Brandon Marshall not worried about chemistry with Eli Manning

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The Giants offense had no shortage of problems in last Sunday’s 19-3 loss to the Cowboys and one of the things that went less smoothly than planned was wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s regular season debut for the team.

Marshall was targeted once before halftime and four times overall on the way to one catch for 10 yards when the game was all but out of reach. It looked like there was one opportunity for a big play in the fourth quarter when Eli Manning saw Marshall open after evading the Dallas pass rush but the pass fell incomplete as the quarterback led Marshall more than Marshall seemed to be expecting.

Marshall’s new to the team and missed time this summer with a shoulder injury, which led to a question for Marshall about his chemistry with the quarterback.

“I’m not worried about that,” Marshall said, via the New York Daily News. “I’m worried about the offense being more efficient and starting faster.”

Getting Odell Beckham back in the lineup could help on the faster start front, but a run of games under 20 points dating back to Week 12 of last season suggests he won’t cure everything that ails the offense. The same would be true of a stronger game for Marshall, but the combination would be a step in a better direction for the Giants.

13 responses to “Brandon Marshall not worried about chemistry with Eli Manning

  1. That’s always been part of Marshall’s problem throughout his career … he’s never worried ENOUGH about chemistry.

  2. 85% of the problem with this offense is the lousy o-line play (which we all know). The other 15% is Eli being too afraid to make accurate throws. He’s more worried about not getting hit and whipping the ball out in 1.2 seconds than he is of hanging in there and making accurate throws. He’s been like this for years but its REALLY become apparent since last season. He is the epitome of “happy feet”.

  3. With Eli it’s a “darned if you do, darned if you don’t”. If he takes risks and throws the ball downfield and get ints, he a bad decision maker. If he plays much more conservative and doesn’t throw picks (which is what he has been asked to do), then he doesn’t have it anymore. With a shaky offensive line that does not give consistent protection, you can’t have it both ways. One thing that has always been consistent with Eli is if you give him time, he’s deadly, if you don’t, he makes mistakes trying to fit balls in to tight a window because he’s throwing to early due to pressure.

    The O-line is the problem, not Eli or Marshall.

  4. Now let’s see, how many QBs has Marshall NOT had issues with? Jay Cutler (who has made pro bowls as far as I know and got Bears to NFC title game…how many playoffs has Marshall played in? ZERO!), Matt Moore (a good backup who had a career year in 2011 winning half the games he started and throwing lots to Marshall–who then throws Moore under a bus during a pro bowl comment), Jay Cutler again in 2012 (where both appear to suck, again no playoffs), Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Jets (who, with Marshall, go 10-6 but miss playoffs, and then in 2016 Marshall can’t do squat with either Fitz or Bryce Petty,since his biggest thing was messing with Byron Maxwell of the Dolphins…like that’s all ol’ Brandon cared about!). Good luck with this dude, Eli!

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