Broncos hold off frenzied Chargers rally with blocked field goal

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Icing the kicker worked for the Denver Broncos as they survived a furious rally from the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night.

Shelby Harris blocked a game-tying 44-yard field goal attempt by rookie kicker Younghoe Koo as the Broncos escaped with a 24-21 victory. Koo had converted the 44-yard attempt the first time around only to have Broncos head coach Vance Joseph call timeout just prior to the snap.

A game that had been in Denver’s control for most of the contest suddenly needed the heroics of Harris to enable the Broncos to avoid a trip to overtime.

Broncos linebacker Todd Davis knifed into the backfield to blast Melvin Gordon for a 2-yard loss with 12 minutes remaining and the Chargers trailing 24-7 that seemed to slam the door shut on any thoughts of a rally.

But rally the Chargers did anyway.

Philip Rivers connected with Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin for a pair of touchdowns to cut the Broncos lead from 24-7 to 24-21 in just over a minute of game time.

After Rivers hit Allen for a 5-yard touchdown, linebacker Korey Toomer forced a fumble from Jamaal Charles to give the Chargers possession again. It took just one play for Rivers to hit Benjamin for a 38-yard touchdown to close the gap to just three points.

Rivers finished the game with 192 yards and three touchdowns with an interception. Siemian passed for 219 yards with two touchdowns, an interception and a rushing touchdown for Denver.

The Broncos quickly drove back into scoring range after Siemian connected with Virgil Green for 44 yards with a roughing the passer tacked on to the end of the play to move Denver to the Chargers’ 16-yard line. However, two sacks of Siemian forced Denver to try a field goal and Brandon McManus missed for 50 yards out to keep the deficit at just three points.

The Chargers managed to drive to the Denver 26 before Koo’s kick was deflected in the closing seconds allowing the Broncos to hold on.

Siemian scored on a 1-yard run in the first half and connected with Bennie Fowler for both of his touchdown passes in the game. C.J. Anderson rushed for 81 yards on 20 carries as well as the Broncos rushed for 140 yards in the game.

Melvin Gordon had success in the first half but became marginalized with the growing deficit after the break. He finished with 54 yards on 18 carries with five catches for 25 yards and a touchdown as well.

34 responses to “Broncos hold off frenzied Chargers rally with blocked field goal

  1. Great game. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen to it because the combination of Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan was so bad I had to put the TV on mute. Nice win for the Broncos, but probably closer than it should have been.

  2. The Broncos should have put them away up 24-7. Why throw a quick screen to the flat?

    The last PI call was garbage. Just a good clean play.

  3. Either the fourth quarter was rigged, or an entire NFL officiating crew went full on retard for a quarter for no apparent reason.

  4. Congratulations to the Broncos from an Chiefs fan. Great victory & a dominating performance for the most part. Chargers too showed their grit and will be right in the thick of the AFC West race. Siemian did a nice job at QB – he’s youthful and as such a bit careless but he’s definitely on the upswing. Jamaal Charles looks to be back with a very nice game vs a stout Chargers defense. Yes, the AFC West looks the best of all the divisions after one week with Oakland looking most impressive, Denver and Los Angeles next followed by Kansas City, which is the order of finish by seasons end, my opine.

  5. Speaking as neither a Chargers nor a Broncos fan, letting the defense get away with making them kick it twice is stupid.

    If they call a time out so close to the snap that the offense is able to get the play off before they have a chance to react, they should be allowed to keep the results of the play.

  6. the int that started the comeback was some egregious pass interference. It’s legal to tackle a receiver before the ball gets to him, but a slight touch of the helmet that put the chargers in field goal range the flag came out immediately?

    not absolving the broncos from letting them come back and its a good learning experience to know a game is never in the bag. but god that was some bad referee’ing

  7. Denver dominated. Shouldn’t of even been in that position. NFL put it on madden keep scores close mode. Siemian checked all boxes. His teammates almost ruined this game. Eye test does more than stats. Trade Lunch box to the Jets spending anytime not developing Siemian is wasted.

  8. Ugly win for the Broncos but ugly wins still count. They played a solid 3+ quarters, but let the door open with two turnovers. The first turnover looked like clear pass interference but Siemian should never have forced the throw. The offense line allowed two consecutive sacks after a good drive. If the Broncos do not improve, they will be out of the playoff picture early.

    The Bolts looked mediocre until their rally in the 4th quarter. A frustrating loss for the Bolts, reminiscent of frustrating losses in past seasons.

  9. Charles’ elbow was down, shouldn’t have been a fumble and that interception was luck (and possibly holding on the WR) bouncing off the foot twice before that Charger got it. Should have been 31-7. Oh well, 1-0, on to the Cowboys.

  10. Broncos at SA Field are lucky. But I’m not taking about the blocked kick. First scoring drive: uncalled 3rd down OPI on Demaryius, dropped interception by Pro Bowl corner that may have gone for six, Siemian lateral not picked up and ran in for SD TD nor called lateral by refs, tipped ball ends up perfectly in receiver’s hands in a crowd, offside draw allows ‘free’ play with SD defenders frozen at start of play and TD results to wide-open guy nobody ever heard of before. The officiating on the drive was enough to turn the TV off. Broncos might win 9 games.

  11. I didn’t watch this game because it just came on too late for the Central and Eastern time zones but it sounded like a better finish than the MINN/NO game. To the NFL one Monday night game really is sufficient, timed so that both coasts can enjoy it comfortably.

  12. I watched that game with the mute button on.

    After a few minutes, I just couldn’t take it any more. Holy heck that was bad. Even the sideline reporter was awful.

  13. That announcing team was painful to listen too. They were downright god awful to hear. Like nails on a chalkboard terrible.

  14. denverdave3 says:
    September 12, 2017 at 8:32 am

    This Bronco fan likes the AFC West a lot this year.

    Should make for a lot of great contests.
    You won’t like it when they have to play The Raiders and Chiefs.. Both of those teams are going to blow out Chargers and Broncos

  15. Chargers just showed how soft that broncos defense really is. I don’t think either team will make the playoffs if the broncos don’t figure it out. Sea man taking bad 13 yard sacks turning it into a 50 yard kick…not to mention, the only good part of the chargers D is the D Line. I wonder how ugly that offense is going to look against a real defense. (Cue in mad bronco fans replies)

  16. The rules committee should do away with icing the kicker timeouts in the last minute before the half and the end of the game. It is a “chicken s*it” junior high school maneuver.

  17. I’m all for equality but the women ( Beth) calling the game was terrible
    You could tell Rex was new at it but what the heck happened to MNF
    That used to be the game of the week and now we have Beth and Rex ?

    Just brutal

  18. The rules committee should do away with icing the kicker timeouts in the last minute before the half and the end of the game. It is a “chicken s*it” junior high school maneuver.

    Lmao get rid of it because you think it’s a high school maneuver. Looks like you put a lot of thought into this and I guess the league should consider it….. lol.

  19. Lynn’s run the ball first is a good game plan IF YOU CAN DO IT! 54 yds for Gordon is sad. Rivers is a rythum QB. Lynn refused to allow him to get into it…until it was too late. Truth is Denver outplayed Carson in every facit of the game.

  20. So glad there are a lot of fans not happy with the announcers. They were out and out terrible. Rex should lay off the “if I was coach, this is the way I would do it” comments, because after all, he has a hard time keeping coaching jobs. And Beth, with her monotone, low growl, sounding like she was reading from a script. I gave it a chance till the end, but if they put these two on again, I’ll listen to radio play by play.

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