Colts considering QB options, even recent arrival Jacoby Brissett


The Colts have already announced that quarterback Andrew Luck wasn’t going to play this week, but the identity of his replacement was still up in the air.

But after starter Scott Tolzien threw a pair of pick-sixes and was generally awful last week, Colts coach Chuck Pagano admitted that starting recently acquired Jacoby Brissett was a possibility.

“It’s something that we’ll discuss later tonight and tomorrow as we game plan,” Pagano said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “You gotta do what’s best for the football team and give us the best chance to move the ball and put points on the board.”

If that’s Brissett, then the thing that’s best for the team will be the guy with six practices after being acquired in a trade with the Patriots, instead of the hand-picked backup who has been there all offseason. That means likely condensing the playbook, and they should totally take the plays out where the quarterback throws to the other team.

“That’s a lot, obviously,” Pagano said. “There’s nobody that can come in and digest and learn a playbook in that period of time. There’s challenges with any quarterback in any system in any NFL building.”

The Colts went through this in 2015 when Luck was hurt, dragging Josh Freeman in off the street to play in Week 17. But this seems early in the year for desperation. And even though he captured everyone’s imagination with a 50-yard bomb in garbage time, Brissett seems to know that too.

“I played not even a quarter,” Brissett said. “That’s not my job to tell who the starter is or not. That’s the coach’s job. It’s my job to go out there and just compete and continue to learn. I’ve been here a week, but it’s a work in progress.”

That may sum up the Colts season as well as anything. Maybe they can put it on a banner.

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  1. Tolzien is a guy teams keep on the roster to know the playbook and for 2nd/3rd team guys to ask questions to. He should not be on the field unless someone is hurt mid game, and even then just hand the ball off. Tolzien should never have been put in a position where he was starting games, and the front office should have known better with Luck’s prognosis never appearing like he would be out there early season.

  2. Anyone besides me see the front page of the Sunday Indy Star with Jimmy sitting on a throne? It should have been a toilet. The product you saw on the field Sunday is the direct reflection of a delusional owner with numerous addiction problems. 0-16 would be fitting and well deserved.

  3. Tolzien has zero business ever taking another snap in the NFL. If you can’t make a play for your team and you can’t protect the ball either, then what the hell good are you? It’s looking more and more like Chris Ballard is thinking long term and has zero interest in competing this year. Or he’s an absolute idiot. Time will tell. If the Colts are oh-fer if/when Luck is cleared to play in a few weeks then I would strongly question even trotting him out there. Irsay pissed away the first half of Andrew Luck’s career, but it’s not too late to salvage things.

  4. egomaniac247 says:

    September 12, 2017 at 7:14 am

    What do you mean “even of that means Brisset?”

    I think it’s pretty ear to everyone he’s their best option.


    Their best option this week and next is Stephen Morris, who knows the whole playbook and can walk right in and start for a while as Brissett gets up to speed. If they were serious about at least trying to win this season then the first thing they would have done yesterday is cut Tolzien and bring back the guy who just spent the entire offseason and preseason with the team.

  5. I still wonder how Tolzien managed to last in the league this long. He was mediocre in college and didn’t show a ton of promise, has looked awful in each game he’s played throughout his career and will never improve. I understand keeping a knowledgeable guy around in the same capacity as Mark Sanchez and Kellen Moore, but I do not understand the logic that forced him into a Week 1 starting gig. Honestly, the saddest part about this is Pagano will probably get the axe for things out of his control, whoever their Gm is has done a horrid job in terms of keeping the team afloat.

  6. youngnoizecom says:

    September 12, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Honestly, the saddest part about this is Pagano will probably get the axe for things out of his control, whoever their Gm is has done a horrid job in terms of keeping the team afloat.


    Pagano is every bit as responsible as Grigson for the state of the team. I’ll admit he’s been hamstrung by talent deficient rosters, but his gameday decisions are absolutely baffling, his defenses have been beyond bad, and it’s pretty obvious that while he’s well liked by the players he’s not well respected. Ugly losses to good and bad teams has become routine in Indy, and that’s on the coaching staff just as much as it is the front office. When Pagano finally gets the axe, it’ll be a mercy killing. He’s in way over his head as an NFL head coach, and everyone knows it except Irsay. He should have cleaned house immediately after last season, but he dragged his feet firing Grigson and hiring Ballard. By the time Ballard was in place as the GM the hiring cycle for head coaches was over, and Ballard was stuck with Pagano for 2017. I’d bet a lot that by this time next year Dave Toub, the special teams coach in KC, is the head coach in Indy.

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