LaDainian Tomlinson lobbies for Lorenzo Neal in the Hall of Fame

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LaDainian Tomlinson got his bust in Canton this year. Next year he wants an old teammate to join him.

Tomlinson said on PFT Live that if he could put one player in the Hall of Fame Class of 2018, “It would be Lorenzo Neal, my fullback.”

Neal is on the list of 108 nominees in the Class of 2018, and Tomlinson believes that Neal belongs in Canton.

“When you look at this guys career, a guy that blocked for seven 1,000-yard rushers, the model of consistency when you talk about a fullback. He’s the ideal guy of what you want in a Hall of Famer, what he did on the field but also off the field,” Tomlinson said.

Neal was a four-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro, but realistically, the Hall of Fame voters are unlikely to induct any modern fullback because in the NFL of the 21st Century, fullbacks are part-time players. Tomlinson said there ought to be at least one modern-era fullback in Canton.

“Fullbacks don’t get the credit they deserve. There isn’t a fullback in the Hall of Fame and I think it’s time for us to start putting fullbacks in the Hall of Fame, and he deserves it,” Tomlinson said.

Neal getting into Canton is a long shot, but he has a powerful voice lobbying for him.

41 responses to “LaDainian Tomlinson lobbies for Lorenzo Neal in the Hall of Fame

  1. It’s dumb that there isn’t a full back in the hall. If a punter and kicker are in then a FB should be in too. It doesn’t matter that they are part time. They have a role to do and they do it.

  2. He was one amazing player, I would have never wanted to see him pulling with LT behind him.

    Just curious… what’s he been up to since his playing days ended? I wouldn’t mind if PFT did an interview or article on his post football life. Is he coaching, teaching, volunteering, or simply living a great retired life? For some reason I get the feeling he was smart with his money.

  3. Sorry bud, but HoF isn’t about solid football TEAM players, its about two other things:
    1) individual fantasy football stats, or, 2) explayers who can talk a lot on tv.

    A similary overlooked guy is Troy Brown, the last true all-rounder (and the only one in the league since the 1940s) who played in all 3 phases for the Pats and was even their emergency QB. Or how about My Cousin Vinny? – how many QBs do you know played 21yrs and won games with 7 different teams (8 if you count both NYJ stints), and played to the age of 44? At the time Testaverde retired he ranked 7th in all-time career yards (46,223yds), and even now is still 11th, far ahead of Dan Fouts.

  4. I met Mr.Neal in Cincinnati when he played for the Bengals. Seemed like a wonderful, authentic, nice person.

    There’s no denying his skill or the impact he made on the teams he played for. Even though the modern fullback has fallen by the wayside as of late, being the best player of all time at your position means you deserve to be in the hall of fame.

  5. Neal was a great fullback but it’s a numbers game and he doesn’t have the stats. If any modern FB has a chance to get in, it’ll be Alstott and even he’s a longshot based on stats.

  6. Without a doubt Lorenzo Neal should be in the HOF. An offensive lineman, who was as dominant a blocker, for the the length of time, like Lorenzo Neal would be a first ballot HOF.

  7. I’d make an argument that every position should be represented in a the hall. Just because they aren’t flashy doesn’t mean they aren’t important. If it’s truly based on fame and not talent at ones position, then let’s get Brian Bosworth in there.

  8. As a Titans fan I remember him fondly. He cleared the way for Eddie George for most of his best seasons & then went & did the same thing for LT. He should be a HOFer but FBs don’t get the love they deserve.

  9. Yes he should go in… But HOF is a joke anyways… Tony Dungy got in over Tom Flores! HAHAHA That place is one big joke..
    Bo Jackson is not even in the hall of fame! BO JACKSON.. When you think of 90’s football you don’t think of Broncos or any superbowl teams.. You think of BO JACKSON

  10. Daryl Johnston should be the first FB in, all he did was lead the way for the all-time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith and has 3 Super Bowl rings. That’s a lot more credentials than Neal.

  11. Actually it’s not true, I counted 10 fullbacks in the HOF.

    Ernie Nevers ——– 1926-1927, 1929-1931
    Bronko Nagurski —– 1930-1937, 1943
    Clarke Hinkle ——- 1932-1941
    Marion Motly ——– 1946-1953
    Joe Perry ———– 1948-1963
    John Henry Johnson — 1954-1966
    Jim Brown ———– 1957-1965
    Jim Taylor ———- 1958-1967
    Larry Csonka ——– 1968-1979
    John Riggins ——– 1971-1979, 1981-1985

    It’s just that the position has evolved over time.

    Tomlinson, and some others need to bone-up on the
    history of the NFL, sheesh.

  12. I remember being in Atlanta and seeing Neal as a rookie with the Saints rip off a 74 yard touchdown run, on which he broke his ankle at the end of the run. He was a heck of a runner as a rookie, and as good as Daryl Johnston as a blocker thereafter.

    Neal belongs in the HOF. He had a stellar and lengthy career. If offensive linemen get into the Hall of Fame for blocking, and that’s also the main job of a fullback, I don’t get the hesitation.

  13. Good grief..Are people aware how many very good FBs have come through the NFL in the modern era?

    Hint: A lot of em.

    If Larry Centers isn’t in, then no one gets in.

    Every time I read something from Tomlinson, I feel more dumb.

  14. Loneal was more than just a FB. That dude made better blocks then the tackles and guards. I might be a bias ex-charger fan but I believe he should get in. Great player and all around great guy.

  15. Watched him since college…..high school state wrestling champion….still owns the record for fastest pin….ask Willie McGinest and USC about him. I’ll never forget watching Willie get bulldozed five yards into the secondary over and over again in that bowl game (sorry Willie). Nobody knew who this guy was. Due to offenses and coaches changing so much, he had to ply his wares with 8 different teams and with 7 of them having 1000 yd backs, I’d say he was pretty effective. If you were down on the scoreboard and needed the ball back, you didn’t want to see Neal in the game. I’d vote for him.

  16. Lorenzo Neal? Ridiculous. Mike Alstott (SB winner,6x Pro Bowl,3x All Pro) first, Daryl Johnston (3 SB rings) second, Broncos Howard Griffith (2 SB rings, FB for a 2,000 yard rusher) third. Then maybe after 5 other FB get in, Neal can enter the conversation.

  17. It’s AMAZING to me how many people are in here saying that Tomlinson doesn’t even deserve to be in the HoF. Tell me, if one of the most individually dominant players with some of the best stats ever who holds numerous all time records isn’t worthy of induction, then please enlighten us on who supposedly is?

    It’s fine if you personally don’t like LT or aren’t a fan for any reason. Whatever, nobody cares. But to take that personal bias and try to portray it as some factually based football take about how unimpactful and unmemorable he was on the field? That doesn’t make LT look bad, it just makes you look dumb.

    Know nothing haters never cease to amaze.

  18. But hey, if Jerry Jones can get in the HoF for buying a team and building a stadium, then sure. Let’s put fullbacks in too. And i don’t mean the 50’s-60’s fullbacks that actually carried the ball, the modern phased out blocking ones.

    I mean, what has Jerry done other than perpetually hype his own underwhelming product? Oh, those rings that Jimmie Johnson won before getting fired by Jerry’s ego? Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith? What has Jerry Jones ever contributed to anything other than his own brand? Making money is worthy of enshrinement but being a lead blocking battering ram for a decade is laughed out of the committee room?

    Solid priorities over there in Canton.

    (and i’m not necessarily advocating for Neal’s enshrinement, just saying by comparison to some other inductees that he probably deserves it more than some guys already in there)

  19. Jerry Jones made all the owners even richer, which means he made the players richer too. His marketing and branding genius has propelled the NFL to new heights.

  20. For 9 consecutive seasons, he blocked for a 1,300+ yard rusher.
    11 consecutive seasons, he blocked for 1,000+ yard rusher.
    Throw those stats on for a guard or tackle, along with a 16 year career (w/ 7 different teams, 14 of which he played in 16+ games, never hurt) and they are a HOFer. Put it on a “skill position/ specialist fullback” & he’s an after thought. Just like Moose, voters want to see the “STATS”, they just look at the wrong ones. These guys shouldn’t be compared to RB/HB/FB runners like Riggins or Jim Brown and such, they should be getting compared to lineman/blockers, and Neal & Moose were easily 1a & 1b in their catagory.

  21. It’s the FOOTBALL Hall of Fame. Not the “business and marketing” Hall of Fame. Jerry Jones has no business being enshrined alongside the great gridiron warriors and football minds in Canton

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