Ravens remained silent regarding Ray Lewis remarks

Getty Images

Earlier this week, former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had some eye-opening comments regarding the ultimate reason on which his former team relied when not making quarterback Colin Kaepernick its future quarterback. Lewis blamed it all on the decision of Kaepernick’s girlfriend to tweet an image compared Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti the characters played by Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained.

It was believed as of Wednesday that the Ravens would issue a statement disavowing the suggestion that Kaepernick wasn’t signed because of something his girlfriend did. The Ravens didn’t, they haven’t, and they apparently won’t be.

Contacted earlier this week regarding whether a statement would be issued, the Ravens referred PFT to Wednesday’s comments from coach John Harbaugh when he was asked about Lewis. Here’s what Harbaugh said: “I’m not even exactly sure what all was said. But I can tell you this: I’m way past that. I haven’t even thought about that for weeks. Our focus is — and has been — Cincinnati.”

So, basically, Harbaugh said nothing. Which means the Ravens have said nothing.

The Ravens were in a tough spot, obviously. They may disagree with what Lewis said, but why risk making Lewis upset over an issue that died fairly quickly? Regardless, the bottom line is that Lewis said something significant and maybe a little outlandish about the reason for not signing Kaepernick, and the Ravens have said nothing to say it was incorrect.

Absent such a statement, it can fairly be assumed that what Lewis said was accurate.