Bengals fans jeered Andy Dalton as he left the field following ugly loss

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Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton played as badly as anyone in the NFL on Sunday, and afterward he heard it from the fans in Cincinnati.

FOX 19 in Cincinnati has video of Dalton leaving the field after the loss to the Ravens, and it’s not pretty. One fan can be heard yelling, “You suck!” Another yelled, “I want Carson back,” a reference to former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. And someone threw a hat at Dalton.

Dalton wisely left his helmet on and jogged into the tunnel toward the locker room, not wanting to expose himself to any more fan interactions than he had to.

It was an ugly outing for Dalton, who tied a career-high with four interceptions and also lost a fumble. His 28.4 passer rating on the day was the second-worst of his NFL career.

Dalton admitted afterward that the Bengals had no chance given the way he played. The Bengals have another home game Thursday night against the Texans, and Dalton is going to have to play a lot better to avoid hearing even more abuse from the fed-up fans.

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  1. The Texans did not look much better Thursday. This game has all the potential of a Jets – Browns match-up.

  2. Not making excuses, but he’s from Katy, TX which was heavily flooded. I wonder if there was some off-the-field turmoil (such as family’s home being flooded, etc) as a result of that. Regardless of the reason, you don’t last long in the NFL with those kind of numbers.

  3. Might have something to do with letting Whitworth go.

    Dalton, Eli, Palmer, all top 20 QB’s. Scary.

    Even though the Giant’s line sucks, Eli was just as bad. I’m sure the same for the other two, though I didn’t watch those 2 games.

  4. Man, the Thursday night legacy of horrible games is off to a great start already…


    Well, at least last Thursday’s New England/Kansas City game was a good one. Unfortunately, as you state, that is a rarity.

  5. As they should have. The Red BB Gun is laughable as a starter at this point. He better get into the film room and clean up his act while he still has the chance to.

  6. Those people make me embarrassed to be a Bengals fan. The same kind of people who threw trash in Carson Palmer’s front yard. Pathetic.

  7. “Unfortunately, as you state, that is a rarity.”

    It was only good because the teams had all offseason to prepare for it.

    The rest are now on 3 days prep and will have an awful level of play, especially during the first half of the season.

  8. Can someone give the Ravens defense some real credit for what they did Sunday? They completely handled the Bengals and put a TON of pressure on Dalton. Baltimore’s D won that game!

  9. The Texans will bat at least 4 of Andy’s passes at the line of scrimmage Thursday night. JJ Watt will probably score. Not only did Andy throw four picks and lose a fumble, but he also rolled right once and ran out of bounds for a two yard loss, and on a fourth down play late in the game, threw the ball away where no one had a chance. I guess he just didn’t want that fifth pick, at the expense of giving AJ or Eifert a shot at a jump ball. Inexcusable. Between Barrett and Dalton, I had a horrible weekend of watching my teams play.

  10. aarons444 says:
    September 11, 2017 at 11:54 am
    Well, they can opt out of the contract after this year.

    But what do they do then, rent Drew Brees?


    Tank harder than the jets for Sam Darnold.. My amateur GM recommendation.

  11. Way too soon to be calling for McCarron, but I thought Andy Dalton was past these clunkers. His high is good enough, is low last year was mediocre and the team could overcome it. If we’re going back to big clunker Andy, this team is done. I will say the O-line sucked horribly (I won’t give credit to The Ravens until I either see them do it to a good team or see the Bengals stop anyone from rushing the QB), but that was to be expected. It’s too bad no one could have predicted that letting one of the league’s best tackles walk in free agency would have backfired when your QB has happy feet.

  12. It’s one bad game. Why is this guy’s career constantly redefined on a game-by-game basis? Yall think Phillip Rivers has never thrown 4 picks? Brees? Big Ben? Heck, Peyton threw 6 once. Dalton threw 8 INTs all of last year. 7 the year before that. His line is terrible. This is what happens.

  13. The guy they should be voicing their displeasure to is Paul Alexander, the offensive line coach who couldn’t wait to get rid of Whitworth and Zeitler and put in his first round dud at LT (Ogbuehi) and then his second round dud at RT (Fisher). Dalton may want to take out more life insurance.

  14. Sam Darnold ??? Please take him before AZ does I can’t stand anymore USC QBs Oh BTW Please take Carson back!!!

  15. Dalton was spectacularly bad yesterday. Ravens were good and the Bengals O-Line were beaten back almost on every play (except a few good runs by Bernard), but Dalton was making mistakes you would expect a rookie to make. They will probably give him at least a week to turn it around, but McCarron may get a shot at the job by week 3-4.

  16. The state of quarterbacking in the NFL is pathetic. Dalton, Wilson, Newton, Cousins. Puke. Enjoy Brees and Brady while you can, folks, and prepare for the Age of Carr.

    There is only one side


  17. Maybe he did, maybe he saw a guy who scored points.
    tm05 says:
    September 11, 2017 at 11:50 am
    “I want Carson back”

    That guy didnt watch Palmer play yesterday

  18. With the plethora of talent on the Bengal offense, you would think that they could have done something at home, in the first game of the season. It is not as if the Ravens played exceptionally well: particularly on offense. But what really killed the Bengals was the almost 10 minute drive that used up the third quarter and featured almost exclusively a run game with two no name backs. When you let these backs beat you, you are looking at a long season. Every team in the league has better running backs than the Ravens.

  19. The talent in the nfl has become so mediocre that Dalton’s 28.4 rating placed him in the top 5 yesterday

  20. Amazing. This guy had played pretty good the last few years and people want that trader carson back? Even the best qb has down games. Not to say Dalton is the best. But the real problems are 1. Left tackle 2 the offensive coordinator. The oc didn’t give these guys a chance. The ravens new the way he calls plays better than he did. If you have a new left tackle you slide protection to him. You run the play away from him. Bit leave him on an island. I put almost this while thing on him and Brown. I almost guarantee that Brown wanted to promote him instead of Marvin hiring out again. And Brown probably said we drafted 2 tackles to take over they are going to play instead of paying big whit. But hopefully the oc learned a hard lesson and he gives the lt some help and run more west coast quick hits. Hopefully

  21. Yes, the Bengals OL was bad, but Dalton is no longer a rookie QB. If he know that his line is going to get beat, then release the ball faster. He has WRs and a TE that have been playing with him for a long time. His performance was just unacceptable.

  22. Doesn’t seem like typical behavior for Cincy fans. We were in Cincinnati last Summer for a Pirates game, and by and large, it was one of the friendliest, most polite places we’d ever been to.
    As for Andy Dalton, having seen both he and McCarron play, McCarron might be better than him. I’m guessing McCarron may get his shot sooner than later. After all, Marvin Lewis appears to be on a hot seat this season, and likely won’t sink with Dalton if he thinks playing McCarron might save him.

  23. I love the people thinking McCarron will get a shot at starting. You people obviously have no idea how far behind Marvin Lewis is when it comes to changing things up.

  24. riggo08 says:
    Can someone give the Ravens defense some real credit for what they did Sunday? They completely handled the Bengals and put a TON of pressure on Dalton. Baltimore’s D won that game!

    Yes Baltimore played very good defense as they normally do and they did pressure Dalton but those picks were not due to pressure (maybe perceived pressure) Eifert was open with inside leverage on a slant when Dalton throws to Lafell in double coverage. The deflection by Suggs was self defense not great defense.Dalton threw it head high,It would`ve been deflected by a player with no arms. The one when the DB dropped off his man and deflected it was good defense but the others were all on Dalton to me.

  25. Where is Sam Wyche to storm the announcers’ booth, grab the mic and plead for civilized behavior, yelling

    “You don’t live in Cleveland — you live in Cinncinati!!”

  26. 2 or 3 teams inqured about Mccarron during the off season…why? because he’s young has a strong arm and seems to be pretty smart. Don’t you think it’s time Bengals to move on from Andy and give the kid a shot.

  27. The scariest part of this is that with 5 turnovers, it was ONLY his 2nd worst rating ever as a QB…jesus what did he do in that other game to be worse than 5 turnovers!?!?

  28. Andy was bad no doubt but this early tackles were an abomination. Also any decent oc will realize what his team can/can’t do against a particular defense and find ways to attack them. Zampese was a qb coach for 13-14 seasons (complacency) and was passed over for offensive coordinator not once but 2x. So now why wouldn’t Marvin hire within when Zamoese was clearly not the guy two other times? Money? The Bengals had their chance to make their move and fire Marvin after the steeler playoff loss two years ago and promote hue Jackson. Now hue is coaching against us and poaching our best players. The infrastructure of this team is the reason why it cannot achieve a winning status. Doesn’t matter if they can draft, Katie Blackburn never learned how to multitask so Shen can only work on one contract at a time. By then, the hemorrhaging of talent has done this team on and cannot compensate for the organizations many deficiencies.

  29. Yes, the Mccarron era should begin. He was a winner at Alabama and has looked good in his short stints. The only person left to convince is Marvin Lewis, but don’t think that’s going to happen.

  30. tajuara says:
    September 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm
    Yes, the Bengals OL was bad, but Dalton is no longer a rookie QB. If he know that his line is going to get beat, then release the ball faster. He has WRs and a TE that have been playing with him for a long time. His performance was just unacceptable.

    Did you even watch the game? Dalton is consistently among league leaders in quickest release. He was taking constant 3 step drop with predetermined reads to negate that terrible line, and he was STILL getting pummeled. I get it though. Pile on the red head, despite all the evidence that he’s a good QB and the problems lie elsewhere with that miserable franchise. Just ask Carson.

  31. Anyone who thinks Dalton will be benched and McCarron will replace him has no idea how this organization is run. It will NEVER happen. Mike Brown absolutely will not allow it.

  32. Jeez, Bengal fans. You jeered and threw stuff at the wrong guy. Granted, Dalton isn’t all that great but Marvin Lewis should be your primary target.

  33. Dalton has tendency of over throwing the deep ball but this franchise has bigger issues like Marvin not a good head coach more concerning is Mike Brown doesn’t care about winning he’s always settled for mediocracy!!

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