NFL apologizes for tweet making light of Mexico earthquake

Getty Images

More than 60 people died when a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico on Thursday night, but someone who works for the NFL thought that would be a situation to make light of.

The official Twitter account for NFL Mexico posted a tweet in Spanish that translates to, “Those times Mexico City shakes with an earthquake because it can’t believe the Chiefs have won the #Kickoff2017 game.” The tweet was followed with three emojis.

Later the NFL apologized for that.

“NFL Mexico apologizes for yesterday’s unacceptable tweet, which does not represent the values of the league. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico,” the same Twitter account posted in a subsequent tweet.

The NFL is attempting to grow in popularity in Mexico, with the Raiders playing home games there this year and last year. The next game in Mexico features the Patriots and Raiders in Mexico City on November 19.