Steelers award Joe Haden game ball in first season-opening win of his career


Joe Haden got something he had never gotten previously — a season-opening victory. It came against his former team, and the Steelers rewarded their new cornerback with a game ball.

I appreciate it,” Haden said, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It was my first opening win since I’ve been in the league. Once they found out, hey, they gave me the game ball.”

Haden had six tackles, one of the Steelers’ seven sacks — his first since 2011 — and a pass breakup on tight end Seth DeValve.

The Browns tested their former teammate. DeShone Kizer completed passes of 19 and 13 yards against Haden, according to Dulac, with another of 29 yards in front of Haden in zone coverage. Two other attempts were incomplete.

“We just appreciate what he gave us,” Cam Heyward said. “He’s always been on the other side and to finally have him over here is just awesome.”

10 responses to “Steelers award Joe Haden game ball in first season-opening win of his career

  1. tylawspick6 says:

    September 10, 2017 at 8:55 pm


    poor pittsburgh

    I feel bad too. You know, since they won their season opener. Too bad the Pats didnt have apple watches to help them win theirs? Am I right, chief?

  2. any news on high priced tuitt or is pitt special like baltimore being
    all secretive, even though they know the truth

    interesting batch of roids being passed around up in pitt and baltimore
    these days

    then again, goodell approved of james harrison’s connection, ashley

  3. @tylawspick6 – We know you are insecure that your Pats have never won a Superbowl without cheating and that no one outside of Boston respects your band of cheating scumbags, but you could at least put a little more effort into youre trolling. You clearly arent that bright, but again, effort means alot, little buddy.

  4. Haden looked awfully healthy and he’s still only 28. If healthy he’s a pro bowl level cornerback. I don’t remember the last time Pittsburgh had such upside potential at cornerback like this, but it’s been a long time. They aren’t very cohesive yet because of so many new players, but they’re also gonna get better the more they play together. That should tick off the trolls 😀

    Go Steelers!

  5. Haden is still a good corner when healthy, but he’s no longer a pro bowl level corner. He was a solid pick up for the Steelers because they had a glaring weakness at the position. He was a great team guy in Cleveland and I’m sure he’ll be a great team guy in Pittsburgh. He’s really good at covering taller receivers like Green in Cincy, but can’t stick with smaller speedier guys like Antonio Brown. Then again apparently neither can anyone else on the Browns. He had a pretty quiet game yesterday. I believe he had a sack on on e of the occassions Kizer held the ball for 10 seconds. He also got kinda lucky when he was beat badly on a deep route by Williams but the throw caused Williams to come down out of bounds.

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