Tyreek Hill should have been flagged, could be fined, for peace sign

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When Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill flashed a peace sign en route to the end zone to cap a 75-yard catch and run on Thursday night, he wasn’t flagged. He should have been.

As one source with extensive knowledge of the league’s rules told PFT, Hill directed the gesture at an opponent, so it should have been a foul for taunting.

Even though it was missed (and an official on the sideline was looking right at Hill as he did it), the league office may fine Hill next week for the gesture. At a time when the league has relaxed the rules regarding celebrations, it will be even more important than ever for the players to understand where the line is.

45 responses to “Tyreek Hill should have been flagged, could be fined, for peace sign

  1. Why would this be considered “taunting?” How do you taunt somebody with a peace sign?

    What am I not getting here?

  2. daysend564 says:

    September 8, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    One game suspension this week and then randomly some more games at the end of the season or next season.

    you mean after his career is over don’t you?

  3. XaqFields says:
    September 8, 2017 at 2:26 pm
    Why would this be considered “taunting?” How do you taunt somebody with a peace sign?

    What am I not getting here?


    Hill, using nonverbal communication, was essentially saying; ‘Bye Felicia’ or ‘Bye bye’ or the same thing as if he had waved at the defender. As in ‘Peace out.’ Or translated for any baby boomers out there; ‘I’m leaving. Peace to you and yours. Salutations, goodbye.’ in this context with a hint of sarcasm sprinkled on top.

  4. Ok people, the peace sign itself is not the issue, but directing any gesture at an opposing player is clear and obvious taunting, as defined in the NFL Rule Book. As a Pats fan, I really don’t care one way or the other, those 15 yards on the subsequent kickoff weren’t going to make a difference in the outcome, but according to the rules as written, that was taunting.

  5. His socks had probably slipped down a bit, too, so best also hit him with a uniform violation. And who knows if his cleats and underwear were properly cleared by whatever NFL exec puts his stamp on those things. This investigation could drag on for years.

  6. This sounds like a bunch of cry-baby losers whining about an opponent. He didn’t do a throat slash gesture or bark in their faces…he threw a peace sign. It’s not a taunting gesture in ANY context.

    People have lost their minds.

  7. Well, that pales in comparison to the 10 or more times the Patriots blatantly got away with penalties with no flag. But that’s nothing new, been happening the entire Belicheat/Brady era.

  8. As much as I would have loved for that TD to be called back for anything… REALLY? A peace sign is taunting someone? How many receivers point at the secondary or high step? Is THAT taunting? No Fun League indeed!

  9. Actually, it isn’t “a peace sign” it’s really Churchill’s V for Victory sign (and a cheeky rude gesture to the Germans). The original “V sign” was supposedly used by English longbowmen in the Hundred Years War (to taunt French soldiers who used to cut longbowmen’s fingers off). This “V sign” later became a rude gesture akin to holding up your middle finger. Churchill cheekily reversed it with the inside of the hand facing outward like (Tyreek is doing) and called it his “Victory sign” but everyone knew it was also still really just a rude gesture to the Germans – effectively saying F-you Adolf. Then somehow in the 60s it got co-opted by anti-Vietnam War protesters who mimicked Nixon’s constant use of it for Victory, and hence mistakenly seen as a peace sign. Just don’t do it to a British cop when you visit London.

  10. Taunting is taunting and rules are rules. Ignoring this fact and a failure to comply is exactly why we have so many “victims” ctrying foul. Stop being a victim. Play by the rules. Simple.

  11. So tired of these type of articles. Who cares. The taunting didn’t contribute to the touchdown or the loss the Pats took. For one game, the Chiefs outplayed the Patriots. Dissecting the refereeing is lame.

  12. Wow, really? Just like a player pointing a finger to heaven, whether it be for someone special there, or God himself, no flag.

    Some worse actions on both sides of the ball last night, and none called. Rather doubt if the NFL does anything, but who knows as screwed up as bad as the NFL is.

  13. You can flag him for a peace sign right after you suspend Marcus peters for being an idiot. What do these clowns think kneeling for an anthem does? All it creates is anger but maybe that’s their reasoning. Divide then conquer?

  14. The NFL needs to stop protecting snowflakes from being offended.

    Let the players taunt each other – if the mental cases can’t handle that, then they have no place playing in the game to begin with.

    Taunting should never be penalized since now teams can celebrate like children after they make first downs (points to Cam Cheating).

  15. largentthanlife says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:26 pm
    @Louis McCluer- Pointing a finger to heaven isn’t considered taunting because it isn’t directed towards the opposition.
    Unless that player is a satanist.

  16. Taunting definition according to the NFL.
    (b) The use of abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures to opponents, teammates, officials, or representatives of the League.

    A peace sign is not an abusive threatening or insulting gesture, so fogeddabout it Pats fans.

  17. There was plenty of laundry flying in the game and the overwhelming majority of it was directed against KC. The Chiefs were flagged 19 times (15 accepted for 139 yds) to only 7 (6 accepted for 55 yds) for the Pats. Even though the Chiefs were sloppy at times (4 pre-snap penalties?!), to be flagged more than twice as much as the home team raises suspicion about the zebras. If one were to question any of the officiating in the game, I’d start with the horrific inconsistency, not a WR flashing peace out.

  18. Stupid.

    Why is this an issue. The NFL players are professionals not little children. That was a cute thing to do and I want to see more. We do not need to be completely non tolerant on this issue of taunting. We all know real taunting when we see it and that is the only taunting that should EVER be flagged. Now lets play some football. If that “taunt” bothers you, then go watch little league football. How confusing can people make life. This is not that serious, people! If it had been called it quite frankly would have made the NFL look like a joke!! Lets not major on the minor.

  19. This didn’t bother me as much as the missed hold on Hunt’s run before the West TD. That was a real penalty with real consequences. Hill completely blew up the D and you can’t be insulted by that gesture. Their D was far more of an insult to the eyes of the fans. All things considered, who really lost the game? I’d rather have Berry for 15 more games (plus playoffs).

  20. plastics017 says:
    September 10, 2017 at 11:58 pm
    From a Patriots fan…who gives a bleep about the peace sign!? How about all the missed PI calls tho…
    Chiefs were flagged 15 for 139 yds compared to 6 for 55 on the Pats. So the refs tried as hard as they could to give to the Pats.

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