Eric Berry before Achilles surgery: I’m coming back better than ever

Getty Images

Chiefs safety Eric Berry won’t be playing again this season after tearing his Achilles during the team’s season-opening victory over the Patriots and he started the recovery process on Tuesday.

Berry had surgery on his Achilles and left a message for Chiefs fans before he went into the operating room.

“I’m coming back better than ever. I’m coming back to change the game,” Berry said, via his agent Chad Speck.

Berry has more experience with coming back from serious health issues than many players after learning he had lymphoma in 2014 and returning to play in every game the next season. Berry played at a high level as well and turned in another strong season in 2016.

One good outcome doesn’t guarantee another, especially since Berry is dealing with a very different medical issue this time around. If forced to place a bet, though, Berry making it back in good form doesn’t seem like a bad one to make.