Todd Bowles has “no doubt” Jets will be successful if healthy

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The Jets open their season against the Bills on Sunday and finding predictions of anything other than doom and gloom for coach Todd Bowles’ team has been tougher than collecting needles from haystacks.

A glance at the team’s roster and the outflow of talent this offseason is all it takes to understand why the expectations are so low, so you might expect seeing that on a daily basis would leave Bowles feeling some trepidation about what this year might mean for his job security. Bowles isn’t going that route, however.

Bowles said he “didn’t get into this thing to worry about my job” and that his approach to this season is “no different” than it has been the last two seasons.

“It comes with the territory,” Bowles said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “You can’t have thin skin in this business. You’re in the public. If you win, they love you. If you lose, they don’t. I get it. … I’m not worried about what many people think. I think we’re going to have a successful season. … As long as we stay healthy, I have no doubt that we’ll be successful.”

You wouldn’t and shouldn’t expect to hear anything else from a coach before a single snap has been played, but the definition of success for Bowles probably won’t be based on the standings. He said he’s good “as long as the guys are getting better and we’re winning or working towards winning” and his chances of returning for the fourth and final year of his contract will likely hinge on the Jets brass deciding the team has done that regardless of where they finish in the standings.