Manziel activates 10-day window for offer from Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Johnny Manziel has officially told the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to squat or get out of the litter box.

David William Naylor of TSN reports that Manziel has activated the 10-day window that compels the CFL team that holds Manziel’s negotiating rights to make him a contract offer. The move forces the hand of a franchise that has been slow-playing its flirtation with Manziel in the aftermath of the failed effort to hire Art Briles.

Naylor says the Tiger-Cats must sign, trade, or release Manziel within the next 10 days. As PFT understands it, however, the Tigers-Cats are required simply to make Manziel a “fair offer,” not sign him. If so, it makes the move a calculated risk for Manziel; the Tiger-Cats may choose to simply serve up a lowball offer, forcing Manziel to either take it or to continue to not play.

Either way, the ball is now in the team’s court. Will they or won’t they make him an offer? Will they or won’t they let one of the other CFL teams interested in him intervene?

The bottom line is that Manziel is now one step closer to resuming his football career in Canada. Depending on how he plays there, it could mean he’s one step closer to resuming his football career in the NFL.

41 responses to “Manziel activates 10-day window for offer from Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  1. unnamedsources says:
    September 13, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    offer him 2 cases of Canadian Beer!!!!


    One case up here is all you need it’s stronger than your beer:)

  2. He’s made plenty of money (relative to anything he can make in Canadian Football). If he really cares about playing football, then an initial contract size there shouldn’t be that big a factor.

  3. the no class talentless little weasel will screw this up as well .I threw up on draft day when my Browns picked him .

  4. As much as I hate to admit it, Johnny 8 Ball has stayed put of the papers for a while.

    More power to him if someone will sign him.

    Would still rather read about him that Kaepernick.

  5. Glad to see Man-boy-ziel taking his career serious. He has the tools to be successful but teams want to see him be humble, play well and show that he has grown up a little. If he can do that, there are 3-5 NFL teams who might consider giving him another chance in the league. However, if he screws this up, he can give up on returning to the NFL. I’d like to see him play well and earn his way back.

  6. unnamedsources says:
    September 13, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    offer him 2 cases of Canadian Beer!!!!


    One case up here is all you need it’s stronger than your beer:)


    Most young americans are drinking craft beer, which is definitely stronger than your canadian beer 😉

  7. The CFL minimum salary is $53K for the year. Considering there on week 13 of 20 for the season, that would be 35% of games left. They could retain his rights with a minimum offer and only be on the hook for $18.5K IF they wanted to… although smarter move would be to cut him, IMHO.

  8. exinsidetrader says:
    September 13, 2017 at 6:25 pm
    I want the next NFL team to be named the Tiger-Cats or the Wolf-Dogs.
    How about the Fighting Oysters?

  9. djvh2 says:
    September 13, 2017 at 6:25 pm
    How can this be when Kaepernick is available? It’s not fair!

    The Ti-Cats hold his rights as well. Maybe he should be forcing the issue as well.

  10. If they offered him .45 cents….

    He’d sign the deal before it even hit the table.

    I’m not being sarcastic, There is no amount of money too small that he won’t sign. It’s his only shot if resurrecting his career.

    Now whether they offer him a contract is another story. I’m assuming they just release his rights.

    I would like to see him redeem himself.

  11. Manziel really wasn’t that bad of a QB in the NFL. In fact, he showed flashes of potentially being a dynamic playmaker if given the opportunity. I know he likes to party, but I’m surprised he’s been railroaded out of the league, given his talent. He is undoubtedly better than any of the QB’s on the Jets or Colts.

  12. I wouldn’t touch Manziel with a ten-foot pole. He hasn’t shown anyone that he’s off of drugs and alcohol. He was a disaster in Cleveland and a locker room cancer at the end. He doesn’t deserve any more chances, period.

  13. You guys are funny, claiming you’re tired of hearing about Kaepernick. Fact is, you’d take Manziel over Kaep, Dak, Russell, Jamemis or Tyrod – not to mention Kizer or Watson. Dude can’t play and is addicted, so why would you take him over people who can play?

    Look in the mirror and answer the question.

  14. maniacwithaknife says:
    I know he likes to party, but I’m surprised he’s been railroaded out of the league, given his talent.

    I'm not surprised. As political as professional sports has become and the lib press has created "political correctness" these owners just can take the chances of bad national press. Fans mean $$$$$$$$$. NFL brass can't poo pooh this stuff anymore either whether it's black power, wifebeaters, or criminals of violent acts. It looks bad. Fans mean $$$$$

  15. He is obviously Better than Brady and Rodger’s based on the comments here. So he should be signed by the Viking’s and named starting QB.

  16. He’s stayed out of the tabloids for a while. He seems to have matured. If his skills are sharp, he’s in shape and has a great attitude about teamwork and studying a playbook, he might be worth a calculated risk.

  17. Hamilton is the armpit of Canada, much like Buffalo is to the USA. and the CFL is a bush league.

    How low can you go?

  18. Hopefully Hamilton will pass and Manziel will hook up with Chris Jones in Saskatchewan and we can have Johnny Rider in Regina. The only downside is that he still has to study a playbook and remember more than 10 plays unlike his Texas A&M days. It maybe the CFL but you don’t a cupcake schedule like in college.

  19. Manziel has always been a spoiled, arrogant brat and he will never get it. He’s had all the chances he should get in the NFL. If the CFL wants him, let them have him. Besides, he stinks anyway.

  20. I hope he gets another opportunity and a chance to prove people wrong. Fame at a young age is difficult and he didn’t know how to handle it. Hope things work out for him.

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