After onside kick went wrong, Titans answer with long touchdown drive


The Titans decided to get inventive with the opening kickoff, and it cost them.

But then they were a little more traditional, and have forced a tie.

After the Titans elected to go with the onside kick to start the game, the Raiders responded quickly, needing just four plays before David Carr found Amari Cooper in the end zone for a touchdown. The 50-yard drive happened quickly enough it seemed to catch the local fans off guard.

But the Titans came right back with a methodical 12-play, 75-yard drive, capped by Marcus Mariota‘s touchdown run.

The Titans ran it six times and threw it six, the kind of balance they are hoping for this year. And adding a weapon for Mariota was an offseason priority, and first-rounder Corey Davis made an acrobatic 23-yard reception down the sideline to show that might pay off.

The last team to open the season with an onside kick was the Eagles in 2000, and they recovered.