Adrian Peterson had only four first-half carries


Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got the start against his former team, in his first game with the Saints. And in the first half of the game, Peterson had only four carries.

The lack of activity prompted ESPN’s Charles Woodson to call it a “travesty and disrespect” at halftime. Early in the third quarter, ESPN showed video of Peterson apparently barking at coach Sean Payton late in the first half.

With Peterson continuing to have a high opinion of his own skills and the Saints committed to a platoon system, this was bound to happen — especially with the Saints opening the year in Minnesota. Despite the role he willingly accepted, Peterson surely believed he’d change the team’s mind during training camp and the preseason.

Apparently, he hasn’t. And he soon may be changing his mind about the decision to sign with New Orleans.

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  1. While I appreciated his contribution to the Vikings team, his inability to comprehend what he did to his was unacceptable to say the least lead me to stop rooting for him. I didn’t cheer against him since he still played for team but now I will. I was under the impression for the longest time he was a decent guy. I was wrong.

  2. This deal made no sense for either party from the get go. Has Peterson watched the Saints offense the last 11 years? They rotate their backs. Have the Saints watches Peterson? He’s not s team guy. Stupid decision by both sides.

  3. Vikings defense is too good. The mighty saints offense scored 9 points including the 3 points he refs spotted them on the phantom roughing the passer call.

  4. Wow, they showed #28 a couple times there on this last scoring drive, and he almost looked like he was going to bust out in tears. He looks totally lost over there on the other sideline. I’d say I feel bad for him, but honestly, I don’t. He wore his welcome out with me.

  5. Bob says:
    September 11, 2017 at 9:18 pm
    This deal made no sense for either party from the get go. Has Peterson watched the Saints offense the last 11 years? They rotate their backs. Have the Saints watches Peterson? He’s not s team guy. Stupid decision by both sides.


    It was probably the last opportunity for Peterson to sign with a team, before the draft. He left every other team he visited without an offer. I think he was desperate. I don’t understand why the Saints would want him, unless they were really hoping he was still in 2015 form.

  6. Vikings fans saw this coming. Peterson is a HOF RB for sure, but he didn’t make the team better.

    In order for him to be great, he needs 20+ carries out of an antiquated formation.

    It completely makes sense for him to be upset with Sean Payton, not because he’s right, but because he’s so delusional.

    Loved the look on his face watching the Vikings offense working better without him.

  7. The travesty is Woodson’s heart overruling what his eyes can see. For a guy supposedly motivated to play against his old team Peterson sure was tipping to the holes.

    The fact is he’s not a fit for this offense. He didn’t run the ball a lot during the pre-season and he doesn’t get hit in practice so the Saints are only seeing what he has in games. I would be amazed if he’s still on the team 2 –3 weeks from now.

  8. Will somebody go and tell Mr Payton that he blew the game by calling the timeouts and allowing the Vikings to go down and score at the end of the first half. Go to the dressing room. McCarthy did that against Seattle too. Throw that stupid mentality out of your playbook. It causes the D to let up or play prevent and ends up destroying their mentality when they get beat on and just about always they get beat on. Stupid And Adrian and Lacey both have more press hype left than football life left

  9. johnnytarr – though I disagree with how his disciplined his child, i think we need to be somewhat understanding to the transitional generation who, themselves, where disciplined that way. Its completely wrong what he did, but people make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Its not right to forever hold grudges.

  10. I was kind of shocked he didn’t sign with Dallas in the offseason. Everyone knew Zeke had a few games suspension coming (6 was a shock though).

    Would have made sense as the player wanted to play in Texas and the team probably thought they would need a bell cow for a few games.

    Now that the suspension is kind of hanging out there, sure Peterson would be pitching a fit in Dallas anyway.

  11. One of the greatest RB’s in the history of the NFL. Never been a fan of the Vikings but he deserves better than this situation. Trade him to the Giants or some team that is going to use him. If he can’t cut it, then he retires, but he deserves better than this.

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