Ravens pitch a shutout in Cincinnati


Ravens safety Eric Weddle said recently that great defense and solid offense is the prescription for Ravens wins this season.

It worked out that way in Cincinnati on Sunday. The Ravens picked off Andy Dalton four times and forced him to fumble on the way to a 20-0 victory that was devoid of drama after Dalton’s fumble in the third quarter. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs stripped Dalton a few plays after a Nick Vigil interception set the Bengals up in scoring position and Baltimore ate up nearly 10 minutes on an 81-yard drive that ended with a field goal.

That made the score 20-0 and the Bengals more or less waved the white flag with a punt from Ravens territory with just under 10 minutes to play in the game. Dalton’s fumble was the team’s second turnover deep in Baltimore territory and their offense could never find a rhythm in the face of the turnovers and the five Ravens sacks.

Suggs added a second sack and deflected a pass that was intercepted by Lardarius Webb to set up a 1-yard Terrence West touchdown run. The Ravens’ other touchdown came on a short pass that Jeremy Maclin turned into a 48-yard touchdown. That was the biggest play of the day through the air for Baltimore, which didn’t ask much of Joe Flacco after they went up 20-0. Part of the reason for that may have been a hit from Carlos Dunlap that led to a head injury evaluation, but the lack of work that Flacco did this summer probably played a role as well.

West and Buck Allen ran 40 times for 151 yards as the Ravens spent the second half running out the clock on the Bengals. Cincinnati will have to figure out how to get the offense on track in a hurry as the Texans are in town Thursday with 0-2 on the line for the loser.

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  1. Ravens defense sure looked like the real deal….in a BIG way. If they don’t start dropping like flies this is going a special defense. Suggs in his 15th season looked like the best player on the field.

    As for the offense, Flacco was rusty and Ryan Jensen makes me really nervous.

  2. With all the excitement surrounding the offense coming into the season this could not have been a more pathetic performance. This is on Dalton and the offensive line. I’ll give Dalton benefit of the doubt on the 2 tipped ones but that red zone pick there is no excuse for and Jimmy Smith made a great play on his but it was a poor read. And offensive line again carries over from last year 5 sacks a game will get the Bengals 5 wins this year. They’re going to have some serous issues if they don’t get it fixed.

  3. Bengal fans… How do you put up with this? If management doesn’t fire Marvin before he leaves the stadium today they deserve every disgusting, embarrassing loss they have coming to them this season

  4. vancouversportsbro says:

    September 10, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Baltimore needs to be a team that focuses on their defense more like they used to, they won’t ever go anywhere with Flacco leading or handcuffing the team.


    Perhaps you didn’t read the story, or even the headline? SHUTOUT. Defense allowed zero points with five sacks and five turnovers.

  5. No 0-line, no chance. Cedric ogbuehi is simply awful. They drafted him and fisher 1 and 2 a few years back, and struck out on both of them. Just goes to show you how far back one bad draft can set you.

    Eifert refused to extend his contract, Dalton can’t stay upright. The window has closed. Time to move on from Lewis and start over.

  6. Marvin Lewis — it’s not “racist” (for anyone but Alt-Left SJWs) to fire a very bad, under-performing coach that has had more than a decade to prove that he is not a very bad, under-performing coach.

    Cincinnati fans, you deserve better — demand it!

  7. Andy Dalton was ONLY sacked FIVE TIMES today.

    I guess the brown family’s money saving moves of not re-signing Whitworth and Zeitler didn’t help. DUH.

    If you think changing head coaches is going to change things… your head is buried in the sand.

  8. That punt from the Ravens’ 45 with 9:43 left was the best “no mas” from Cincy since Corey Dillon refused to go back into the game in a 27-0 beating in 2000.

  9. doctorrustbelt says:

    I guess the brown family’s money saving moves of not re-signing Whitworth and Zeitler didn’t help. DUH.

    Mikey Brown doesn’t care about winning. He only cares about lining his pockets with money at the taxpayers’ expense. The Bengals were notorious underspenders until they put in the rule that a team had to spend at least a certain percentage of the salary cap. They should call that the Mike Brown rule.

  10. ampatsisahypocrite says:

    September 10, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Yes, Mediocre Joe is back as the Ravens carry him and his historic 121-yard passing performance to another victory. In the classic Baltimore winning formula.



    You can find anything to hate. Winning is winning. Flacco didn’t need to do more than that. He’s not Peyton Manning or Drew Brees who throws 60 passes a game when up by three possessions on the 4th quarter….

  11. It’s amazing to me this team pitches a shut out and stupid comments about Joe throwing the ball. When you’re up by 17 then 20 why throw the ball? I’ll repeat REAL football is different from FANTASY. Take the W on the road , save your hurt QBs back and get back home for game 2.

  12. Flacco had one week of practice. His last serious game action was Last December. All things considered this was better than expected.

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