Sam Bradford lighting up the Saints

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In his first game with the Vikings last season, Sam Bradford went 22 for 31 for 286 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a 121.2 passer rating in a 17-14 victory over the Packers. He’s started off hot this season, too.

Bradford was nearly perfect in the first half against the Saints. (Yes, it’s the Saints defense but still. . . .) He completed 17 of 20 passes for 197 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a 141.0 passer rating in the first half.

Minnesota’s drive before the half was a thing of beauty for the Vikings as Bradford took them 95 yards in only 1:40. Bradford’s 2-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs came with three seconds left on the clock. Kai Forbath missed the extra point, giving the Vikings a 16-6 halftime lead.

Bradford finished last season with a passer rating of at least 106.5 in three of the last four games with seven touchdowns and two interceptions and appears on his way to another of at least that in the season opener.

26 responses to “Sam Bradford lighting up the Saints

  1. What do you expect when Drew Brees probably makes more than the entire starting defense combined? He’ll probably tell the team he wants more money at halftime.

  2. The Saints D is laughably bad. Credit to the Vikes too, but they are blowing a coverage on every play.

    Have they even contested a catch tonight?

  3. Lol, Viking fans are hilarious. Enjoy your 1 night of beating up what’s been a historically bad defense for a few years now. As usual, you’ll find yourselves out of the playoff picture before Thanksgiving.

  4. A lot of clowns on this forum are looking mighty stupid for criticizing the Vikings for giving up a 1st round pick for Bradford…

  5. Lol at whoever thought the saints would be good just because they have Brees. He is a good QB, but he eats a lot of the salary cap and leaves little for talent around him.

    The saints need to do what NE does with Brady, pay low salary and **wink wink** contract his ‘business’ for services rendered to the Patriots.

  6. Anybody who’s watched the Saints play defense in the 5 years knows you don’t measure the quality your offense line or your quarterback when you play them.

    I think the Vikings (and Cowboys) are in for a rude awakening next week. Lets see if Gruden and Steve Young are gushing over Bradford after the Vikes play Pitt. Dallas gets Denver.

  7. Saints got into salary cap ‘heck’ 3 or 4 years ago and never fixed it.

    Let go of the wrong people, signed the wrong people, bad drafts…whatever. I just know their D got decimated. (Brees isn’t the only QB eating the cap in the NFL).

  8. Bradford had a great night. Happy for the kid! So the Vikings have an offense and the Pack has a defense….should make for an interesting season!

  9. Lol @ purples already talking about being the best in the division. That’s why no one takes you guys seriously. The team played well (as they did the first 5 games last year when you guys were claiming to have the division locked up), congrats, but lets be realistic here….you beat the Saints.

  10. And the Vikings haven’t even opened up the offense with Michael Floyd yet. Best receivers in the division. To go along with the best QB, RB and defense in the NFCN. Rick, you truly are a magician!

  11. Love the fear in the packer troll posts…can’t blame them after seeing a balanced team both in having an offense and defense as well as a running game and a passing game. Keep counting on Refs to pull out the victory for you. The Vikings will win the legit way….

  12. Spielman is an excellent GM. Hopefully, the coaching staff is smarter than last year and we can contend for the division as GB and Detroit both look good as well. Go Vikings!

  13. backintheday99 says:
    September 11, 2017 at 9:05 pm
    How many extra points did Walsh miss for Seattle?

    Sucks when your kicker makes you nervous or blows a whole season…


    LOL. If your going to troll think before you post. Seattle did not score a TD so it would be a little tough for Walsh to miss an extra point. But thanks for playing.

  14. bonesawisready says:

    As usual, you’ll find yourselves out of the playoff picture before Thanksgiving.

    Do you think before you post?

    Like most Packer fans – you have no comprehension of reality.

    Since the inception of divisional play, Vikings have been the most consistent team in the NFC North/Central in their ability to make the playoffs.

    It’s a real rare occurrence when the Vikings are out of the playoff picture by Thanksgiving.

    Remember – the Packers are the only team in the NFL that have gone 25 consecutive full regulation seasons without scoring a single TD in the playoffs. Seventeen of those 25 seasons the Packers failed to have a winning record.

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