Strangest season for Cutler is currently like extended training camp

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Jay Cutler wasn’t planning on playing in Week One of the 2017 season, and he didn’t. But not because he was retired, but because the Dolphins had their opening game canceled.

They’re now in California for an extended week of work in preparation for the first regular-season game to be played at the 27,000-seat StubHub Center. And Cutler was asked by reporters on Wednesday whether this has been the strangest start of a football season for him.

“Oh, it’s not even close,” Cutler said. “I mean, to come into camp halfway through training camp and then have to evacuate and come here and miss — having the first game cancelled. It’s been a wild ride.”

But Cutler has found a silver lining in the ability to spend more time with teammates he didn’t know until roughly a month ago.

“I mean it’s like training camp essentially,” Cutler said. “That’s kind of what our mindset is. Everyone is together. We meet together. We eat together. There’s nowhere for anyone really to go. So it’s a good experience for us.”

They’re using the Cowboys’ training facility in Oxnard as they prepare to face the Chargers.

“I think it’s a great setup for us right now,” Cutler said. “We’re living right here — the weight room, meetings, a great practice facility. So it is what it is. I mean there’s a little bit of a transition for guys, but I thought they battled today and we had a good practice, so we’ll continue to go on that.”

In a few days, the Dolphins finally will get a chance to play. And they’ll go from L.A. to New York and then to London as they play game after game for 16 weeks.