DeShone Kizer will try to buck history in Baltimore Sunday


The Browns will face the Ravens on Sunday, which means DeShone Kizer will be the sixth rookie quarterback to start against the Ravens in Baltimore since John Harbaugh became the team’s head coach in 2008.

The five quarterbacks that came before Kizer have had various styles and have gone on to various levels of success in the NFL, but they all share one thing in common. As Jamison Hensley of points out, they lost when they took the field in Baltimore.

Two of those quarterbacks — Brandon Weeden and Cody Kessler — also played for the Browns. Andy Dalton, Geno Smith and Carson Wentz round out a group that’s lost those games by an average of 11 points while throwing two touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Kizer comes into Baltimore off a solid debut against the Steelers, albeit one that found him on the receiving end of seven sacks. The Ravens sacked Dalton five times and Dalton turned the ball over in a 20-0 win last Sunday, so it seems their defense should be well prepared to make life difficult for Kizer and the Browns offense this weekend as well.

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  1. Last week’s games don’t mean squat. I want my Ravens to come out and DESTROY the Browns this Sunday. I want Kizer on his rear end after every play. I want West and Allen to jam the ball down the Browns throat and I want Joe to send a few beauties to Wallace, Maclin and Co. to seal the deal.

    Go RAVENS!

  2. Kizer hhas a okay shot to win if he gets the ball out faster and the Browns are able to run the ball some. Hopefully Britt can catch this week. I know Pryor had a huge drop last week but I still would take him over Britt anyday. Browns developed Pryor and then let him walk for the same money they pay a older Kenny Britt. I don’t know how the Browns think they can ever win with no skill players on the outside. Njoku looKs like a monster but I’ve yet to see him make any plays.

  3. Usually a rookie qb starting means he was a high draft pick…meaning the team was probably bad the previous year. that is why teams most teams do well against rookie qb’s.

  4. Ravens need to build on the momentum started last week. The defense needs to remain stout and the offense needs to show improvement. Run game needs to get better and Flacco needs to have shaken off more rust in the passing game. I know they were reasonably successful with the run against Cincy but to trust it in a tight game or worse, when behind, it has to be better and consistent.

  5. It’s all just a bunch of question marks for Cleveland at this point. Everyone’s celebrating that it at least isn’t just a forgone conclusion that the Browns will get destroyed. But I’m not as overjoyed as others seem about last week’s performance. One game means nothing. I don’t think that it really bodes anything. This week will be another stout test. Can they make a game of it? That’s all anyone can ask. Winning in Baltimore would be something indeed but yet, still only 2 games. Even if they lose badly it still doesn’t tell us much. We won’t know anything until we have at least a good handful of games.

  6. guitarkevin says he wants West to jam the ball down the Browns throat. That will be kind of hard to do when he can’t keep the ball in his hands after fumbling. West is terrible, we know. HE PLAYED IN CLEVELAND. He’ll have at least 2 fumbles. Book it.

  7. At game in Cincinnati. If bengals had decent QB game goes either way. Ravens should win Sunday but London trap game looming

  8. The Ravens are going to lose on Sunday.

    They are not playing Cincy’s defense this week. The Browns’ D is for real.
    Kizer is settled in.

    Baltimore is in trouble.

  9. If the browns scored 18 on the Steelers, they’ll score at least 36 against the Ravens, because the Steelers are at least twice as good as the birds.

  10. @ BayAreaBrownsBacker. Week 1 T. West – 27 carries, no turnovers.
    @joemammmy. Ravens D is top 5. Browns D is bottom 5. Just check the ratings.
    @crownofthehelmet. puleez

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