Hue Jackson: DeShone Kizer “gives us hope”


The Browns lost 21-18 to the Steelers on Sunday, which is a familiar result for a team that’s made losing their trademark over the last two decades.

Feelings of hope that things are going to get better aren’t quite as familiar in Cleveland, but coach Hue Jackson has them after the first game of the year. The reason Jackson is feeling that way is quarterback DeShone Kizer.

“Oh, absolutely,” Jackson said, via “At the end of the day, this young man gives us hope. He gives you an opportunity to make plays. When I looked up, the game was 21-10, and here we are in the fourth quarter with a chance to win the game late in the game and that’s because of some plays he made. That is what you expect out of your quarterback. We are talking about a young rookie quarterback who is one of the youngest players in the league at that position. That is exciting for me. It’s exciting for our organization.

Kizer ran for a touchdown in the first half and went 20-of-30 for 222 yards and a touchdown to Corey Coleman that brought the Browns within three in the fourth quarter. He also threw an interception and held the ball too long on some of the seven Steelers sacks, so there’s the room for improvement you’d expect for a rookie making his first NFL start alongside the hopefulness that things might actually pan out for the Browns this time around.

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  1. Kizer played nicely.

    Why is no one questioning the coach’s near end game decision to call a time out and then challenge the catch? That burned our last two time outs right there and game over. To be in a position to have a chance to win and blow it by burning time outs doesn’t make sense. It isn’t only the players that have to get better.

    The better play would have been to challenge as soon as you determine there was a chance it was a drop. You get the benefit of the time out and maybe don’t even burn one.

  2. I agree… he gave the Browns a good chance to win that game… but his deep ball needs work.. and his bonehead throw to TJ Watt killed their chance. Other then that he kept them in the game

  3. Had me screaming at the TV in the second half, looked like just another second half meltdown by my Steelers defense.

    But after some research its not about the Steelers D going limp in the second half, as much as the Browns O catching fire. The needle is pointing up for this squad, and I for one can’t wait for the rivalry to mean something again.

  4. Well said, Hue. End of day he made some rookie mistakes but he kept the Browns competitive through 4 quarters (which is usually 3 if they are competitive at all), and that defense is going to be massive for them, especially when they get Garrett back. This is not the Browns that came back into the league in 99 and have done absolutely nothing. This is a team that has been building for a year and a half and is starting to show some promise. Pittsburgh is a SB-possible team.

    I still say 6-10, especially the way cincy is playing.

  5. Have the Browns finally turned the corner???

    All I know is I’m hoping the Ravens defense comes out like they did in Cincy and their offense continues to improve on their game.

    Should be a great game. Go Ravens

  6. the Texan trade up to draft that FS err QB Watson . right now Kizer looks the part more than Watson and there first round pick next yr. Kizer is a big boy 6 ft 4 and 235, after the game show him and Big Ben shaking hands. Big Ben look to be twice his size.

  7. Kid was impressive for his first game, but Hue needs to teach him to throw the ball away. Hue also needs to teach him to put some touch on the ball. There were a few plays that if he put more air under the ball he would have given the receivers a better chance of running under it. But all in all, he did a nice job against a very good team.

  8. onereasonableman says: Why is no one questioning the coach’s near end game decision to call a time out and then challenge the catch? That burned our last two time outs right there and game over.

    The NFL needs a rule changes. It’s easy in hindsite to say just throw the flag, but he was asking the booth to take a look but the steelers smartly and quickly ran up to the line to get another play off. Once the play is off, the previous play cannot be reviewed. The reason I say there needs to be a rule change is due to the infamous bottle game with the Jaguars in which the Browns missed the playoffs due to the refs needed more time to review due to technical difficulties, but the Browns already snapped the ball for the next play. It was a BS call then and taking 2 timeouts from a team is BS now. The rule should be, you give a shot clock to the other team to have a chance to make a decision. less than 10 seconds is not enough time to make ANY decision.

  9. Cleveland’s building a squad that could surprise people in about two years. Kinda stinks, Joe Thomas probably won’t be around by the time the team starts winning, but the future definitely looks bright. If they had found a way to keep Pryor, he and Coleman would have been a helluva pairing. Other than that, Kizer looked damn good in his first outing against a much-improved Pitt D, and that defense is going to be very special soon

  10. For a rookie QB playing his first NFL game, especially against a top opponent, Kizer looked pretty good. Big, strong arm, throws a nice ball, mobile, and pretty poised. Things didn’t seem too big for him, he never really looked rattled despite some mistakes and taking a lot of shots, kept moving in the pocket (such as it was), and kept his eyes downfield.
    It’s only one game, but the Browns may, just may, have found their QB…

  11. 1sttimepftcomment says:
    September 12, 2017 at 10:57 am
    Hue is a decent coach but game management is not his strong point! Oh and Britt sucks. Kizer a a long way off, should of started Kessler till week 5

    Have you seen Kessler play? The way he looked in preseason would convince you otherwise. He looked like a HS player out there with NFL talent. While the Pro Football Focus honks will say otherwise based on their analytics, there is no winning with Kessler. He is a check down artist with a concussion problem.

    They made the right choice to go with the kid Kizer & if they see something in him, they can use their assets next year to solidify the WR Corps, secondary and Oline. If they don’t see it in Kizer, then they have the ammo to get one of the top QB’s.

  12. I thought Kizer looked pretty decent for his first time out there.

    btw, anyone here belong to The Browns Board? Tell them to do something about that “toughest fans in sports” slogan, since they’re the most sensitive snowflakes around. They’re always banning posters for saying stuff that hurts their feelings. Ha ha what a bunch of wusses!

  13. Yawn. Yet another qb hope for the future. Is it me or does the Cleveland qb carousel seem to spin at 29000 rpm all the time.

  14. Hey Hue, slow your roll. I’ve been on this hype train for way too many stops. Hyped by the organization, hyped by the media looking for click-bait material and hyped by the eagerly, desperately wanting the next-in-line new QB to be the answer fan. But I am going to reserve judgement on this kid for at least FOUR games. Because I remember how poised Colt McCoy looked when he filled in against PITT. Remember the “hay was already in the barn” comment. Yeah, me too. And then the kid went out and beat the Saints and the Patriots or something like that. Then what happened? Then Cleveland happens – a concussion or two, defenses catch up, and the Factory is back up to max production. I’ll keep my fingers and various other appendages crossed for the kid and I will pray to the Gods who hate Cleveland. But until I see it for more than a game or two, my bet will be on the next guy. Man, I sure have turned into a pessimist.

  15. I want so badly to like Hue, but I continue to question his coaching ability. Stupid penalties are inexcusable, clock management is a glaring weakness, and for crying out loud get this guy a coordinator to call the offensive plays. Just terrible play-calling reminiscent of 2016. That said, he’s right: Kizer will keep the Browns in a lot of games, in spite Hue’s shortcomings.

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