Teams have called Patriots to see if Dion Lewis is available in a trade

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Patriots running back Dion Lewis had just two carries for nine yards on Thursday. Could some other team have more use for him?

The Boston Herald reports that multiple teams have contacted the Patriots to express interest in trading for Lewis.

So far the Patriots haven’t heard an offer they’re interested in, but they have a crowded running back depth chart that saw Mike Gillislee, James White and Rex Burkhead all get more carries than Lewis on Thursday. Even receiver Chris Hogan got more carries than Lewis. If they don’t have much use for Lewis in their offense, perhaps the Patriots would be willing to move him.

The 26-year-old Lewis is in the last year of his contract and is making a $1.2 million base salary this season. He could be a cheap addition for some team looking for another running back.

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  1. Gillislee will be the short yardage and run the clock out back.
    White is the hurry up and shotgun back.
    Lewis is valuable on special teams and a dynamic weapon who can be used in the shotgun and hurry up as well.
    Burkhead has a lot of hype but didn’t look in synch yet with Brady.
    I wouldn’t trade Lewis. Let chemistry develop. If it doesn’t work with burkhead they will need Lewis.

  2. Not likely:
    1) Pats have had too many RBs injured in the past not to keep them and in any case they help special teams – and what with Edelman and possibly Amendola and Slater not healthy, Lewis and White can at a push man the slot too.
    2) The “problem” with the team on Thursday night was like most years in that they operate such a complicated playbook it takes weeks to gel, doubly so given the high turnover thanks to parity rules force on the top teams each year – so each year it’s almost like starting over (eg., 60% of the SB51 team were new since SB49). So removing experienced guys and “parachuting in a quick fix” isn’t likely to work.

  3. tonyzendejas says:
    September 9, 2017 at 11:22 am
    Trade him for Jamie Collins.
    Pats parted ways with him because he lacked consistency, was unable/unwilling to follow the schemes they put him in, and smost importantly (for example as versus the Chiefs) he was slowing and had thus become poor against the run.

  4. Not sure what they’re being offered but unless it’s a 6th or higher I would keep him because they’ll need him. Gillislee, Burkhead and White are all marginally talented and none are every down backs.

  5. If they can get LB, DE to help on pass rush. OL depth, or even a slot receiver, since Amendola can not stay on the field. Should have kept Austin Carr for insurance.

  6. History shows that there is no true pattern with the Pats when it comes to using running back’s. Lewis could go for 200 yards this week.

  7. I don’t see them trading him for a pick. It’s worth it to pay him his $1.2 to sit on the bench as an insurance policy compared to a mid rounder NEXT year. Unless they can get a decent edge rusher, why bother? That said, given how coveted DE/OLB guys are, they’d have a hard time even getting someone slightly-above-average in return.

  8. Dion is still on the mend from recent injuries. When he’s in true form, the guy is amazing to watch. I hope they hold on to him. It’s a long season; Julian’s gone and Amendola’s hurt (and will probably get hurt again).

    Stack and stash talent for the 2nd half of the season and the post-season. Keep Lewis!

  9. stipez says:
    September 9, 2017 at 12:44 pm
    Not to mention, Collins burst into Foxborough PD complaining about the boogeyman.
    Um that was Chandler Jones.

  10. With the injury bug hitting the Pats, they best hold on to Lewis and others who are familiar with their system. Their plays are complex which is good and bad. The new ones can’t just learn them overnight. Notice how Brady was not in sync with his receivers. It took Edelman and Amendola years to be as effective as they are. Now they are left with Hogan who is only on second year. The Patriots probably have to dumb down their plays. But it’s not Austin Collie time yet. 2013 was really bad.

  11. .
    Lewis often lines up at WR. Why would the Patriots be unloading a player that knows their entire playbook at their weakest position?

  12. stipez says:
    September 9, 2017 at 12:44 pm
    Not to mention, Collins burst into Foxborough PD complaining about the boogeyman.


    hones not collins. collins just said he doesnt care about football, and that video games are more fun for him.

  13. Thursday night’s game was one the worst coaching jobs by Belichick and his staff that I can remember. How they used players in that crappy game plan is not a good indicator of who might be on the trading block. The real answer is every player is available….for the right price.

  14. As Rodney Harrison said once “We just flat laid an egg out there”. When he said that they won their second Superbowl. Sometimes you don’t plan or execute properly. Thursday night was one of those times. Even so, Pats were right there until Hightower then Amendola went out. That’s when the Chiefs took over and put it away. It happens.

  15. One loss and the haters are in a lather thinking this is the year the Patriots will be vulnerable. Yes, Thursday was ugly but I seem to recall an even uglier loss to the Chiefs in a super bowl year.

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