Travis Kelce is firmly behind Alex Smith (as is everyone else, for now)

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After the Chiefs knocked off the Patriots to start the 2017 season, some of the Alex Smith critics finally started to come around. Plenty of his colleagues already had.

In an interview that aired as part of the NBC pregame show, tight end Travis Kelce heavily praised Smith, despite the presence of highly-touted rookie Patrick Mahomes.

“Love him, man,” Kelce told Mike Tirico regarding Smith. “Ultimate competitor. The guy has yet to shy away from any competition that I’ve ever seen him in. . . . Two years ago we went up in New England with everyone banged up. Our offensive line wasn’t even together. And he went in there with full confidence in his ability, trying to lead our team into a victory in a tough situation.”

It was arguably a tougher situation on Thursday night, and Smith delivered in a huge way, completing 28 of 35 passes and distributing the ball all around the field, including down the field.

“The guy’s an absolute winner,” Kelce said before the surprising opening-season win. “He’s my quarterback. I’ll take him every single day of the week, no matter what– what game, no matter who we’re playing.”

But what of the perception that the Chiefs can’t win a Super Bowl with Smith?

“I say, just wait this year,” Kelce said. “If he can’t go get it, I’m gonna go get it for him. And that’s for sure.”

That sounds a little like a guarantee from Kelce. And if it pans out, the Chiefs definitely would have a “good problem to have” entering 2018.

33 responses to “Travis Kelce is firmly behind Alex Smith (as is everyone else, for now)

  1. The cheating pats made ole noodle arm look like Dan Marino out there. Pats should have watched more film on Alexis. Took him 13 years to have the best game of his life. And we lol #goNiners

  2. If that first game is an indicator as to what to expect from KC…..I’d have to say teams are on notice. This team is dangerous!! (Not a Chiefs fan)

  3. Chiefs’ fans will be sorely disappointed. That was a career game for Alex Smith – it’s not going to be anywhere near his “norm” for the rest of the season.

    Regression to the mean is a near statistical certainty.

  4. Good for Kelce. He should support his teammates. I guess he feels the need. Colin Kaepernick has more playoff wins in his short career than Smith does in 13 years. Smith is a good backup. A good backup should be capable of playing a good game once every 5 years. If you give Andy Reid two months to prepare for an opponent, any QB could take advantage of that. Most of Smith’s big plays were due to scheme, not anything difficult that Smith pulled off. He did hit some wide open targets. That’s not something he’s been able to do consistently. If he did, San Francisco wouldn’t have gotten rid of him, and K.C. wouldn’t be looking to replace him. I don’t think Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid are crazy.

  5. Smith has a career game, and this mook is ready to put him in Canton.

    The more I hear from Kelce, the less I like him.

  6. Fool the Pats once (wildcat, NCAA kitchen sink) in the regular season, try it again in the playoffs… when it really matters.

  7. Say whatever you want about Kelce off the field, his temper, some of his antics, etc. At the end of the day, the dude is an absolute gamer when the lights hit the field. That block he laid to seal the edge for Hunt’s long run towards the end of the game in Foxboro. Yowzahs!

  8. As he should be. Smith is an underrated cerebral QB. He is 61-25-1 since 2011 and yet everyone gives credit to all his teammates but him. The only people who think he isnt good are keyboard GMs who think being risk adverse equates to a weak arm.

  9. Kelce is behind Smith until the weather changes in December and January and the offense stalls because Smith can’t make all the throws. There is a reason they drafted Mahommes when Smith could play at least 5 more years .

  10. edelmanfanclub says:
    September 9, 2017 at 2:47 pm
    As he should be. Smith is an underrated cerebral QB. He is 61-25-1 since 2011 and yet everyone gives credit to all his teammates but him. The only people who think he isnt good are keyboard GMs who think being risk adverse equates to a weak arm.
    The irony is that QB wins matter for discussion when it comes to Brady, Rodgers, etc., but never for Smith. This is true for many people inside and outside the fanbase.

  11. It’s kinda crazy how much disrespect Smith gets for consistently winning in the National Football League. I’m a Chiefs fan and have dished it myself, but truthfully, is the grass always greener? If Alex starts slinging it like he did on Thursday night, watch out!

  12. I was not excited about the trade for him or the hiring of Reid but since there arrival in kc they have won won won. Minimal playoff success yet but it’s a new yr.

  13. I watched that interview.

    Kelce also said how touched he was that Reid made him a captain last year. It made him realize he needs to put his childish ways behind him and grow up. From now on team comes first.

    Then he proceeded to go out and slam a football into the groin of a Pats player while he was on the ground and get flagged for 15 yards…A nice fine coming as well.

    Whoever called this guy a tool is on the money….

  14. like the chiefs can win in January with Andy Reid hahahahahahhahahaha!!! that’s hilarious

  15. Smith took over a 2013 KC team that was 2-14 and 7-9 in the 2 seasons before he got there.

    He is now 61-25 with 110 TDs and 38 picks since the start of 2011.

    Harbaugh was a moron to bench him. Smith was 25-27 for 304 yards 4 TDs no picks (156 rating) in the 2 games before he was demoted for ‘the hot hand’.

    Oh yeah, he is also a 12 TD 2 pick playoff QB (Kyle Williams kept him from the Super Bowl)

    1) Brady 2) Rodgers 3) Brees 4) Wilson (2012) 5) Smith 6) Everyone else

    Eli is 48-48 164 to 102 – Wilson is 56-23-1 127 to 45 — Newton is 51-40-1 136 to 78
    Ben is 54-31 157 to 74 – Ryan is 52-44 174 to 80 – Flacco is 51-39 122 to 83
    Luck is 43-27 132 to 68 – Brees is 51-43 230 to 88 – Dalton is 56-35-2 142 to 81

  16. LOL I will believe in Alex Smith, when he and Chiefs have the confetti dropping on their heads, and QUEEN’s “We Are The Champions” is blaring through the loudspeakers.

  17. Alex Smith earned my respect when he helped a disabled Raiders fan in a wheelchair up a ramp. Congrats to him and his team on this win over the patsies. It’s going to be a showdown going against them this year. AFC WEST is the conference to beat. Raiders fan

  18. Worthy of note…this wasn’t a pick-6 or Special teams score for the win. The Chiefs went into the Razor and punched the SB champs squarely in the mouth. When was the last time ANY team was able to do that?

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