Terrelle Pryor feels he let his teammates down


Terrelle Pryor didn’t have to wait long for his first chance to make a play for his new team.

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins looked for Terrelle Pryor on a deep shot on Washington’s first offensive play of the game, but Pryor wasn’t able to locate the ball in time to make the catch. Pryor wound up with six catches for 66 yards, but had a drop and failed to reel in another ball sent his way. That led him to focus on what went wrong after the game.

“I put this game on myself,” Pryor said, via ESPN.com. “I definitely let my teammates down. I’ll hold my chin up high and work harder. But I don’t like that. Right now, I’m shooting myself in the foot from dropping that ball. I’m real pissed at myself now. … You guys can beat me up on that.”

There were shaky performances in several offensive spots for the Redskins on Sunday, so Pryor wasn’t the sole reason why the season started with a loss. It didn’t help, though, and everyone will be looking for better performances the next time they hit the field.

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  1. KC throwing that pick was worse. Par for the course. Pryor at least will improve. Looking at how the season ended against the Giants for the Redskins, KC hasn’t improved anything but his bank account. Same old same old.

  2. No, Captain Kirk and Jay Gruden let the team down. The defense and their complete lack of being able to stop a team on 3rd and long let the team down. It is just so hard to root for this franchise.

  3. Cousins was very shaky as well. Without that defensive pick 6 on the tipped ball that should’ve been called back on Wentz being hit in the facemask, the Eagles run away with the game early.

    That said, the Eagles got way to cute on offense. Do not use trick plays that require a lateral because an incomplete pass becomes a fumble. They also need to figure out their running game. Blount has his uses but he is mainly a one trick pony and the Eagles don’t use a full back.

    Wentz, like Cousins, also sailed some passes over receivers heads.

    It was game 1. Both teams have things to clean up before next week. Cousins and Pryor could be a very good combination for the Redskins this year.

  4. poor Terrelle…a whole off season spent building him up by the fans comes crashing down after one week…that being said if WASHINGTON wins next week (even in a mediocre fashion) and Terrelle catches a touchdown we all be reminded how great the team and player are…

  5. The stench of Snyder permeates every nook and cranny of this organization. It will never be good under his ownership. Fans deserve better.

  6. Even if he didn’t drop the pass, there was an obvious (and called) holding penalty on the play.

    He didn’t have a great game, but Cousins and Gruden were more to blame

  7. Pryer had 6 catches for 66 yards? If he does that every game it’s a 1000+ yard season with almost 100 catches. Two drops suck, but I dont think people should be calling Pryer a project or a flop/bust as above. He may not be top 10 in the league, but he is a pretty damn good receiver.

  8. Pryor is a big WR and it hard to adjust to Kirk Cousins wayward passes. Kirk was accurate last season only because of DJax ability to track the football. Kirk Cousins looked like a third tier backup QB. And as usual with the game on the line, Kirk Cousins “Choked”……….

  9. It wasn’t all on Pryor…but he certainly didn’t help matters with all his drops. There was enough blame to go around in this game. Cousins was his normal early season self…off target and throwing a back breaking 4th qtr INT. The run game was atrocious, in part due to play calling – running outside seemed to work the 2 or 3 times they did it…but they continued to try and pound it between the tackles for no gain. The O-line got dominated. There was no rhythm or consistency to the play calling. The defense wasn’t as horrible as prior years, but it was still bad. But they gave up 8-14 on third down and missed a couple ints, sacks, and tackles – one of which resulted in the first TD of the game.

    Another 5-11 season.

  10. burgandyandgold says:
    September 11, 2017 at 8:29 am
    No, Captain Kirk and Jay Gruden let the team down. The defense and their complete lack of being able to stop a team on 3rd and long let the team down. It is just so hard to root for this franchise.
    “Captain Kirk” plays defense??

  11. Pryor made Nelson Aguilor look like Cris Carter yesterday.

    There were at least horrible drops by Pryor. Washington would’ve been in a superior position had he caught the ball.

    And to the Washington fans crapping on Cousins… his pocket was shrunken or collapsing on almost every play. Every QB suffers under such pressure. Then when your X WR is dropping half the throws his way and the RBs struggle to gain 3 yards, that’s what happens. It’s a team game.

  12. With four 0-1 starts as head coach of the Skins, it’s clear that Gruden needs to work harder on preparing his players for the regular season. The game was sloppy – INTs, dropped balls, poor blocking, etc. This team usually takes a game or two to get going, so I’m hopeful they’ll pick up the pace, and Pryor (and Doctson, where the hell was he yesterday?) will get on the same page.

    That said, the first quarter of the season doesn’t look pretty at all with the Raiders week 3 and the Chiefs week 4.

  13. if you watch the interception in the 4th qtr, you will see that capt. kirk flinches when color flashes in front of him. the ball then sails high and ends the best chance to take the lead.

    otherwise, they were the second best team on the field yesterday.

  14. You Did let your teammates down Pryor, the one’s in Cleveland players and fans who gave you the shot to resurrect your career and supported you. Then you turn down good $ for less money and less job security and go to the second most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL and one who is far from set up as a contender in the future. You will still have a losing record this year and will be searching for a job again next year.

  15. LOL Kirk and Pryor got a little garbage time stats at end of game 😀 Dont worry skins fans , kirk will show some good stats … shame stats dont really tell whole story

  16. The defense gave up basically 17 points, plus one score on a short field. Gruden simply doesn’t like to establish the run, no matter wtf he claims. Maybe because the o-line is nowhere near as good as advertised. And Cousins was off the mark time & again. It seems like Gruden doesn’t know how to run the offseason program because every season he’s had them come out flat the first few weeks. But at least the Defense looks like it will be somewhat better

  17. 6 per game equals 96 catches. Not too shabby. Pryor will get better too. Cousins, on the other hand, is getting paid a ton to stink it up year after year. I’d be irritated if I was a Skins fan.

  18. “The stench of Snyder permeates every nook and cranny of this organization. It will never be good under his ownership. Fans deserve better.”

    Can’t say it better than that. Until Snyder is replaced, no other personnel changes matter.

  19. Nice lip service TP but the blame falls on our $24 million quarterback. Instead of continuing to beat him up over his performance Sunday, I’m waiting to see how the team leader responds. Does he take his linemen and receivers to the side and give them hell? Does he stand up and account for his own stinky green funk he left on the field? Does he have this offense ready to do anything more than suck in week 2? Because Tom B wouldn’t put up with this.

  20. Yo, Terelle – you let your fans down, you fool! You looked awful. When will the Redskins learn that if the Cleveland Dog Piles don’t want you, no one should get you.

    There is no hope for this team – Pryor is a lazy route runner who doesn’t even try to catch the ball.

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