Pete Carroll says Jimmy Graham “had a hard game” against Packers

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Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham was limited to just eight yards on three catches in Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. Graham was targeted eight times but managed just the three receptions as Seattle’s offense was held without a touchdown.

While the offensive line created many issues for the offense as well, Graham’s lackluster showing was of note as well. Six of Graham’s eight targets came in third down situations and none of them resulted in a catch that kept a drive alive for the Seahawks.

“I thought Jimmy had a hard game,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “There was a couple of throws that he had chances, but they got broken up. They legitimately got broken up. But he had a couple of chances on big balls. We went to him in critical situations and they did a nice job of covering him and there is a couple of things we could have done better.”

Graham dropped a pass on the sideline that would have converted a third-and-3 into the Packers’ half of the field early in the fourth quarter. He also didn’t get the benefit of a pass interference call in the end zone despite being mauled by two Packers defenders with the ball still in the air and just out of reach.

“I think he was unfortunate in the back of the end zone, should have been our ball, first down on the 1-yard line,” Carroll said. “He didn’t get that chance to make that play but it wasn’t his best game. He will do better and I know he is really disappointed in the ball that got away from him on the sidelines.”

Graham’s eight yards receiving were his lowest in a game with Seattle since joining the team via trade in 2015.

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  1. If he had his hands in the air trying to catch the ball, instead of on the helmet of one of the “maulers” pulling the “mauler” towards his body, maybe they would have reason to throw a flag.

  2. Seattles wasting Jimmys talent, and he’s wasting a roster/cap spot that should instead go to an O-lineman. No way in heck Seattle resigns him. Great player on the wrong schematic team.

  3. Saw that play on highlights. Ref didn’t indicate the ball was uncatchable. Replay looked to show Graham could’ve had a chance to catch it. Why the ref didn’t call PI is baffling.

  4. Take a look at the photo above. Who’s mauling who? The defender has his arm straight up to block the path of the ball, which was too high and uncatchable anyway. The receiver grabbed the defenders helmet with both hands! It’s pretty hard to separate if you’re getting pulled in.

  5. The Graham play at the end of the game was purportedly viewed as contact by both the defense and the offense, just like they did on the opposite side of the field when Davante Adams collided with Seahawk DB’s at the 11 yard line. Either they call both PI or neither. Either way it probably would just have added 6 points to both teams so in the end it doesn’t matter. I personally think the ball was way too high to catch anyway but that is just IMO.

  6. The receiver grabbed the defenders helmet with both hands! It’s pretty hard to separate if you’re getting pulled in.

    Don’t ruin Seahawks and Vikings fans a reason to complain.

  7. A few “draft experts” gave the Seahawks’ DRAFT a grade of A when they traded pro bowl center Max Unger AND a number 1 draft pick to New Orleans for Jimmy Graham. What were they thinking? I belittled their stupidity because how can a team get an A for its draft when they trade away their number 1 pick? They at best can give them an A for the trade. Part of the reason Seattle has such an awful O line right now is this trade. After this trade, they had no salary cap space for OL James Carpenter, Russell Okung and JR Sweezey, and they have to allow these players to walk and sign with other teams as free agents. What has Jimmy Graham done for them? Very little, if anything.

  8. Graham needs to be in a wide open offense that requires little or no blocking. I think it’s safe to say Seattle’s offense is the complete opposite.

  9. Gotta love Aikmen and Buck thou… They really got this narrative spinning.
    They spent half the game whining about Graham, but barely mentioned Adams getting tackled on a deep ball with a minute left in the 1st half that would’ve given Green Bay a 1st down at Seattle’s 11 Yard Line.

    Or how the refs picked up the flag when Seattle facemasked Montgomery on his sideline run.
    Then you’ve got Cliff Avril trying to poke out Bakhtiari’s eyes during the game.

  10. I’m just glad we didn’t choke again against Seattle. That one will hurt forever.

  11. BS on the idea that the ball was uncatchable. Jimmy Graham is 6’7″ tall, played basketball in college, has a vertical leap of over three feet, and his arms are a mile long. The ball WAS catchable IF he didn’t have two defenders draped all over him. Crap call!

  12. Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says:
    September 13, 2017 at 12:14 pm
    I’m just glad we didn’t choke again against Seattle. That one will hurt forever.


    The Vikings don’t play the Seahawks this year, so you are good.

  13. Any time refs see a person’s jand covering a players number on the backbofna jersey and a block being made it’s very likely to be called no matter how big or little it is. Much like if a ref sees you trying to drive the tip elbow into a players throat while you are both laying on the ground, you should be penalized.

    Just a heads up though, next week’s games won’t be officiated perfect either, so maybe find a something else to watch if all you will do is whine bout this til Valentine’s day.

  14. Ohhhh Jimmy…..bad time to let a ball bounce off your oven mitt glove on that 3rd and 3 play. Seahawks sucked bad from Wilson on down offensively. But….came out of that predicted loss without any injuries!

  15. That was not PI in the end zone because the ball landed way out of the end zone. There is no way Graham could have caught it and landed in bounds.

  16. Crabtree cry’n about this game now? Why not mention Jimmy’s lack of production since the signing? The guy fell off the radar as soon as he left the Saints. Maybe if he was still as athletic as years gone by he coulds, shoulda, caught that over thrown ball.

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