Josh Gordon due to complete 90-day rehab stint next week

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The longer receiver Josh Gordon remains out of football, the harder it will be for him to get back in. But after two full seasons on suspension for his latest violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy, Gordon still hopes to return. Soon.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gordon is scheduled to complete on September 21 a 90-day rehab program.

He’s coming,” former Olympian Tim Montgomery, who has been working with Gordon, told Cabot. “I think he’s going to be there this season.”

It’s Gordon’s fourth trip to rehab.

“He’s been clean, so we’re hoping after 90 days he’s reinstated and they put him back in the league, which it looks like they’re going to do that,” Montgomery said.

That’s a tough claim to make, given that no one knows what the league will do, and the league has the ability to do pretty much whatever it wants to do on matters regarding the league’s blanket prohibition on marijuana use.

Through it all, the NFL continues to be deprived of a talented player — a player who could help a team score more points and generate more excitement. Given the dearth of Week One points and excitement, the league should be looking for ways to keep guys like Gordon on the field, not off it.

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  1. As long as the Cowboys and the Patriots show NO interest in acquiring Gordon’s services via trade, he will be back in the league pretty quick with no problems and no Goodell “make rules as i go on” charade . If Mara and the Giants show interest, he will be back in NO TIME!

  2. Like they make the poor guy jump through these hoops for using marijuana. The history books will look back and ask a MASSIVE what if on the Josh Gordon career arch. And how archaine our views on marijuana currently are.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he was under the league’s threshold of THC, then he drank a beer to get the latest suspension. Right?

    It is sad they’re making him the league whipping boy when there are child abusers and wife/girlfriend/mistress beaters playing with very little time off. Not that he hasn’t made his own bed, but the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime…

  4. Let the man back in the NFL. You do realize he just got caught and perhaps is not as smart as other’s who hide their usage???? Good heart. Stop Punishing Good People! Goodell is a lawyer with no heart

  5. The league is not deprived of a talented player. That’s a bogus take. Gordon has deprived himself of a lucrative career because of his bad behavior/demons. It’s his fault, not the NFL’s. Period, end of story.

  6. No disrespect intended, but who gives a f__k? It’s not like Goodell is going to reinstate him. So who cares. It’s like getting an update on Justin Blackmon. As far as being a person, it matters, but as far as being an NFL player, it doesn’t, unfortunately. But this is the world we live in with that moron Goodell in charge. He has done what was asked, let the dude player Roger. Christ!

  7. “…the league should be looking for ways to keep guys like Gordon on the field, not off it.”

    Gordon is hardly the appropriate poster boy for this sentiment. Gordon made his bed, not the league. And he’s made it over and over and over and over.

  8. I hope I’m wrong but if he is reinstated and joins some team this season, it’ll only be a matter of time before he reverts back.

    Four trips to rehab? Not sure why anyone would think this time was the one.

  9. Totally agree. In addition, reinstatement may be the way Gordon can get his act together. While I’m not holding my breath, he deserves a shot. In a society where personal use of marijuana has largely been decriminalized, the NFL treats it like a major felony. He’s been suspended more for marijuana use than several players charged with domestic violence combined. The punishment is excessive for the infraction. Not to mention he could sure help out the Browns rookie QB. The commissioner could stand to show a bit of compassion in these types of situations. It may even be a step towards being seen in a different light by the players association.

  10. After detox, rehab is the easy part because I’d assume in his case it’s inpatient and he’s got eyes on him 24/7. It’s after rehab that’s the scary part, when he finally tastes some freedom to potentially use again.

    I’d rather hear about him living a sober life and shake the demons of addiction, then playing pro ball again.

    Either way, wish him the best!

  11. We need to give this guy a chance. He has committed no crimes and stayed out of trouble. Other guys have done worse and are still playing, this is complete BS!!

  12. Maybe he should be the one looking for ways to stay on the field. Don’t get me wring I believe suspension for weed is bs,but how dumb can you be throwing away millions of dollars for weed. He knew it could keep him suspended but kept on so this is on him not the nfl

  13. Perhaps Gordon doesn’t need to be playing football, but instead focusing on keeping himself clean and sober. He and football don’t seem to be a good mix. There are too many temptations, and the glitz and glamour of the spotlight don’t seem to agree with Gordon. He needs long-term help for his addictions, not celebrityhood. He’s a great physical talent, but taking ongoing care of his addictive situation is far more important than football.

  14. God bless and good luck, Josh Gordon. No one should die from….. *adjusts glasses* HAHAHAHAH, weed? What?

    The league is a joke.

  15. There’s been speculation/assumption in the media for over a year that Josh’s problem is marijuana, but nothing at all confirming that.

    It seems unlikely that he’s so addicted to weed that he’s had to go rehab 4 times. This is either alcohol or something worse, something that involves a needle.

    Regardless, wishing this young man complete success in his recovery and return to his profession. Let’s hope he makes it, to show other addicts that the corner can be turned and hope renewed.

  16. They aren’t going to reinstate him fresh off 90 days in rehab. If he was out of rehab for the last 21 months and was clean, then maybe they would, but if he needed rehab so recently then why would they reinstate him?

  17. “Given the dearth of Week One points and excitement, the league should be looking for ways to keep guys like Gordon on the field, not off it.”

    Why do some people think that everyone wants to see 49-42 shootouts in all of the games? That said, I do think that Gordon should get another chance.

  18. “Given the dearth of Week One points and excitement, the league should be looking for ways to keep guys like Gordon on the field, not off it.”

    This, in a nutshell defines today’s

  19. “Given the dearth of Week One points and excitement, the league should be looking for ways to keep guys like Gordon on the field, not off it.”

    This, in a nutshell defines today’s audience. Heaven forbid anyone plays defense anymore, hits the crap out of people and get 3rd down stops…

  20. maybe Gordon should file a lawsuit and have his suspension revoked. I mean if a dude can beat his girlfriend and get off scott free, whats wrong with smoking a little pot?

  21. First of all, if I was Josh, I would ask that no one around me comment publicly about anything. I would just put in the work and try to quietly get back into the league.

    Secondly, if he does get back into the league, I hope the Browns slowly bring him back to the field. He can start as WR6 and get in for a handful of plays. No matter what, it is going to take time. He didn’t help Hoyer too much the last time he made an appearance.

    Tough demons, good luck.

  22. Good luck and God’s speed Josh! Take everything 1 hour, 1 day at at a time! Most importantly sobriety first! There millions of success stories. Josh, your life is way more valuable then football. If you get to play all the better. All the best!

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