fashion this new group of guys into another championship team.

  44. I’m here. Was here last night too. That stupid award ceremony before kickoff was a disaster, as was going for it on 4th and short — with a truly idiotic play call up the middle — instead of taking the field goal. There is a lot of work to be done. And it will be done. See you soon.

  45. I think it’s an overreaction to write them off now but the defense for New England looked absolutely dreadful. Alex Smith also played lights out and he has a reason to play this year because his potential replacement got drafted. Good for KC though they found their running back but unfortunately lost a huge piece in Eric Berry.

  46. Great start to the year! Miami will beat the Pats twice and take the AFCE crown. Now, if we could only play a game.

  47. That was definitely a Un-New England like performance for sure. While I hope as a non NE fan that this will continue all season, I know they’ll be in the mix come playoff time

  48. Berry loss is big but not unrecoverable. Hill is fine just cramping. We will see if the chiefs show up in Jan. They have a history of winning games in the regular season don’t seem to have it equal post season success. They will win the west cause they quite frankly are better than the raiders.

  49. I guess Patriots fans can take solace in the fact that all world safety wont be BLANKETING Gronk when they play again in the Postseason. As a Denver fan I gotta say that it’s actually real fun to see KC and Oakland really good again

  50. I really want to know how the patriots respond to belichecks worst loss ever. This could be more than a humbling loss. It could be a resurgence for their team. Don’t you think they celebrated this Super Bowl much more than the others? I think that loss was a party is over loss, and belicheck and Brady won’t stand for that.

    The key difference is when the Chiefs did this to the patriots three years ago, the patriots had their studs in place on offense and defense. They just had a really bad game. This time, the patriots don’t have their upcoming stars in place. They have no pass rushers. Their linebackers are traffic cones without Hightower. If belicheck can turn around that defense, it will be impressive, because those athletes suck.

  51. tvguy22 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 8:51 am
    We didn’t see a pick six last night. My guess is we won’t see one in here today either…


    Post of the day.

  52. SB contenders? Their QB is still Alex Smith. That noodle arm can’t get the ball 10 ft in the air. Maybe you guys can just excuse his poor passing skills and talk about his big football brain like you did with Peyton?

  53. It was more glaring how much the Patriots miss all of those good defensive players they’ve gotten rid of. Alex Smith turned into Daryl LaMonica last night, and we all know that’s not his game. Andy Reid and his offensive staff saw that during their preparation for the game when studying the Patriot personnel. Now, all of the roster churning by Belichik makes a whole lot more sense now, and I didn’t see any answers in sight last night that will get fixed but rather ones the offense will have to overcome by getting up to speed. Don’t see it happening next weekend though because imo New Orleans is really, really good and Payton’s offense has never been intimidated by Belichick, let alone this shell of a defense he has now.

  54. Best thing about this one — no more talk from front running Patriot ‘fans’ about an undefeated season. And that Patriot secondary is ripe for exploitation.

  55. bubbahotepp says:

    September 8, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Best thing about this one — no more talk from front running Patriot ‘fans’ about an undefeated season. And that Patriot secondary is ripe for exploitation.


    Pats secondary is actually one of the best in the AFC with Butler, Gilmore and McCourty. Its the LBs and DEs that are the issue. All in good time though, Pats are great at adjusting. The Chiefs look FAST though, look out AFC West.

  56. corkspop says:

    September 8, 2017 at 9:15 am

    2017…. the year the Patriots learn that they overpaid for Stephon Gilmore, that they should have re-signed Legarette Blount, and that Brady is showing signs of age.

    Maybe Gilmore was paid too much, we’ll see. But I would much rather Gillislee than Blount who is basically a goalline back now with little big play speed. Brady was showing signs of not having Edelman around, not age. He needs more reps with them, they will get better.

  57. Patriots are always vulnerable the first game of the season because Belichick is a game plan specific coach. He can’t really gameplan for the 1st game of the year because he really doesn’t know what a team is going to do.

    Everybody who plays the Pats should do something different. Something they haven’t shown on film all year. There will be a lot more of these games for the Patriots.

  58. I can only imagine what the score would have been with out all the KC penalties.

    Not a KC fan as I want them to lose for obvious reasons but that was as impressive of a win as you’ll see.

    Going into the champs home on opening night after they so called improved their roster and put an absolute butt kicking clinic for the ages. Props to Reid and Smith.

  59. We were outplayed by the Chiefs last night, they were clearly the better team on the field. Well done to them. This was maybe the best thing that could have happened to the Patriots, at least now all the silly preseason hype will die down.

    In the same vein, it is funny to read these over the top headlines and predictions in the comments about the Chiefs now going to the Super Bowl and the Patriots being done for the season. The season has just started, only time will tell where these two teams end up.

    Pats (and football) fan.

  60. I don’t believe the Chiefs are a legit contender. They still have Alex Smith whose weak arm is a problem in December and January. It gets cold at Arrowhead and if they have to travel in the playoffs it will most likely be to Pittsburgh or Foxborough. Both of those places are cold in January. There is a reason Harbaugh went with Kapernick in San Francisco and Andy Reid drafted Mahommes. Alex Smith’s noodle arm.

  61. I, too, am ready to proclaim the Chiefs as the AFC favorites 1 game into the season because overreacting is so much more fun than logic

  62. I love the Alex smith noodle arm comments as the guy bombs two tds where he threw the ball at least 50 yards. Yeah he has a noodle arm as hill and hunt scream past dbs.

  63. mbara33 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 1:30 am
    Actually, they didn’t. The Patriots just looked really old and really slow.


    They did look that way. They aren’t old though at all. They are one of the youngest teams in the league outside of Brady. The offense didn’t play well, but still scored 27 points, not scoring any off the turn over and blowing 4 short yardage plays. Also not doing anything in the 4th quarter at all. So I think the offense will be ok. They can be the high powered offense that was expected. The defense just doesn’t look good though. The LB position is really thin. Hightower needs to stay healthy. Fortunately his injury was minor. I think the big plays will get shored up as the secondary is good. The DL is ok too. Just those LBs are a problem. If they cant stop the run it will be a long season like 2002 or 2005. Someone call Nink!

  64. tjrubleysaudible says:
    September 8, 2017 at 11:56 am
    Congrats KC that was a whoopin’


    After a game is over the score is what ever it is and it’s a whoopin’ for sure. However, The Patriots had the lead at the half and after 3 quarters. KC did really well to stay in the game to that point, stopping the Patriots on key plays. Then without Amendola or Hightower the Patriots wheels fell completely off. Their defense had been bad to that point, but it switched to non-existent. The offense couldn’t do a think and KC finally decided to get aggressive and teed off on Brady a few times. UGLY. If Gronk catches that TD it might be a different, game, but it wasn’t. That was hard to watch in the 4th.

    However, it’s not like the Patriots were out of the game completely. I think the offense will be ok and the defense could struggle to stop the run for a while. We’ll see.

  65. kcrobert10 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:29 pm
    I love the Alex smith noodle arm comments as the guy bombs two tds where he threw the ball at least 50 yards. Yeah he has a noodle arm as hill and hunt scream past dbs.


    The Patriots clearly didn’t game plan for hunt at all. Full secret weapon.

  66. Dear Patriot fans,

    Please, always remember…
    Getting an undefeated season under your belt in the NFL, isn’t a very easy thing to do.

    Love Always,
    ’72 Dolfans

  67. hawkwind8 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 11:54 am
    Half the teams in the NFL could have beaten the Patriots last night.


    Agree with that. KC played well, but NE really, really stunk on defense and mostly stunk on offense.

  68. I wouldn’t proclaim the Chiefs Super Bowl favorites while completely writing off New England just yet. The Chiefs blew out the Patriots 41-14 early in the 2014 season. But the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that year while the Chiefs completely missed the playoffs.

    We’ll see what happens this season. There may be a playoff re-match between those teams.

  69. The Pats were jinxed by the talk of a 16-0 season, they still had a bad superbowl hangover and probably had inflated egos. Alex Smith was throwing darts, hitting recievers in stride and barring any more bad injuries they will be in the thick of things at the end of the season. The pats will rebound but there definitely a crack in their armor and other teams will be coming after them.

  70. donbat67 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 11:18 am
    That bandwagon looks a little unstable .All the Sully’s and Murph’s left pretty early .


    Nah, still here, Just sitting back and letting you trolls have your roll. We understand how you got get this stuff when you can. So go for it, have a good long week.

  71. Congrats Patriots haters, now that they’re eliminated from the post season you guys can celebrate and… wait, what? They’re not? It was only week one and the last 3 times they’ve lost their first game they won the Super Bowl?!?

    Now is the time in which we throw our heads back in laughter.



  72. 1) It was the first game of the season.

    2) It was the Pats’ annual stinkeroo.

    3) They will have had 9 days to fix things.


    Be not afraid.

    But – Brady is 40 and some of his passes were really bad.

    So – we shall see.

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