Bruce Arians not pleased with Carson Palmer’s “poor” performance

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Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer had an ugly game on Sunday in Detroit, throwing three interceptions against a Lions defense that was the worst in the NFL last year. Palmer’s coach wasn’t pleased.

Arizona head coach Bruce Arians said after the game that Palmer’s play was “poor.”

You can’t throw that many interceptions,” Arians said.

Palmer, however, said he’s confident he’ll play better next week.

“You’ve got to get past it,” Palmer said. “We will get past it. I will get past it. We’ve got another big road game playing in another environment similar to this next week. Sunday can’t come fast enough. We’ve got to get the work done, but at the same time, I can’t wait to get this taste out of my mouth and move past this.”

The 37-year-old Palmer took a step backward last season, and on Sunday he showed no signs of getting back on track.

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  1. He lost the locker room, not a good head coach in my opinion.. Will be gone if they miss the playoffs, they can miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record.. NFC is loaded

  2. The Cardinals are who we thought they were, an over the hill team going nowhere that needs to be blown up.

  3. Is Bruce ever “not pleased” with his coaching performance, or is just satisfied to throw his players under the bus after every loss?

  4. Carson didn’t play well, but the roster isn’t great either. If you look closer, they haven’t really drafted well. How many of their first round picks are actually still there and playing like first round picks (at the positions they were drafted to play). You can’t miss on that many high end players and expect to compete consistently. If the roster was better, it could compelsate for mediocre QB play.

  5. The Cards were not even close to as good as their record 2 years ago, and that was when every single break went their way. 2015 was a very weak NFC year. They’ve never been more than slightly above average under Arians.

  6. Palmer was bad last year and is starting off on the same foot.
    Stick with him and throw the season away or give time to your developmental QB.
    You have a developmental QB I hope?
    You don’t want to be in the same situation you were in when Kurt Warner retired.

  7. Palmer’s and Brady’s performance this week were eerily similar. Father Time is catching up to both of them, I believe. The mind is willing but the body can’t keep up. Kinda like Manning a couple years ago.

  8. arclight1972 says:
    September 11, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Stick with him and throw the season away or give time to your developmental QB.
    You have a developmental QB I hope?

    They have Blaine Gabbert. I think he qualifies a developmental.

  9. “throwing three interceptions against a Lions defense that was the worst in the NFL last year”

    The Lions defense was 13th in scoring and 18th in yards last year. How was that the worst in the league?

  10. @Hermann Scherff

    DET was ranked last in DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) in 2016. That’s the metric most analysts rely on. Check out the Football Outsiders web site if you’re interested in more info.

  11. I think Bruce Arians coaching ability is poor, also think that Arians and Keim ability to scout and draft players is poor.

  12. That sham of bringing in Gabbert instead of a real QB and having Drew Stanton as the backup makes this ring hollow. Might have wanted to draft a guy. Palmer is done, and this team is going 5-11 if they don’t find other ways to win games.

  13. play calling is predictable to a fault. run between the tackles, throw long. if i hear “no risk it, no biscuit” one more time I’m gonna puke. nobody played well yesterday. d for 3 quarters, no they let the lions stay in the game. o was atrocious. palmer looked slow, old and soft.

  14. Both the Cardinals and Seahawks will be 1-1 after Week 2. For as poorly as the Cardinals played, they finished down by one score before Lions got a gjft pick six that bounced off the RB’s hands, and was in no way Palmer’s fault.

    The Lions, to their credit, played well in the second half. That Kenny Golladay sure can ball! Haloti Ngata was back to his old form, and Ansah was on it too. Detroit improved since last season.

  15. The core of the problem is Arians. All he does is blame the players. And as bizarre as it sounds, Johnson caught a break getting hurt in the opener (assuming its bad enough so he misses some games) because Arians will grind him to dust giving him the ball every single down. Arians will have Johnson out of the league inside 3 seasons if he’s allowed to do so.

  16. Gee, one of the responders must have actually watched the game. (Mitchell J) It is amazing how much folks actually know, or how little, based on their own opinions. Brady through? Yea, you bet.

  17. And the best part is Keim and Arians passed on Derek Carr in 2014 because they thought they were Super Bowl contenders!

    Then the Seahawks happened and they’ve been 7-11-1 ever since. 36-6.

  18. The football maven speaks and we all sit on the edge of our seats for his wisdom.
    Oh well just more babble from the most overrated coach in the NFL.

  19. Arians has always been a grouchy old fart, but he can coach. Mitchel J’s comment above is spot on. Both Arizona and Seattle are likely to be 1 and 1 next week, but it’s because of their opponents they will face(Indy and the 49er’s, respectively), not because either team is all that good. Palmer has been done for a couple of years and he’s a lot like Cutler in that he’s not a real big “Team First” kinda guy. The Cards have needed to find his replacement for awhile now, but it’s just not that easy to find starting quality QBs.

  20. They should have drafted and been grooming a QB that last 2 drafts.

    Instead, not as Palmer is declining, they’ve got no one but Stanton. And Stanton has no right being on an NFL roster at this point…

  21. Blaine Gabbert is licking his chops to come into the games and show the world how he still can’t really cut it as an NFL qb.

  22. I wanted to ask if Palmer was hurt. He had zero zip on this throws and they were almost all timing routes where he threw the ball to a spot on out-routes. Lions radio today getting very arrogant about our pass defense which appeared to be to be totally unearned.

    Pretty easy for the Lions (or any team) to game plan. Stop DJ and cover Fitz. If Brown or Nelson beat us, so be it. But let’s make them earn it.

    Another game question: Gresham’s TD was called back after holding was called… on Gresham. Has anyone ever negated their own TD with a holding call?

  23. Well, week one went about right up til Rams won 400-9 over the Dolts. Cards were stuck with 6…count em…6 away games this year that start at 10 am. I dont see them winning more than 1 of those. My Seahawks went and did what Pete Carroll Russell Wilson teams do in early September…..crap the bed on offense. Wilson looked indifferent as if his only objective was to come out of the game healthy. The Packers own him. NFC West looks as flawed as ever.

  24. Lions seem to have a way of hanging around after starting games poorly, snatching a win in the 4th quarter. Did that eight times last year. That shows a bit of mental toughness and belief in their leadership. They will fly below the radar and end up in the playoffs again while getting little respect. SB team? No. Fun to watch? You bet?

  25. Coach Arians – Your QB is 37 but moves like a 47 year old and he’s prone to throwing interceptions when rattled. You have had many years to draft and develop a young QB but every year you roll the dice on Carson Palmer with no real contingency plan. This team is like the Colts – it’s going nowhere.

  26. Dear Seahawks trolls: Your team is going to need to score more than 9 points in order to win games. If you think this is something that Seattle does at the beginning of the season, then you need to revisit the 10 point performance on Dec. 11, 2016, and the 5 point performance on Nov. 27, 2016.

    Remember, the same quarterback who you say is “done” defeated the Seahawks, in Seattle, 34-31 the last time these two teams played. He’s also 3-0 in Seattle. Ruh roh!

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