League will let teams decide whether to mimic Browns’ pre-anthem video


The Browns have discovered a way to let players express concerns regarding social justice and racial equality in a way that avoided any protests during the national anthem. And, of course, plenty of people still have a problem with that.

The league shouldn’t have a problem with it at all, since it gives provides a platform for sending a message separate from the minute or two when the anthem is playing. But the league can’t and won’t require other teams to do it.

Per a league source, it’s a team-by-team decision, with no ability by the league to mandate it. Regardless, and as Tony Dungy explained during NBC’s Football Night in America, the league should urge every team to do it.

If you haven’t seen the video, watch the video attached to this post.

32 responses to “League will let teams decide whether to mimic Browns’ pre-anthem video

  1. This is a slippery slope. I’m sure many will cancel season tickets, including myself, if I’m forced to watch a video about players political views pregame. I simply don;t care. I want to watch a football game. Those who care can but tickets to a rally. But they won’t. Because no one will pay to see a NFL player talk about politics.

  2. It’s not a surprise people stil have a problem with it. No one wants to acknowledge that there is a fundamental issue regarding race in this country because it’s a stain on our greatness. It’s also no surprise that this issue still exists. The first girl to attend a desegregated classroom just turned 63 this year. Think about that for a minute or two.

  3. Not speaking for anyone besides myself, but football is my entertainment. For a few hours I can escape bills, thinking about work, politics, family, etc. I don’t want to choose ignorance, I just don’t care about social issues making a game more serious than it needs to be. I know these problems exist without football players having to educate me during my entertainment time.

  4. hyprcaffeinated says:
    September 10, 2017 at 9:04 pm
    This is a slippery slope. I’m sure many will cancel season tickets, including myself, if I’m forced to watch a video about players political views pregame. I simply don;t care. I want to watch a football game. Those who care can but tickets to a rally. But they won’t. Because no one will pay to see a NFL player talk about politics.

    Then watch the game and not the pregame no one is forcing anyone to watch something they don’t want to watch. Not sure what slippery slope you’re so concerned but I am sure it is not as slippery as you think it is.

  5. I disagree with the message, however, I have no issue with the method. Much better than previous attempt. I can turn my head. This is America, everyone has a voice. I don’t have to listen. I actually applaud the Browns for attempting to get their message across without disrespecting our country.

  6. Even if I had an urge to hear what a celebrity had to say about politics, odds are I’m better educated on those topics than a 20-something millionaire jock. If you want to be an activist, retire and take up your cause. I’m not a captive audience for your activism, and I’ll boo you trying to force it on me, even if I agree with you.

  7. “But the league can’t and won’t require other teams to do it.”

    Who is even suggesting that the league should “require” teams to produce these videos? This is what happens when liberals control the media. All common sense goes out the window.

    Liberals think that they “need to get their message out there” about police brutality and social justice. What they don’t realize is that the message is out, listened to, understood, and then rejected by common sense people who realize that police brutality represents roughly 1% of the problems in black communities, yet 99% of the attention because it’s something that they can become victims instead of having to address the real issues that plague them (fatherless homes, low graduation rates, and low emphasis on education). To address the real issues that plague the black communities would require a mirror, and no one wants to look into a mirror to fix their problems… it’s easier to point to police brutality.

    Let’s pretend I’m able to waive a magic wand and all “police brutality” and “racial profiling” is completely gone tomorrow. Does anything change in black neighborhoods? Do kids drop out of gangs? Do little boys now have present fathers? Do kids now start paying attention in school? Do kids now graduate and get good jobs? NO to all of the above. They are still in the same exact spot.

    Stop the nonsense!

  8. Some fans are still upset despite this compromise. So the hissy fit a bunch of fans were throwing had nothing to do with “respecting the flag”, it was entirely about wanting black guys to shut up.

    Good to have that clearly confirmed, though it was already obvious.

  9. Are they seriously playing a political video that ticket buyers are forced to sit and listen to? Would the people making the video be okay with sitting in a restaurant and have to listen to a video discussing why we need to build a wall?

  10. The articles on this racial dividing topic continue.. disappointing. No one cares about the social justice warrior cause on a multimillion dollar platform for entertainment. Who cares what their view is, no matter what. Only the uneducated will take their views seriously.

    Had to post again due to moderation of free speech, how ironic.

  11. So singing our anthem now needs a rebuttal? Hope the fans start turning their backs while this plays or singing the anthem while it does. Ridiculous and sickening

  12. I WAS going to watch just to see what the buzz is about even though I completely disagree that it belongs in football, but c’mon, 400+ MB to download? Must be jumbotron 100k HD quality for a 30 second video. Not even a streaming version? Canceled the download pretty quick.

    As stated above, this DOES NOT belong in football. Hopefully the Browns are smart enough play it just this one game. The public aren’t fooled into the “positive” perception that cops and Browns players are holding hands singing kumbaya. It’s all a show by the billionaires that don’t want to lose any more money.

  13. as Tony Dungy explained during NBC’s Football Night in America, the league should urge every team to do it.

    This is the scariest part. Radicals like Dungy believe football games should be turned into left wing re-education camps.

  14. I have a perfect answer for this, those that don’t want to stand can simply stay in the tunnel.
    I live in a very diversified town, I see what happens and who does what.
    The truth is certain races of people tend to get into trouble for certain crimes. One difference I do see is some run and fight, others don’t. It isn’t a 100% certainty but for examples, Whites get into more trouble for DUI, Hispanic for Meth, knife fighting and drugs, Blacks for theft and drugs along with more violent crimes. If you go to your local Courthouse the records of who has gotten arrested for what crime is accessible for us to read.
    We have had 3 Police Officers shot in my Town, all by African Americans pulling the trigger in the past couple years.
    My point is, if you have Foxes getting into the Hen house, you don’t go looking for Beavers.

  15. If every team does this, it will further disintegrate the popularity of the NFL.

    On another note, I also believe the national anthem should not be played before any sports event.
    Play it only in the Olympics when an American wins gold.

  16. I’m sure Tony Dungy would want equal time to be given to, say, Eli Manning (a Jeb Bush donor) to expound on his political opinions, right?

    Or maybe all these guys should just keep their jobs their jobs and save their politics for outside their jobs, like the rest of us.

  17. I’m guessing if my team wants to play a video about how they support building a wall on the southern borders or promoting work requirement for welfare. That the league would step in. They are clearly terrified of the political left. They are the ones most likely to protest and whine. They clearly have not learned the lesson of Target or Kellogs in putting politics above the consumer experience.

  18. This isn’t politics into sports. This is reality. Many of you are flaunting your privilege. its not hard to understand. If you have an issue with it you probably need to take a look in the mirror and ask why you’re so bothered by 2 minutes of clarity from a fellow human being asking for help.

  19. When I spend @ $300.00 to take myself and the fam to a ball game, the only thing I’m interested in is plenty of unhealthy food and drink and my team playing for the win.

    The team website is a perfect venue for a player to express their views. Fans can decide on their own whether to take in this information.

  20. Honesty who cares. Lots of people believe these social issues are a big deal and need to be fixed. Players from most teams clearly want to bring them to light, so whats the harm in making a 30 sec video preaching unity? If you don’t like it or agree with it go to the kitchen and grab another beer while the video plays.

    There’s so much wrong in this world today, yet this is getting people’s panties in a bunch. I don’t get it.

  21. This whole national anthem protest is a racist action – it is very racist. Look at who is doing the protesting and what they are saying – pure racist actions. They should be fired.

  22. Gotta love those who say they don’t care, yet take the time to post on here to say they don’t care…oh and stop doing it.
    You DO care, just about not seeing it.
    If you truly do not care, why say anything at all? Just let it go by and move on with your life.
    To complain so loudly about something you don’t care about puts you in the “snowflake,” and/or hypocrite category.
    Most of those complaining by saying “keep politics out,” are people who simply disagree with the point being made.
    I can respect the one’s who wanna do away with all of it, including the anthem. At least they are consistent with their “keep politics out,” stance.

  23. Why does national sports media have to make a political football (pun intended) out of every little thing that the Browns do? Last week, it was a big kerfuffle about the kneel-down praying that a police union spokesjerk was describing as a “protest,” and media dutifully used that term in its accounts, portraying Browns players as unpatriotic ingrates. This week, sports media uses the Browns’ anthem role reversal as a controversy across the league itself. If the Browns were to simply drop the whole jingoistic anthem business and advise fans to do their singing, reciting, saluting and whatever outside the stadium, would that ignite a firestorm of media reaction again?

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