McCloughan has filed grievance against Washington

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Former Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan recently was asked on Twitter to describe team president Bruce Allen in one word. McCloughan said, “Politician.”

Another word could now apply: Defendant.

McCloughan tells Liz Clarke of the Washington Post that a grievance has been filed for the 22 months of pay remaining on his contract, which Allen and the team terminated in March for cause. McCloughan will try to show that the team did not have just cause for firing him, primarily by poking holes in the reasons given for the move.

It’s widely believed that the team officially cited drinking as the reason for firing McCloughan.

“I know who I am and what I did there,” McCloughan said. “Did I build a Super Bowl champion? No. But I did a good job, along with other people there, of making the roster better. I did a good job, with [head coach] Jay [Gruden], in making the quarterback change” from Robert Griffin III to Kirk Cousins in 2015. “If it comes down to my past, it’s their choice, But I’m in a good place, back in my home town. I’ve got a great wife, great kids. We’re going forward. The past is the past.”

The grievance, however, makes the past a key part of the future, with the Commissioner eventually deciding whether Washington owes McCloughan the balance of his contract. And since the Commissioner’s contract is set by Washington and the other 31 NFL franchises, McCloughan is facing a stacked deck.

20 responses to “McCloughan has filed grievance against Washington

  1. What’s 22 months of pay to the Redskins? A couple million bucks?

    Instead of just paying this guy the money they’re going to spend more than that on attorney fees and even more in negative press

  2. Saints and Patriots set Goodell’s salary and that didn’t stop him from punishing them.

    I get that the narrative is that Goodell is evil/ruining football/conspiring against teams, but having that as your default setting makes me question all your criticisms of the man.

  3. If this is labor and contract for team management I don’t think the league gets to decide the Redskins do not have to pay the contract.

    If the Redskins don’t prove cause in court they are paying the balance of the contract. I would be amazed if the league has anything to do with that decision.

  4. Something to remember is that after being canned by Washington, multiple teams did hire him as a consultant for their drafts.

    His skill set hasn’t been questioned. So he might not be facing as bad of a stacked deck as you might think.

  5. He has to be careful here, once his actions go public he may not work again in the NFL. As a skins fan he did make the roster better, but he also had numerous bust drafted too, so he wasn’t as good as perceived..

  6. Scott, you just learned what Robert Griffin learned, the skins messed up your career just like they messed up Roberts, beginning with bringing in a coach like Jay Gruden who only knows how to play one way and hired a bunch of bad defensive coordinators as well who were later fired. All the while escaping the axe himself……

    Beware going to Washington as long as it is run by the likes of Bruce Allen and company. Good things and people go into Washington only to come out charred and burned. I am a Cowboys fan and the best thing Washington could have done for us was to fire McCloughan (he scared me-he was good) and start Kirk Cousins-oh, and pay him like he was Tom Brady, and give Jay Gruden an extension. No one is afraid of any of them. Beware Josh Norman, you were a pro bowler with the Panthers and with the skins… well, it just seems that’s the way the careers of the good ones go when they join the skins in the Allen era.

  7. flankerright says:
    September 10, 2017 at 8:10 am
    He has to be careful here, once his actions go public he may not work again in the NFL. As a skins fan he did make the roster better, but he also had numerous bust drafted too, so he wasn’t as good as perceived..
    A players performance has more to do with the coaching and training and scheme than anything else once these draft picks get with a team. They have to do as they are told. Gruden has had some bad coaches in there and even on offense it wasn’t Cousins that played himself in such a great place (we had seen several years of Cousins bad play) , it was the timing of the acquisition of Bill Callahan and Matt Cavanaugh along with Scott McCloughan that rescued the bad decision maker called Jay Gruden. He had to learn from THEM!! His first year was a clear reflection of what he brought to the table. And it was a hot mess!!!

  8. Watch the Redskins tank this year, that should be punishment enough but Dan Snyder is the second biggest douche (sorry Dan, but Jerry Jones is still the undisputed King), monetary damages are still forthcoming.

  9. aggression44 says:
    September 10, 2017 at 7:57 am
    I’m confused. Is he suing Washington the territory, or the REDSKINS!
    That’s funny. I guess NBC is one of those liberal networks who do not want to use the word “Redskins” even though the Supreme Court has rendered the legal issue moot.

  10. His comment about the past being the past would sound a lot more truthful if he wasn’t suing for 22 months of BACK pay! Ain’t back pay about “the past”?

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