Kyle Shanahan has a regret, and an apology after his head coaching debut


Regrets, Kyle Shanahan has a few. Then again, since he’s 0-1 he might as well mention them.

The 49ers rookie head coach admitted he probably went for fourth downs too often in Sunday’s loss to the Panthers, and he wishes he’d have controlled his temper a little better as well.

The 49ers failed to convert three fourth-down attempts against the Panthers, and twice in the first half it backfired.

After taking a sack while failing to convert a fourth-and-4 from the Panthers’ 44 (after they took over on Jaquiski Tartt‘s acrobatic interception), they allowed a quick field goal. Then a fourth-and-1 from the Panthers’ 45 was stuffed, and the Panthers got another field goal on the board before halftime.

“Looking back at all of them, the first one is the one I regretted, when it was fourth and 4,” Shanahan said, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “I think there was about three and a half minutes left (in the first half). We were down seven. Tartt just made an unbelievable play on a pick. I thought we were moving the ball pretty well and came up short there on third down, and I just, I believed we were going to get it. I had a lot confidence that we would and it just didn’t work out. But, definitely looking back on that, I wish I did punt because I think it would have made it a lot harder for them to go 90 yards.”

He might have gone for another one in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t get a timeout called, which caused him to go off on down judge Hugo Cruz as he was called for delay of game. Shanahan was once fined $25,000 for berating an official when he was a coordinator in Washington.

“And if he (Cruz) was here, I would apologize to him now,” Shanahan said. “He’s trying to do his best just like I am. I was just frustrated. I wanted a timeout and I yelled it as loud as I could three times and he just didn’t hear me. I was mad at him for it. It’s not his fault. He’s focused on the game, too. Hope he has no hard feelings towards it.”

Coupled with the fact his team was physically overwhelmed, beaten soundly and lost a key player to injury (linebacker Reuben Foster), it was debut to forget for Shanahan. But he sounds like a guy who’s trying to hang onto the lessons, and learn from them.

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  1. Too bad he doesn’t have John Elway to make him look good like his daddy. Think about that…Mike wasnt a good Head Coach if you take away games Elway played in….Kyle got a HC job because of his name. He isnt very good.

  2. Think about this…Micheal Jordan won zero championships with the Washington Wizards. NONE! He couldn’t do anything without the city of Chicago. He wasn’t very good.

    If you take away all of Americas victories the US finished dead last in WWII. Sad.

  3. Panthers fan so this is an unbiased comment… in today’s world why in the heck doesn’t the coach have some sort of “button” in which to signal a timeout when needed? The official’s job seconds before the snap of the ball is to officiate the game and watch the pre-snap.. not look for a coach to call a timeout. And of course on a crucial 4th down play like that the crowd noise is going to be loud.

  4. Unfair to say that Mike Shanahan wasn’t a good HC without Elway (and Terrell Davis for that matter). Most good coaches have good players that they work well with…Belichick and Brady, Tomlin and Roethlisberger, McCarthy and Rodgers, etc.
    Mike Shanahan was a solid HC without Elway; he was better with him, which is no surprise.

  5. Kyle Shanahan is an excellent offensive coordinator and a horrific play caller. Yes, it is possible to be both. He is good at developing talent and putting together an offense, but no bueno on game day. Exhibit 1- last year’s super bowl, exhibit 2- Sunday.

  6. You should be able to make 1 yard on 4th down at the opponent’s 45-yard line. But you should also have confidence that your defense can stop the other team from scoring if you don’t.

  7. It’s only one game. He’s trying to turn around a bad franchise.

    Cut him some slack. This could take more than one year.

  8. “in today’s world why in the heck doesn’t the coach have some sort of “button” in which to signal a timeout when needed? ”

    They should have it but given the league can’t get their headsets-comm system to work properly in a significant number of games, I doubt they could with a “timeout button” either.

  9. Kyle Shanahan is the first 49er coach to lose a season opener in 7 years.

    He’ll be alright though. It’s not like he can just come in and rub magic pixie dust on this thing. Wait til he gets his players in here. 2 more draft

  10. Glad he offered an apology to the official. Sometimes with the crowd noise and concentrating on the players so deeply, you cannot always hear a coach yelling, even at the top of his/her lungs!

  11. What goes through a man’s mind when he needs to hire a head coach to take his team to the Super Bowl and win it, and the name “Kyle Shanahan” pops into his head and he thinks “yes, he’s the one”? Is there even a thought process?

  12. Kudos to him for admitting his mistake with the official. Plenty of stubborn coaches would not. It looked over the line in real-time.

    As for 4th downs… I personally only thought the first 4th and 4 was debatable. The others were very reasonable gambles at home against a better team. Good strategy does not always succeed.

  13. John Elway was 54 wins 18 losses with Mike Shanahan as a head coach with 2 Super Bowl wins.Elway’s 5 years without Shanahan on the Broncos staff Elway was 41wins 41loses. He was also 0 for 2 in the playoffs during those 5 years. Years “83 88 92 93 94” Elway was without Shanahan.With Shanahan on the staff as an assistant coach and OC Elway averaged 12 wins per season. 84 85 86 87 89 90 91. 3 Super Bowls and 6 out of 7 years averaged 12 wins. I would say looking at those stats Elway needed Shanahan more than Shanahan needed Elway. Both Elway and Steve Young were number 1 in offense 7 straight years ! I think Kyle will do well!

  14. Lol @jjbadd385 ^^ mike shannahan helped elway more than elway helped mike!! Exactly how many super bowls did elway win before mike S got there?? Answer is none. So if we use you’re insane logic does that mean bellicheck is a terrible coach if u take away bradys wins?? Lol you are ignorant and it’s painfully obvious you know little to nothing about football!!

    PS the moderators are terrible. And the quality of the site is going downhill fast. Soon enough people will just avoid it like the plague!

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