NFL may file appeal in Ezekiel Elliott case as soon as Monday


When a federal judge decided in 2015 to let Patriots quarterback Tom Brady play while his court challenge to a four-game suspension proceeded, the NFL did not pursue an immediate appeal. Two years later, with a federal judge deciding to let Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot play while his court challenge to a four-game suspension proceeds, the NFL may file an immediate appeal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league will decide as soon as Monday whether to pursue an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The goal would be to overturn the ruling from Judge Amos L. Mazzant III blocking the suspension as soon as possible. That would mean, if the appeal is filed and if it succeeds quickly, Elliott’s suspension could be reinstated by Week Two, when the Cowboys play the Broncos.

As a practical matter, that’s unlikely. But, in theory, it could happen. If not by Week Two, the suspension could be reinstated by Week Three or Four.

So why the possible change in approach from Brady to Elliott? Because the NFL ultimately scored a major victory before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in the Brady case, the league feels more strongly about its position in Elliott’s case. Put simply, the league believes that the Brady precedent makes it much harder for Elliott to show a likelihood of ultimate success in the litigation, which is one of the key factors in determining whether an injunction should be issued that blocks a suspension.

11 responses to “NFL may file appeal in Ezekiel Elliott case as soon as Monday

  1. There is NO proof at ALL that elliot beat or hit her NONE! Yet there IS proof that Tiffany is a LIAR and tried to extort
    money form Zeke!
    The giants kicker was a PROVEN wife beater and he only got ONE game suspension?? !
    Yet Zeke INNOCENT (so it seems) gets 6 games?
    EXPLAIN yourself Roger for this!!!!
    Be held ACCOUNTABLE!
    Innocent men are being abused by ANY woman who is a gold digger and liar!

  2. Zeke won the injunction because of an unfair appeal hearing. Not the decision itself. I’m not sure how any officer of the court can look at the chain of events for the hearing and think the hearing the was 100% fair.

  3. They are going to have to explain totally ignoring their lead investigators opinion, and not letting her tell Goodell directly her findings. That’s really the crux of the entire argument, that the appointment and presence of the investigator is meant to show fairness in the process, that Goodell isn’t just arbitrarily deciding punishments on a whim. Ignoring the recommendation of said investigator leads to a lot of interesting questions, one of which is the fairness of the process. If the argument is Goodell doesn’t have to listen to anything other than his own internal debates on the case, why have an investigator at all?

  4. Being able to manipulate the law to get what you want isn’t justice.

    Here’s an idea, if the owners absolutely have to renew Goodell’s contract, make the language such that any lawsuits filed by the league must be taken directly out of Goodell’s compensation after taxes. He must pay every lawyer and all travel expenses as well as the expenses of any league employee that has to attend these legal issues all the way down to the coffee at the airport.
    At this rate, he’d probably be personally bankrupt before his contract expires or we would be rid of this nonsense.

  5. I’m completely sick of all this goodell is a slimeball leave it alone Zeke didn’t receive a fair trial enough is enough

  6. Steeler fan here…I hate the Cowboys and I hate the Patsies. Yet, I smiled when Zeke and Tom Terrific (at least temporarily in Brady case) defeated the NFL, period.

  7. I’m over it. Zeke won. Let’s have a full football season and deal with this horse-crap in the off-season.

    Goodell has tarnished the shield enough already. The smart thing to do is deal with this in February.

  8. The NFL won’t even get a hearing on their interlocutory appeal. Second circuit rulings have no precedential force in the 5th circuit. So the 5th will let the case proceed in the district court to develop the record for the eventual appeal by either side.

  9. Zeke has told more lies. There is physical evidence. The cops and DA in Ohio believed her. He has not explained or provided any expert testimony about her injuries. His defense and those defending him are victim shaming. Even if you believe the worse about her, that does not mean she was not physically and emotionally abused.

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