Tyreek Hill currently has no agent

Getty Images

When Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill signed his rookie contract in 2016, Hill was represented by Bus Cook, Donald Weatherell, and Madison Howard. Currently, Hill is represented by no one.

Based on NFLPA records, the accuracy of which PFT has confirmed via a union source, Hill has no agent at the present. It’s unclear why the change was made and when it happened.

He could be in the process of hiring a new agent. By rule, players must wait five days after firing an agent before hiring a new one.

Hill isn’t eligible for a new contract until after the completion of his third regular season. So there’s nothing any agent can really do for him until January 2019, at the earliest. Meanwhile, Cook and his colleagues will continue to draw a fee from the balance of Hill’s rookie contract, which pays him $540,000 this year and $630,000 next year.

Hill also received a signing bonus of only $70,000 — far less than the $220,000 or so that his slot called for. He receives the balance via roster bonuses aimed at protecting the team against a suspension, an obvious reaction to the domestic violence incident that happened while Hill was playing college football.

Given the allegations against Hill (who admitted among other things to choking his then-pregnant girlfriend), it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs agreeing to any other structure, if Hill made the move due to lingering frustrations with the deal his agents negotiated.