Brees can’t be tagged in 2018 (no, this isn’t 2016)

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As more and more people move to Scooptown, not everyone remembers the headlines from the local paper. And so with the first Sunday of the season upon us and the many reporters scrambling to placate their producers and editors by pushing the envelope on NFL news, there’s a chance that someone will be breaking news that is neither breaking nor news.

Exhibit A for the 2017 season comes from Adam Schefter: “Drew Brees, who is heading into the final year of his contract with the New Orleans Saints, has a little-known, rarely used clause in his deal that prohibits the team from using its franchise tag on him, league sources told ESPN.”

Apart from the fact that the clause is hardly “little-known” (it’s been used on multiple occasions in the past), the fact that Brees can’t be tagged was reported when his current contract was first signed more than a year ago. It’s also been mentioned a time  — or two (or more) — in the 365-plus days since the contract was first signed, both here and elsewhere.

But that’s the new reality of Scooptown, where anything and everything is potentially news. Even if it was news more than a year ago.

12 responses to “Brees can’t be tagged in 2018 (no, this isn’t 2016)

  1. With what the tag value is today, Drew Bree’s just did the Saints a huge favor! Get a real market price instead of this inflated tag price. I doubt that it would cost them any more if its based on what another team would ACTUALLY offer him.

  2. Don’t need that clause, no way he was getting tagged anyway. His contract already eats up too much of their cap space, so why give him even more.
    He is still playing at a high level, but he’s 38 and the team has a lot of holes.

  3. Brees is apparently ready to move on following this season for one last stab at another ring which which rarely ever happens with Payton being the lone exception. Brady can exercise and eat healthy all he wants but he’s now 40 and will be fortunate to play every game this year. Their careers are winding down very rapidly now and this will most likely take their teams down with them. They should go out on a high note but few ever do. We’ve been fortunate to watch these exciting careers.

  4. Would not be surprised to see the Cardinals make a huge offer to Brees if this is indeed Palmer’s last season. Drew looks like he could play for another five years, which is a testament to his excellent prep and work ethic.

  5. His contact voids after this season, however he still has at least two more years of guaranteed money. He won’t be going to your team, no matter how hard you wish.

  6. Cmon PFT. It’s Schefter. Don’t let him bother you. It’s like when the 4 year old comes up to the plate in an adult softball game. He gets 8 strikes and you just clap and carry on for the tike when he hits a dribbler back to the mound. So join me.. ‘yay Adam!! Great job little guy!!’.

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