Report: Hue Jackson “irate” about Haden cut, which he basically already said

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One of the challenges for the Browns if they ever want to get out of their perpetual rebuild is to find a coaching staff and a front office that both A) qualified for those roles, and B) on the same page.

And even if Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown turn out to be A, it seems they’re far from B at the moment.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Jackson was “irate” at the Browns front office regarding the recent release of cornerback Joe Haden.

The move might have made financial sense, clearing Haden’s $11 million off the books after they ate $16 million to buy a second-round pick and a few months of Brock Osweiler hanging around. But from a football perspective, it made far less, since Haden’s still a productive player, and was quickly signed (with no compensation) by the Steelers.

But you don’t really need secret sources for this one, as Jackson made his feelings clear before the move was even made.

“I trust [executive] Sashi [Brown] and his group to make the right decisions that I think is best for our football team,” Jackson said before Haden was released. “Do I want Joe Haden on our football team? Yes, but whatever our organization thinks is best for our football team, that’s what we’ll do. . . .

“He’s played well in our games. So he’s a huge piece of what we do on defense and we’ll just keep moving from there. You guys catch me when I’m coming off the field with all these things that I know nothing about, so let’s stay after it.”

While Haden may not have been the difference in getting to the playoffs this year, he’d have certainly made them better. But if Jackson and Brown can’t make decisions that are palatable to both sides, it may be a long time before they have to worry about that anyway.

25 responses to “Report: Hue Jackson “irate” about Haden cut, which he basically already said

  1. So basically the Browns cut Haden for Osweiller, who is no longer on the team? This makes sense if you are in tank mode. If you are then trade Joe Thomas.

  2. The Browns loss is the Steelers gain. One of the reasons that the new boss in the AFC North is the same as the old boss…

  3. Hue Jackson is right, and he should be frustrated. He’s been saying from the beginning that having numbers guys in the front office is fine, but you also need some good talent evaluators to go along with them. The computer is only as smart as the guy who’s inputting the data. I’m still optimistic about the Browns’ future, but this is a step in the wrong direction.

  4. Browns fan here and Haden is done. The Steelers will soon find out. He was once good, but his smaller frame and too many injuries have made him lose some of his ability. Watch enough of their games and you will see that teams are not afraid AT ALL to throw on Haden, so what does that tell you. They asked him to take a pay cut, he refused, so they cut him. Happens all the time in the NFL. I only wish they got a draft pick for him, but they weren’t able to.

  5. Haden was really good, but never great his first couple years. He got that second Pro Bowl spot just based on name recognition.

    Having him on the team last year only got the Browns one win, so it’s not really a loss for them to cut a past-his-prime cornerback with no legs.

    It is shocking to see the Steelers pay so much for a free agent though. Especially an over the hill one. Thought they had more sense than that, but then again their personnel department hasn’t drafted as well as their reputation makes it seem lately either.

  6. The “moneyball” theory is more sensible in baseball, as there are real differences between large and small market teams; Oakland will never, ever, ever generate the revenue the Yankees or Boston does, so they have to build or augment their teams not through free agency but the draft, trades, and low level signings. The NFL is 100% different; all teams get the same amount from their massive TV deals; building a team for any NFL franchise boils down to cap management and scouting. Having more picks is generally a good thing, since no team hits them all. Paying 16 million bucks for a 2nd round pick is plain stupid, especially if it forces you to give up a productive player. Chances are that second round pick will never be as good as Haden.

  7. This smells of a front office that doesn’t get that the guy cooking the meal needs to have input on buying the groceries. The GM should always talk to a coach before releasing a team captain. You don’t make that move without the head coaches blessing.

  8. cincy85 says:
    September 10, 2017 at 9:59 am

    The browns literally just handed a division rival their playbook
    Looks like you missed that the Browns also traded for Sammie Coates, a WR from the Steelers. So I guess that evens things out, doesn’t it?

  9. I have watched every snap of Joe Haden’s career. Love Joe, but this is NOT going to hurt the Brown’s defense. With the Safety position improved from last year, Haden had become the weak link in the defensive backfield. Browns will attack him often today.

  10. This is from JLC. Should be discredited instantly. I’m surprised the Maryland homer didn’t attack the Steelers in the same article for picking him up. He’s a terrible football journalist.

  11. That’s the Browns. They are too busy finding ways to have their SJW players express their views to paying customers than to actually focus on being good at football.

  12. Earlier in his career Joe was a pretty good Corner and seemed to hold his own against the best WR’s but Lately if he’s not injured he’s getting beat like a cheap drum. Prime example: the OBJ play in the Giants pre-season game “where he got injured”, OBJ beat him deep and Joe was doing the all to familiar running hard trying to catch up, those type of plays have been a constant the last few years. Paying 11M for a player past his prime is not a good business move!

  13. Hue Jackson’s a well liked coach, but not real successful thus far. But what kind of management did he expect? He took the CLEVELAND job! He shouldn’t be surprised when they do these things, and they shouldn’t be surprised when they go 2-14. I suspect the ownership doesn’t much care, as long as they meet their profit goals.

  14. All this hate from a fan base that has constantly been the worst in the NFL… Haden left a team with a TERRIBLE D and goes to a REAL NFL TEAM… that WINS… do yall know what that word is Cleveland… WINNERS… A CB is only as good as the pressure the D is putting on the QB… Haden will flourish in this D… #SteelerNATION

  15. Joe Thomas will go down as one of the best LT ever without ever having any slight chance of a playoff run or a championship.
    Maybe the Browns will trade him this season to a contender.

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