Brian Cushing apologizes for 10-game suspension

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Brian Cushing didn’t offer an excuse for his 10-game suspension. Instead, his attorney released a statement in which Cushing apologizes “to his fans, teammates and coaches.”

“Brian Cushing regretfully announces he’s been suspended for 10 games commencing on Sept. 13, 2017,” Denver-based attorney Harvey Steinberg said. “In so doing, he is aware of the negative impact he has had on his team and most importantly his fans. It is with the deepest remorse, he humbly apologizes to his fans, teammates and coaches. After consulting with his attorney and his agent he felt rather than dragging the appellate process out, this would be the best way to proceed.”

It marked the second violation of the performance enhancing drug policy by the Texans inside linebacker. He missed the first four games in 2010 after winning defensive player of the year as a rookie in 2009.

Cushing, who already was ruled out of Thursday’s game with a concussion, can return to the active roster the day after the Texans’ Nov. 27 game against the Ravens.

45 responses to “Brian Cushing apologizes for 10-game suspension

  1. Yada, yada, yada. We’ve heard all this before.

    PED abuse combined with all the concussions is gonna catch up to you. Gotta flip the script and start doing the right thing if you care about life after football.

  2. Am I the only one who would have liked to see him appeal this thing just for the entertainment factor?

    If he hired Exponent Labs (which brought us the critically acclaimed, “Deflategate” junk science), he could have probably had them “prove” he didn’t take any roids. Just throw out some key witness testimony, ignore the facts that don’t fit your story, and go for it. It’s all really boilerplate stuff for the NFL appeals process. #cantlose

  3. You know how hard it is to actually get caught using PEDs in this league? The League and the NFLPA make it so easy to not get caught and you get caught twice> How dumb are you?

  4. There have been rumors of him being on the “juice” since his high school days. All the way through USC and now in the pros he has been caught twice. He’s not sorry, he’s sorry he has been caught a second time, but I’m guessing that during all of those years he has made plenty of money and the end justifies the means.

  5. Not the same player without the PEDs. Sad part of this that most athletes use them but most also are not caught. Not a chance in the world that JJ Watt has clean urine without using some sort of masking agent. He is the face of the NFL so no way he ever gets suspended. Then again ol Roger stuck it to TB which was ridiculous also. For those of you that think they are not used league wide you need to get out from behind that cloud of smoke.

  6. A lot of folks who have never played a down of football, at any level, will predictably bash Cushing, but those people have no idea how physically demanding it is to play in the NFL. As the old saying goes, before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes.

  7. I guess the 2nd time offender is off the usual talking points.

    1. I did not “knowing” take PEDS
    2. It must have been in something in my shakes I get at GNC
    3. I take adderall for a concentration issue
    4. What? Those are my wife’s…
    5. Doctor said it was for Low T

  8. goodell allowed gomer manning and the guyer group to cheat
    and suspends others

    can anyone explain why undetectable chinese peds are allowed, but
    others are not?

  9. Cheater. Big time.

    If Houston has any integrity and I think they do (unlike Dallas), They will terminate this guy’s contract, pay him off, and wash their hands of him.

  10. This dude needs an intervention. All the roids along with the concussions are going to make for a rough life post retirement

  11. Ummmm no, he didn’t apologize. Man up and apologize for yourself, Brian. Sending someone else to apologize on your behalf is about the most disingenuous act I can think of. What a waste. Cut this chump, Houston.

  12. Doesn’t matter about Cushing really … If he is playing or not … He got owned this oast week and the Jags are owning the Texans and the rest of Afc South this year … Jag D too Nasty … Go Jags !!! #SAXSONVILLE

  13. Watched the Texans game a bit last week and seen him. I muttered to myself, ‘man, that guy used to be such a douche. He must have turned it around.”…. nope

  14. They should be legal for professional athletes with physician supervision. It just creates an unequal playing field when half are cheating. So guys end up doing it without supervision and it makes it more dangerous plus makes the playing field unequal. It’s a win win. As fans we get to see faster stronger players because face it that’s what we all want. And if you are clinging to some nostalgic idea of sports without drugs the 1950s olympics are less outdated than you.

  15. Any NFL fan that doesn’t admit his favorite team has a handful of Cushings, who just haven’t been caught yet, is lying to themselves.

  16. This guy is a joke. Rookie year was his best year. He has been suspended or injured for 80 percent of his career. I have said it before and I will say it again, you actually have to play football to be called a football player. I remember how he portrayed himself on Hard Knocks. It reminded me of the roided-out linebacker character from “The Program.”

  17. Josh Gordon has missed years for weed…cushing gets 10 games for being a fraud and a cheat, to his teammates, fans, opponents and those on his roster competing with him. Makes total sense

  18. For those of you calling out Lane Johnson… His suspension wasn’t for steroids… the first time was for Adderall, which is no longer a banned substance and the second time was for a banned substance in a legal supplement that was not listed on the label of that supplement. Not saying he’s not somewhat responsible for what he’s putting in his body, but come on, it wasn’t even on the label. What’s he’s supposed to do, lab test every supplement he takes himself in his basement?

  19. These apologies from these cheaters are unacceptable. He knew what he was doing just like the other guys who cheat with PED’s.
    If I had my way, cheaters would be thrown out of the league. But then they wouldn’t have enough guys to play the games, would they?

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