No offense vs. defense issues after Week One in Seattle


After the Seahawks’ offense mustered only 225 yards, nine points, and no touchdowns on Sunday, safety Earl Thomas spoke his mind.

“Man, it’s been like this for eight years, man,” Thomas told reporters on Sunday. “We understand that sometimes the offense isn’t in rhythm like they need to be.”

So does that kind of talk create issues between the offense and defense? Receiver Doug Baldwin addressed the topic during a Tuesday visit to PFT Live.

“You guys know this,” Baldwin said. “We’re very open with each other and vulnerable in our locker room. We speak truth. It’s very important to us is that we hold each other accountable and we’re honest with each other. Earl was being honest, and if I’m being honest he was speaking truth. It has been like this for a lot of years.”

There’s a business reason for it, as Baldwin sees it.

“The reality of the situation is that the majority of our money is spent on the defense,” Baldwin said. “They are gonna be tasked with pulling more of the weight because that’s their job. Offensively, yes, that’s not an excuse offensively. We have our job and our weight to pull as well. We didn’t play well last Sunday and we’re gonna get that corrected. But he’s right. Our defense has always led the way. Pete Carroll is a defensive-minded coach. So it’s important that our defensive guys feel that and understand that.”

It’s a theory that hasn’t previously been articulated to explain the gap between the team’s offense and defense, but there’s some merit to it. Especially as it relates to the money spent — or not spent — on the offensive line.

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  1. The Seahawks are wasting prime years of that team by not investing in the offensive line. If they had an above average O-line, they’d win 11-13 games easy.

    That defense looks to be super good, but they’re going to get worn out if they’re on the field for 35+ minutes a game. Like the past couple of years.

  2. No issue after week 1 between the defense and offense? No the issue started 2 years and 1 game ago when the offensive coordinator should have run the ball at the 1. Bevell and Cable must go!!!!!

  3. For whatever reason, I found Baldwin’s comment intriguing. And as it turns out, he’s correct. I looked at, and looked at four teams that are consistent contenders, and how they spend their money. I apologize if I slighted your team, I wasn’t going to spend all night on this. In terms of 2017 salary cap spending, these are the (approximate) figures:

    Green Bay: 84 million offense, 64 million defense
    New England: 80 million offense, 68 million defense
    Pittsburgh: 95 million offense, 60 million defense
    Seattle: 62 million offense, 86 million defense

    Keep in mind that there is also special teams, dead cap money, and cap money not spent not included in these figures. But it would appear that Baldwin is right; the defense is expected to carry more of the load. I’m not saying that’s wrong, or not even obvious, but it simply says that there are different ways to build winning teams, and the teams (and players) probably should understand the way their team has been built.

  4. Thomas and Baldwin have a point: the Seahawks are over-balanced toward defense. Good that they can all be honest about it inside the team. On Sunday, the Packers didn’t score until 6 minutes into the third quarter after they had the ball for 25 minutes (or so) of time of possession. Helluva job for the Seahawks defense to keep Rodgers’ offense out of the end zone for that long, in Lambeau. If the Seahawks can get enough ball control out of their offense to split time of possession 30/30 they’re going to smother a lot of teams this year.

  5. Actually those of us who follow football and the “follow the ca$h” premise are well aware of the Seahawks spending patten. . .follow how the line is and has been put together. . while the defense has been compiled of high and middle draft picks the line is put together by players who played defense or basketball in college, other projects and scrap heap projects. . .

    It’s something just now making the rounds from the oft-quoted Seahawk locker room. . .Baldwin himself, like Richard Sherman was a fifth round draft pick. . .Seattle prides themselves in identifying later round talents but look @ the defense. . .mainly first through fifth round picks. . .

  6. Talk about a broken record. My favorite, is after these complete 2001 Raven like performances on offense, all the guys just say….’we had a bad game, lots to work on, we will be better.’ Uhhhhh right you will. As a Hawk lifer, I’ve seen the same ol same ol for the past 3 years. It ain’t getting better. Thank our lucky charms for teams like Clara on the schedule twice a year.

  7. 10-6 and winning the division is my guess. Beating a wild card team, then getting annihilated by 30 points in the division round seems to be the norm

  8. I remember a couple years back that all the hawk fans would come on here and say how strong they would be for years to come and that they had plenty of money in the cap to sign on all their key players… seems like just yesterday….

  9. I just watched a 30 for 30 YEAR OF THE SCAB and I forgot an all scab team REDSKINS beat the Cowboys with 21 NFL players ,,,lol

  10. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Eagles haven’t won a play off game in 8 years. 84 year old franchise and zero super bowls. Thank god im a Cowboys’ fan. Even the Redskins has been to the dance and took the date home. Anyways……carry on. Scroll on……..

  11. Sooner or later the media has to realize they are giving too much credit to Wilson for the teams success. Seattle has provided him with plenty of weapons over the past 5 seasons and they have all been brought down since arriving in Seattle with Wilson at QB, or succeeded when they left. Baldwin is a great receiver, i love that guy as a player but due to his QB, they only show up for half the season. Unfortunately for the defense, nobody ever knows which half.

    2 years ago Carroll told reporter’s that they plan to run more of the offense through Wilson towards the end of the Lynch era, this is a fact. Since then, the offense has struggled often and the defense has had a harder time making up for them. You can thumbs down this all you want but if you look at everything that has transpired over the past couple seasons you can’t deny it unless you are just a blind Homer. Wilson is a good QB, he’s not good enough to carry an offense or a team. He’s a flashy game manager. He makes flashy plays that wows everyone enough to forget all the bad ones that came before or after it.

    You know what’s funny, I remember when Seattle fans were trolling Colt’s fans and Luck for his shortcomings even though he’s had one of the worst teams in the league since he was drafted. They blamed Luck for everything, but now when Seattle struggles….. It’s the o line or Bevelle or bad calls blah blah, never Wilson. Ironic isn’t it?

  12. the weakest link to our team is the offensive line. marshawn lynch used to cover this up by hitting people in the mouth almost every play. maybe the seahawks should let someone else pick offensive line, because they surely do not know how.

  13. Earl didn’t say anything different than us Seahawk fans have been saying. Same old, same old for a long time now! Seems like a good organization would have made some progress by now. Lots of people to point fingers at!

  14. If it has been like this for years, and Bevell has been the coordinator for years, ate fans the only people who can discern the common denominator here? I am much more upset with watching the offense quit before halftime than I am with our poor offensive line. You get what you pay for, so nobody should be surprised that the line gets beat. Even high school coaches know to call screens, swings and short routes when you are over matched at the line. Bevell doesn’t call those, and somehow gets to keep his job because the other team didn’t expect him to call THAT play. I don’t care if we don’t have a top ten offense. As Doug said above, the money is in our Defense. I am outraged that we continue to be out coached on the offensive side of the ball, and Bevell gets to keep his job. We have had several defensive coaches get recruited from under us to be promoted elsewhere. Our Offensive coordinator and offensive quality control coach have had their jobs for 7 and 9 years respectively, yet I have seen no improvement to date from either.

  15. I would hope that there’s genuinely no issues because their anger should be directed at the officials. Two bad calls took 11 points off the board for the Seahawks. I realize that the packers are the NFL’s designated charity case, but they could at least be a little bit less obvious about it.

  16. Baldwin’s point about the money differential is dead on. The Broncos are the same model, and I’ve been telling people for years to not be surprised when the offense underperforms, as the biggest chunk of cap space (and most of their 1st round draft picks) have gone to building the defense. There’s a significant talent gap, which happens when you invest as heavily as you need to not just put together but keep together that type of talent. They are expected to do the heaviest lifting, and they should be.

  17. Yeah, you could read a lot into what he said… or… you could just take the man at his word. Some statements are candid enough to be taken at face value and that’s how I read this one.

    Here’s a fun example: A pair of brothers fought like cats and dogs for many years. Several broken bones, hospitalizations, enough stitches to weave a blanket, etc. One of the brothers will freely accept 95% of the blame. He started nearly all of the trouble and takes responsibility for same. The other brother swears he was and is completely blameless; that the other brother started every altercation they ever had. Which brother would you believe?

  18. They’re fine…but that won’t stop the media bias implying that they’re not, mainly because most of the readership is too ignorant to figure out they’re being snowed.

  19. Look at all the haters creaming themselves for a couple guys speaking the truth and getting along.

    Saying the hawks “got taken to the woodshed” means you didn’t watch the game.

    Russell fumbled on the 5 to give GB an easy run for 7 and a trickery play during a substitution for another easy 7.

    That is 14 points…really their only points.

    That game was very close IN lambeau field and some would say the refs decided it taking away the pick six and ejecting jeremy lane on pure bs.

    If things progress and the hawks are 5-1 week six they can look back on that game as one they should’ve won and will be itching to get another opportunity in the playoffs.

  20. Sooner or later the media has to realize they are giving too much credit to Wilson for the teams success. Seattle has provided him with plenty of weapons over the past 5 seasons and they have all been brought down since arriving in Seattle with Wilson at QB, or succeeded when they left.

    Wilson isn’t the problem. It’s the line and this will continue to be an issue going forward. Can you imagine Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers playing behind this sieve of a line? They’d be on IR after week 1.

  21. Hawks O-line has a history of getting better over the course of the season – and for all the criticism, the bottom line is that we’ve had five straight 10+ win seasons and 5 straight playoff appearances. It’s not all dumb luck, and while there is always room for improvement, for the most part, the plan is working.

  22. nwhawkhater says:
    September 12, 2017 at 10:48 pm
    I remember a couple years back that all the hawk fans would come on here and say how strong they would be for years to come and that they had plenty of money in the cap to sign on all their key players… seems like just yesterday….

    Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the Seahawks are still a very strong team. They’ve won at least one playoff game in each of the 5 last seasons. That’s pretty consistent success. How many other teams in the league can say that? The Pats, Packers? That’s it. So, nice try with the sky is falling narrative just because they lost their 1st game on the road against one of the best teams in the NFL. I think you’ll still have to wait at least a couple more years before you can beat your chest and say I told you so.

  23. Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the Seahawks are still a very strong team. They’ve won at least one playoff game in each of the 5 last seasons.

    Seattle is good and will make the playoffs every year because the defense amazing and they’ve play in arguably the worst division in the NFL….. but to be fair, they beat the Vikings because of a missed 27 yard FG by their current kicker, they did not look strong in that game at all.

  24. -10 degree temps made it an ugly battle. People conveniently forget how cold that game was when talking smack about offense.

    Just might very well had something to do with a good kicker missing a kick you know…-10 degrees freezes footballs but vikings fans lost their minds anyway…so so bitter. Blair is happy now in a better place.

  25. It is what it is, they are all aware. Offense will come around, this team has started slow almost every year since Wilson arrived. Defense looks nasty as ever. Bummer game in Green Bay but I still think it will be a great year for the team.

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