NFL releases statement after continued problems with Canadian streaming effort

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The NFL’s new streaming effort in Canada continued to encounter problems Sunday. The Toronto Sun called DAZN’s attempt at a live broadcast of the Thursday night game as “a disaster.”

Time delays and audio and video quality were among complaints of the DAZN stream, which has replaced the RedZone and Sunday Ticket packages from cable and satellite in Canada for all live broadcasts.

Michael Markovich, the NFL’s Vice President of International Media and Business, released a statement Monday, via John Kryk of the Sun: “We are aware of the issues that our fans may have faced this past week/weekend and apologize for the inadequate service. We are absolutely committed to working with DAZN to provide fans with the NFL experience they deserve. We are urgently assessing the information and data from the weekend, as well as closely monitoring tonight’s Monday Night Football double-header. With a full weekend of games behind us, we will then define the right next steps to best serve our Canadian fans.”

21 responses to “NFL releases statement after continued problems with Canadian streaming effort

  1. Man I was stoked when this came out, was tired of being gouged by Sunday Ticket. $20 per month for every game plus RedZone, no blackouts or restrictions. After week 1 I’d like to go back to Sunday ticket. DAZN was a disaster, ruined the morning games for me.

  2. DAZN was horrible.. even hardwired to my TV it wouldn’t stream and when it did finally come in (near the end of the 1st quarter) the quality was so bad it looked like Techmo Bowl. Please for the love of god bring back sunday ticket

  3. Mine was absolutely perfect. I’m not sure if it comes down to internet ability, or how a person is streaming, but I had no issues. I run it through my NVIDIA Sheild and it’s HD. The only issue is a delay, but if I’m not checking to see scores, I’d never know it was behind. If a person is trying to stream HD without adequate internet, that could be a problem though.

  4. I’ve been using it for the whole preseason successfully and it works well for all the soccer that is on there too. Happened to not use it this weekend as I only watched the Thursday night game on cable and then wasn’t able to watch yesterday. DAZN has been great so far for me. Hopefully the problems from this weekend are resolved quickly.

  5. Funny they can’t get the stream working, but any number of third party sites illegally stream the game no problem.

  6. I’m not sure which image is more prevalent in my mind when it comes to 345 Park Avenue:

    Keystone Cops


    Tim Conway’s Mr. Tudball character on the Carol Burnett Show.

  7. It’s total garbage that this was forced on us. I want to sit down on my couch on Sundays, turn on the tv, and watch football. I’m not the least bit interested in watching games on a 4″ screen or bothering to get my tablet casting to my tv. No way am I going to waste my money paying for a buggy, low quality service. The NFL lost my money.

  8. On Shaw cable they showed 12 of the 15 games this week for free. What kind on moron would spend extra money for Sunday Ticket or this crap if you live in Canada? Only if you are fan of Jags I guess.

  9. I consider myself lucky that the game I was most interested in only buffered 10-12 times over the three hours, and I only lost service once. It seems like some others had worse problems. I did notice ‘my’ game had better resolution than 1 or 2 other games that I went to at commercials.

    I do have to say this though. It is night and day when you watch a game on broadcast cable versus DAZN. The game on cable is vibrant in colour, has great close-ups, etc. You feel like you are right there. When you watch DAZN, there’s no feel at all that you are part of the action. Longer-range shots, less vibrant colours, etc. The amazing thing to me is that after the DAZN experience I didn’t watch the second part of the doubleheader, or the evening game, and I always do that. I kind of feel less interested in the overall NFL product because of the DAZN issues.

  10. The NFL is often very confused by all this technical and “sciencey” stuff. Its all voodoo to them that they don’t really believe exists in the first place.


  11. I haven’t had any issues, just streaming it on my computer though.

    I don’t doubt other people have had problems. It shouldn’t be our only option.

  12. NFL Game pass outside the country is pretty crappy too. It’s clear like it’s supposed to be for a few seconds and then it’s blurry and it continues to do that off and on throughout the telecast, not to mention that now instead of cutting away during breaks we have to suffer through commercials and network promos ad nauseam. The NFL only cares about one thing – collecting the money and maximizing profits – screw the experience the fan faces each week.

  13. I’ve had DirecTV for 20+ years now and Sunday Ticket since it’s inception.

    No issues at all here.

  14. I’ve purchased from the NFL their own online version called GamePass for the last 5 years. In fact last year we paid $399 for the online Sunday ticket.

    We paid the premium because a few of us put in to watch our teams because the online version let’s you watch up to 4 games at once through its simple but intuitive player/game browser. You could even see fantasy stats. Yes, there was a bit if time lag and it did have a couple nightmare weekends over the years…2 wouldn’t work weekends to be precise.

    This year, we could barely get 2 streams to play and thats only because we had to open to seprate web browser windows.

    They have 1 more week to sort this out or I’ll figure it out for myself.

    Just use what you already were using for the last 5 years. It was clunky but it worked just fine. The 1 game watchers will love the old flash player quality.

  15. The NFL can’t even get reviews of calls right when they go to New York. You are asking a company with incompetent management to do well at anything?

  16. NFL Game Pass is horrible since they “upgraded” the app, at least for IOS users. On my Apple TV the app only has games for 2016 & upcoming 2017. If you choose a game it immediately starts playing a 35-40 sec highlight video & I had to hunt around to find the full game version. The app on my iPad has games back to at least 2011, however they won’t play at all. I live in the states, so Totally empathize with the Canadian users!

  17. In reference to the frat boy screw ups at 345 park ave….as my daddy used to say: “I would not let those jokers ride my stick horse” It is truly amazing. Their new website is a total disaster, the discipline program is a lesson in how “not to” and now this? What a bunch of total idiots. God help you if you need tech support for NFL Live or Sunday Ticket. God help you lads.

  18. Hey, you know what’s a super smart idea? Let’s take our product away from several proven and reliable providers and give it ALL to some soccer streaming service that can’t handle the demand or provide the most basic service! Oh what’s that, it’s because they gave the NFL more money for the privilege of not serving their fanbase?

    Man, why are the most simple things so unnecessarily difficult in this world? Oh that’s right, greed, money, and the idiots who have it. Of course.

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