As Mike Glennon struggles, Bears’ young backs run wild


There’s good news and bad news in Chicago today.

The good news is the Bears have two very good young running backs: They already knew Jordan Howard, coming off his outstanding rookie season, was a keeper, and rookie Tarik Cohen is having an outstanding first NFL game as well.

The bad news is the Bears have one very bad starting quarterback: Mike Glennon has been awful.

As of five minutes into the third quarter, the Bears have called 14 passing plays and 14 rushing plays. The passing plays have yielded a net of 13 yards, while the rushing plays have yielded a net of 117 yards. Glennon is 7-for-11 for 41 yards, and has been sacked three times for a loss of 28 yards. But Howard has 44 yards and a touchdown on 10 runs, Cohen has 66 yards on three runs, and Michael Burton ran once for seven yards.

Can the Bears get anything out of their passing game? If they do, they might just pull the upset. They’re currently tied 10-10.

9 responses to “As Mike Glennon struggles, Bears’ young backs run wild

  1. I said all off-season that the Bear personnel is going to surprise some people as long as they can get competent QB play. Even with those dismal numbers, as long as he doesn’t make mistakes and manages the game, they might beat Atlanta and will give a whole lot of other teams more than they want every week.

  2. Glennon is starting to reminde me of Orton and all the short passes. I have been a big proponent of sitting Trubisky as long as possible but not sure I’ll survive this. Glennon is making Alex Smith look like Brett Favre.

  3. Glennon has no awareness and cant scramble if the pocket breaks down. They should hand the keys to Trubisky to get the experience and be ready next year when they get him some help at receiver.

  4. I really like Kevin White, 1strounder and he’s yet to catch a td and he’s in his 3rd year. The Lions 3rd rounder caught 2TDs in his 1st game…lol. Bears suck.

  5. Glennon didn’t look great but he threw key blocks on two separate plays on the touchdown drive. Not a lot of quarterbacks will do that and it definitely falls into the category of “Chicago Bears football”.

    Akiem Hicks was a monster.

    Life stinks for Kevin White.

    All in all, the Bears as they played yesterday, would have straight murdered my Packers OR the Seahawks, as they played yesterday.

    If Glennon can get into even a little rhythm offensively and still be willing to throw a block here and there, these Bears may do alright. I still hope they give Glennon a long leash and don’t throw Trubisky to the wolves until they’re SURE he’s ready.

    Good luck going forward. It’s looking to be an interesting year in the NFCN.

  6. Dont forget Bears played #1 Offense and NFC Champion from last season, and still managed to hang in there. Overall, even though its a loss the needle is trending upwards.

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