Antonio Brown’s great game lost in Pittsburgh’s sluggish start


The Steelers could have beaten the Browns without Le'Veon Bell. The Steelers definitely couldn’t have beaten Cleveland without Antonio Brown.

Arguably the best receiver in the game, Brown had 11 catches on 11 targets for 182 yards on Sunday, including an impressive and well-timed leap amid a sea of bodies at a time when the Steelers were still screwing around with a team that won only one game in 2016.

With the Steelers gaining 290 net yards, Brown accounted for 62.75 percent of it.

In contrast, Bell had only 47 yards on 14 touches.

The outcome ended up being a lot closer than it could have been or should have been. Yes, the Steelers emerged with the win. But without Brown, the Steelers may have launched a season of Super Bowl aspirations with a loss to a franchise that has resided near the bottom of the NFL’s barrel for years.

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  1. Brown played a great game – particularly that catch at a critical time (probably about 30% of his receiving yards). But as is normal of this site – the Browns aren’t given credit for outplaying pittsburgh in nearly every aspect of the game. The steelers weren’t “screwing around” with Cleveland – they were being outplayed.

  2. My dear Browns fans, this is one of those awful “silver lining” losses – that game was generally close for a reason, and not as much for Pittsburgh’s offense not really getting going (beyond ‘Tone that is), but more because Cleveland’s defense is going to be nasty this year (your DC brung it with him!) and the offense is finally starting to look like an offense. What is that, did I get glimpses of a real NFL caliber quarterback yesterday? hehe

    Will 2017 FINALLY be the year the Dawg Pound has something worth barking about? Too early to tell but certainly promising.

  3. The Great Antonio was once again spectacular.
    He was in mid-season form snagging 11 our or 11 targets ,
    which included two passes that were deflected en route.
    Uber-human concentration.

    The game would not have been close had it not been
    for 144yds in lobsided penalties. The refs did their best
    to keep the game close and succeeded in that area.

    The offense will need to pick it up going forward.

  4. Brown’s performance wasn’t lost on me. I’m not a fan of either team but Antonio Brown was so good that he should be illegal. Lots of offenses looked rusty but this guy…… Wow. Odell who?

  5. Instead of downing Browns performance- you continue to down the performance of the Browns’ defense! Time will tell but as the Browns offense gains strength and the defense continues to shut down offenses you will come around!

  6. I’m a Browns fan and the roster is better. Kizer shows promise and Gregg Williams D is an improvement. That said, the Steelers looked like they were still in pre-season mode to some degree.

    In the end, though, the Steelers may regret launching head-first the number of times they did yesterday. Folks in this league have loooonnnggg memories. Browns are in Pittsburgh last game of the year. Do you think G Williams won’t have a few surprises ready for them?

  7. FoozieGrooler says:
    September 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm
    Half of the league has a better record than the New England Patriots.
    That’s all that really matters.

    5 4 Rate This


    you sept champs would think that it was all that matters

    when ne wins the division again and goes to their 7th straight title
    game in january, we will see how much your dumb statement mattered, won’t we?

  8. FoozieGrooler says:
    September 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Half of the league has a better record than the New England Patriots.
    That’s all that really matters.

    First week records only matter to losers.

  9. The Steelers are notorious slow starters. They finished 12-4 last year and haven’t lost a regular season game since last November. If they find way to win through the slow start look out. Think about some of the teams they have lost to in September and early October. All their head scratching loses have come in that time frame. Nobody is talking about how brutal the refs were. They called Bell for a crack back block I. The backfield in pass protection. Then Cleveland had by the letter of the law crack back in front of the ref and nothing. Cleveland held all day and still let up 7 sacks.

  10. Bell had 47 yards on 14 touches? Wait…I thought he was worth as much as Big Ben and Antonio Brown combined. Sure doesn’t look like it.

  11. “Antonio Brown’s great game lost in Pittsburgh’s sluggish start”……
    Head shot artists…….
    The other thing that seems to have been lost here, are three dirty plays that will probably go unpunished because its the Steelers.

    1. Shaziers dirty late shot on Kizer
    2. Roethlisburger twisting Ogbahs’ ankle when he was on the deck
    3. Disgusting headshot by Wilcox on Corey Coleman

  12. They won by 3 points. Their offense only scored 14. I think the Steelers special teams needs to be getting the credit for that win and not a receivers fantasy stats that lead to punts.

  13. You guys are to funny. To Browns fans, you are certainly on the rise. You have a strong defense and a solid quarterback to build around but the object of the game is to win and that’s exactly what the Steelers did. No it wasn’t pretty and yes it was only by 3 points but lets not kid ourselves, the Steelers did just what they needed to do to win. That’s what good teams do. Now to my whining Steelers fans, sometimes you have to escape with an ugly win. We won a divisional game on the road against an improving team. Be happy because I bet half the league would love to be in our shoes. Browns fans I’m excited to see the rivalry on its way back. Good luck with your season.

  14. Dude may two great plays that were the difference in the game. Brown is a superstar in the truest sense even when it’s 3rd down and everyone knows the ball is going to him, you still can’t stop him.

  15. zabam1 says:
    September 11, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    The steelers weren’t “screwing around” with Cleveland – they were being outplayed.

    Yeah, outplayed by the refs. C’mon dude, only penalties kept most of those Brownie “drives” alive, including the flag on Gay that came about two hours late. Steelers racked up 150 yards worth, there’s your “close” game.

    Anyway, no Steeler fans overlooked Brown’s performance. It’s just he’s been doing it so long we’ve come to take it for granted.

  16. let’s face facts–it’s just the brownies;

    the ownership is imbecilic and that reflects down onto the field;

    for example, despite the work of Antonio Brown, what would’ve happened had Kiser had Terelle Pryor to throw to?

    even though the game was close–and a lot of that can be attributed to some rather questionable officiating–having a legitimate No. 1 WR on the field could’ve easily made the difference in a close game, or an all-purpose RB who’s a legitimate threat in space or a legitimate shutdown corner;

    the Steelers had all of those, which is precisely why they win close games, win on the road and win in November and December;

    until the Cookie Monsters learn that lesson, they will continue to be perennial doormats in a town that proudly fosters a loser atmosphere across the sports spectrum (& anyone who believes the cavs ‘won’ probably also believes in the Easter bunny);

  17. The game wasn’t as close as all the cleveland supporters thought
    yea,the steelers started out slow,but it was garbage time by time browns scored
    and then the steelers ran the clock out and ended it

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