Rams announce paid attendance of 60,128 but far fewer show up

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If the Rams win a game and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound?

The Rams announced a paid attendance of 60,128, but judging by the pictures on social media, far fewer people than that showed up. The Coliseum seats 90,000, and it looked less than half full.

That’s with tickets going for as low as $6.

But if the Rams keep playing like they did in Sunday’s 46-9 victory over the Colts, their crowds are sure to grow.

Notes to fans in L.A.: Good seats are still available.

27 responses to “Rams announce paid attendance of 60,128 but far fewer show up

  1. There are over 100K seats in the Coliseum, even if they don’t sell all of them, they are still there. If 60K fans show up thats over 40k empty seats, going to look kinda empty. But than there are stadiums that barely have 65k seats but look full if 60k fans show up. Got to really look at the numbers and do a proper comparison. Coliseum always looks empty, too many seats.

  2. Wait…..wasn’t it just a few years ago people from LA were crying they should have an NFL team? Hmmmm…..

  3. The Rams looked good today but they are still behind USC and maybe UCLA for Football in LA

    The Chargers…….LA doesn’t want them

  4. Oh, by the way, another reason for LA fans to hate the Rams and Chargers, is that the local network has to broadcast this crap. Instead of watching the Raider game, which 75% of LA football fans would watch in the morning, we are stuck with the Ram-Colt game in the afternoon. Sorry CBS, we are not watching that garbage. The Eagles looked good. I enjoyed the afternoon without football.

  5. The Rams, Chargers and Raiders have all been in LA and moved out because of a lack of fan support. The only question is which team will be out first, Rams or Chargers ? I am picking Chargers, hopefully they go back to San Diego.

  6. The only time the LA teams will draw fans is if they are winning or a popular team such as the Cowboys or Packers are in town.

    Indy has virtually no following outside of Indiana any longer. When Manning was there, they were a big draw because of the chance to see one of the greats. Now that Luck has proved to be so-so at best, the fan base in the rest of the country has eroded. Note-I realize Luck did not play today but just using that as a factor.

  7. Los Angeles has been and always will be the proven graveyard of NFL teams. The “beautiful people” care about being seen rather than football and being seen at a football game is only fashionable if the current team is a bonafide Super Bowl contender. Why any franchise owner would be foolish enough to pay a relocation fee for the “privilege” of moving to La la land (let alone going there in the first place) is beyond me.

  8. Not only is no one coming to Rams games , take a look at what they had in SF . Horrible attendance for both. LA crying for football and they don’t show up for the first game of the year and playing a team that they will get one of their four wins. All I hear is LA wont come unless they have a winner. That’s not going to be the Rams. Why would an owner spend $3 billion in a city that is not interested ?

  9. rparrott4 says:
    September 10, 2017 at 11:07 pm
    Wait…..wasn’t it just a few years ago people from LA were crying they should have an NFL team? Hmmmm…..
    That is totally incorrect. The PEOPLE of LA pleaded to deaf ears they didn’t want a team./ They wanted to keep the AFC/NFC game of the week broadcast they had been enjoying for 20 years. The NFL owners are the ones that kept pushing LA LA LA and not listening to the fans (pun fully intended)

  10. Raiders should be playing there. They got screwed because Kroenke has all the $$$.
    Silver & Black own L.A.

  11. People in and around LA are a little bit spoiled in that they don’t like to spend $100 to park a mile away from the game, and sit in 95 degree weather with no shade or breeze.

  12. The people of LA have always been getting game of the week and all the other games that are broadcast on all the stations forever. So your post was incorrect. You must be talking about seeing the Rams play on the game of the week, which hasn’t been happening in LA for the last 20 years, so you are incorrect there too.

  13. I was at the game and as justanotherfan101 says, it was brutally hot. 95 sitting in the sun with no breeze is spot on. Parking is $60 and you can choose the tailgating or non-tailgating section. Left at halftime because of the relentless sun and heat. Great game by the Rams. Looking forward to the Washington game. I’ll be watching from home this week.

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