Jalen Ramsey thinks Texans should go with Deshaun Watson

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Texans coach Bill O’Brien didn’t name a starter for Thursday’s game after pulling Tom Savage in a 27-9 loss to the Jaguars and didn’t solicit advice about who to pick, but one Jaguars defender offered it anyway.

You might think cornerback Jalen Ramsey would be more than happy to continue seeing Savage in the lineup for Houston, but he said after the game that rookie Deshaun Watson should have been the starter.

“Personally, I think [Watson] gives them a better chance,” Ramsey said, via CBS Houston. “He came in and gave them a new dynamic, did very well when he was in, managed the offense, [scored] on that first drive.”

Outside of that touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins, Watson’s day didn’t turn out much better. That’s a credit to the Jaguars defense — “They got one Savage over there, Tom Savage, we got a whole bunch of em, we got a bunch of Savages over here,” Ramsey said — and a sign that other issues, including left tackle Duane Brown‘s absence, were involved in the massive flop Houston turned in on Sunday.

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  1. That’s rite … We have a Bunch of Savages on our side … All week all the talk was about Houston’s D … And J J Watt … Jags D outplayed their D and Watt … And Dismantled them in there own Buiding … Jags got the best D in the Division now and were not done Hunting, coming for the rest of them …Go Jags !!!

  2. I would venture to say that they missed their chance on Romo!!!!!!! Sad 🙁 They looked like a team needing a franchise q/b……..

  3. Even Cutler or dare I say Kaepernick would have been better options than Tom freaking Savage. At a certain point this nonsense concerning taking a knee or not has to be overcome by the need to put the best players on the field. Tom Savage shouldn’t be starting anywhere in the NFL. You know that, I know that, and Houston knows it. Too much money and too many jobs are at stake.

  4. The Hopkins TD was trash and should have never happened. The refs constantly saved HOU on that drive with phantom penalties on 3rd and long. I completely understand this was the NFL’s way of trying to get them back into the game, as Godell was spotted in the owners suite.

    The Jaguars fight uphill battles to win games. Besides a huge talent deficiency, they are constantly working against biased referees.

  5. “I would venture to say that they missed their chance on Romo!!!!!!!”

    What possibly makes you think Romo, with his bad back, could have done any better behind that wretched excuse for an Oline? Jags would have sent him back to the hospital by the end of the first quarter.

  6. Not to agree or disagree with what he’s saying, but…

    Does anybody else think it’s a bad look when teammates are openly calling for starters to be benched?

    I feel like the best response to these types of questions is, “That’s up to the coaches.”

  7. Losing their TEs did not help the Texans. The hit by Jack on Fiedorwicz looked unintentional, but there was helmet-to-helmet contact. I suspect a fine on that one.

    Duane Brown had the best day of anyone on the Texans roster. Until he signs, there’s really no need to start Watson at QB. The first 5 sacks proved that point, and the next 5 hammered it home.

    Fournette looks like the real thing, but RBs are always one awkward twist away from early retirement. But he sure takes a ton of pressure off Bortles.

    This was not a marquee game, but a lot of interesting football happened.

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