Joe Flacco: Winning is fun, offense wasn’t on Sunday


If you’re looking for a happy way to start a season, it’s tough to come up with a better outcome that a shutout victory on the road against a divisional rival.

That’s what the Ravens pulled off on Sunday by beating the Bengals 20-0 behind five turnovers and five sacks from their defense, but it wasn’t the most fun that quarterback Joe Flacco‘s ever had on a football field. The Ravens went with a run-heavy game plan in Flacco’s first game action after he sat for most of the summer with a back injury and that led to a low rating on his fun meter.

“It wasn’t that fun to play on offense — just to be honest,” Flacco said, via “I was 9-for-17, and I threw for a hundred and a couple [121] yards . I mean, it’s not that fun. I’d rather throw for 350 and win 42-0, not 20-0. But it’s fun to win, and that’s the most important thing.”

According to ESPN, it was the first time in six years that a team won a game without completing a pass after halftime but it’s hard to argue with the results or the approach. Flacco was coming off an injury and then had to go for a concussion evaluation during the game, which makes it easy to understand why the Ravens would want to avoid putting him at risk when they were running the ball well enough to keep the clock moving.

That won’t be the case every week and Flacco will be asked to do more in future games, but what’s best for the team will likely continue to trump fun as the basis for the game plan.

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  1. Right. Flacco threw a pick and nearly threw 3 or 4 more. Are you kidding me??? He’d rather put up stats and have “fun” rather than winning. I could tell at his post game interview that he was annoyed by the way the team “won.” Apparently he’s too stupid to understand how an effective running game could set up a deadly play action pass. Hopefully the team continues to save him from himself. In the red zone he threw into triple coverage. In year 10 he still can’t read a defense to save his life. That’s what’s wrong with these big armed quarterbacks. They think they can put the ball in the tightest of windows. Clearly he still doesn’t understand that if you take care of the ball and don’t turn it over, your TEAM has a great chance of winning. By his body language it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be a game manager, although with this defense and special teams it could carry him to another post season where he can compete for another Lombardi. I can’t wait until he retires, and I’m a Ravens fan!

  2. seriously – shut up. The Ravens aren’t about throwing the ball 40 times a game. Play great D. Run the ball effectively. Make plays in passing game when needed. Win. On the road vs divisional opponent – any win is a good one. Keep your comments to yourself, go whine to the O coordinator and Harbaugh.

  3. Hes a competitor, just like every other player playing at this level. Not a single player in the NFL would rather let someone else do the winning for them. Glad he feels this way, it’ll help motivate him to knock the rust off.

  4. Dennis Koulatsos says:
    September 11, 2017 at 11:13 am
    Right. Flacco threw a pick and nearly threw 3 or 4 more. Are you kidding me??? He’d rather put up stats and have “fun” rather than winning.

    That’s the exact opposite of what he said. Also, his one pick bounced off the receiver’s hands. Give the guy a break… he has a lot of rust to shake off after not playing in a game since last year.

  5. Flacco sucks. I always remember him complaining about not getting credit for his part in the teams success, then the next week they won a playoff game where he had 4 completions.

  6. The offense will never be any good with Hurst and Jensen in the starting OL. Hurst is better at OG than OT, but he is still quite subpar. Jensen is a penalty machine and plays with poor technique. Dude should be in arena league.

  7. I’ll admit I didn’t think the offense was going to do ANYTHING this week, especially on the road in Cindy. Cindy couldn’t stop the run. When that happens, you keep running and eat up the clock. No need to throw the ball. But all you fantasy arm chair QBs don’t care about that. I think the offense can improve greatly as the season progresses. And that defense of ours looks amazing. Enjoy the win people.

  8. He’s been out all preseason and didn’t start practicing until this past week. After week 3, I’ll make my decision on what’s what. Either way, great win. Cincy usually has the Ravens number…..

  9. To the genius previous commenters, he was joking. Joe just knows one thing; winning. Even more so in the post season.

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