Janoris and Dez meet again

Getty Images

The Cowboys are committed to throwing the ball down the field more in 2017, something quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t do as much as he arguably could or should have in his rookie year. This means that, beginning on Sunday night, Prescott will be looking for receiver Dez Bryant.

Which means that Dez will have to get open. Which means that Dez will have to find a way to get open when being covered by Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

And here’s what Jenkins said after shutting down Dez twice in 2016: “I played better than he played. . . . For real, though, to be honest, when you look at film and break down your opponents and the receivers that you’re facing, you notice what they like to do. Take away the slant and the dig, and when they get in 21 personnel and Dez is inside the number, you take away the corner post, he doesn’t have nothing else . . . Everything’s got to be a double move to get him open because he’s not fast.”

Last year, Bryant had two catches for 18 yards in two games against the Giants. In Week One of 2016, Bryant’s only catch came on a crucial fourth-quarter drive. He fumbled the ball while being tackled by Jenkins to seal the outcome.