Cardinals have the NFL’s oldest roster

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Led by 37-year-old quarterback Carson Palmer and 34-year-old receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals are a team that’s getting long in the tooth.

According to the NFL, the Cardinals had the oldest roster in the NFL in Week One, with an average age of 27.47 years. No other team had an average age over 27.

And despite the old age of the Cardinals’ Week One roster, they got even older this week: Arizona cut 23-year-old linebacker Scooby Wright and replaced him with 32-year-old linebacker Philip Wheeler, and put 25-year-old running back David Johnson on injured reserve and replaced him with 31-year-old running back Chris Johnson.

The Cardinals currently have an NFL-high 16 players on their roster who are 30 or older.

After finishing a disappointing 7-8-1 last year, the Cardinals are 0-1 to start this year. If they miss the playoffs again, it may be time for a rebuilding project — one that would see a large number of 30-and-older players sent packing.

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  1. lol

    Weren’t people gushing over Steve Keim last year as a GM? How’s that looking now? If you don’t have a younger team, using draft picks to keep costs down, you’re wasting your time.

    He extended Palmer and Fitz last year at the same time, with bloated deals.


  2. Arizona fans have had their lottery(division winning) dreams dashed before week 2 this year. What happened to all the…..’our defense is better than Seattles’ talk that was all over the place July and August? Classic tough talk. Throw out stuff, hope somehow it sticks. The sooner they draft a QB which they should have this past draft, and rebuild, the sooner they might be relevant again in the NFC West.

  3. “lol Weren’t people gushing over Steve Keim last year as a GM? How’s that looking now?”

    A 63% winning percentage is definitely above average. He’s way better than his predecessors during the prior 40 years.

  4. “As a Seahawk fan, I love Carson Palmer and hope he never retires.”

    He does win a lot in Seattle. 3-0 his last three times there!

  5. As a Seahawk fan, I hope Carson plays 5 more years in Arizona. Next year is the Year I tell ya. Just wait til they get Johnson back and get healthy…..with that defense, they should be 13-3 and favorites to go to the Super Bowl.

  6. You can’t lose players like Campbell, Okafer, Minter, Swearinger, Cooper, Jefferson and D. Washington off the defense and replace them with younger guys immediately. That’s why they look to veterans because they have the experience. All the time and energy they put into those players is gone (the young ones).

    As far as Carson. Have you ever seen QB’s like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, on the ground as much as Carson has? Give him the time and he can deliver victories. The other thing is, if you have a winning record, your picks in the draft are not as good as the losing teams and eventually it catches up to you.

    Yes, blame it all on the GM and Coach, but it must be awfully frustrating to lose quality players year in and year out, especially when you think you just solidified either the defense or the offensive units. Remember, BA doesn’t have many years left at Coaching, and the time to spend on the young ones, only to have them leave in a couple of years.

    Sad but true. The nature of the beast. Meanwhile, the Fans have all the answers.

  7. ariani1985 says:
    September 14, 2017 at 6:20 pm
    packers own the hawks…. end of the situation.


    except that one playoff game in the final 2 minutes.

  8. omegalh says:
    September 14, 2017 at 6:41 pm
    ariani1985 says:
    September 14, 2017 at 6:20 pm
    packers own the hawks…. end of the situation.


    except that one playoff game in the final 2 minutes.
    I completely agree with this. Pack have basically owned the Seahawks……but to pull out a win to go to the Ooowl…I’ll always take over the others.

  9. The balance of life. You are either growing or dying. Winning or losing. Getting younger or older. There is no in between. That is a stat you never want. Being the oldest team. It means your team will take the longest to get younger and that much further from being competitive. Cardinals are set back.

  10. ariani1985 says:
    September 14, 2017 at 6:20 pm
    packers own the hawks…. end of the situation.
    yeah as long as the refs take 11 points off the board for the Seahawks…

  11. Seahawks shattered the Cardinals in late 2015. They came into the game with their division rivals 13-2, and talked about how they were going to out their stamp on the NFC West. Seahawks shattered the Cardinals 36-6 in their own building and they are 8-11-1 since.

    Should have drafted Carr in 2014. It was as obvious as Aaron Donald to the Lions. I laughed when you didn’t. Get ready for a long run at the bottom Cards fans.

  12. Lets see. How any first rounders has Steve Keim drafted, that actually performed like first rounders at the position they were drafted to play??? I’ll help you…NONE. Jonathon Cooper? Nkemdiche can’t get on the field. Buchannon couldn’t play safety so BA was forced to move him to linebacker. But he’s only 210 pounds and can’t stay healthy because he’s overwhelmed inside. Brandon Williams was supposed to start opposite of Patrick Peterson…and can’t get on the field.The reality is that a good coach and solid QB will cover many sins. But when you examine it, Keim has NOT drafted very well overall. So now you’re forced to pay high priced, older veterans because the guys you drafted just can’t play.

  13. Lot of 2012s with the Cardinals in their heads STILL.

    Don’t worry, we know that Packers loss still hurts, but you have the lowly niners coming to town. Relax. Stop obsessing about the Cardinals, you look sad and pathetic.

  14. Yeah, Keim’s decision to draft David Johnson in the 3rd round was simply horrible. What a bust! And resigning Larry Fitzgerald was bad too, as he only led the NFL in catches last season! He should have caught 200 passes last year, not a lazy 104!

    And that Tyrann Matthieu and Deone Bucannon are so bad at their jobs they have been named all pros! And DJ Humphries performed so poorly, he took their best offensive lineman’s job. Evan Boehm was a bust too, he has only played in every game since bring drafted and is now a starter.

    Some commenters have no idea what they are talking about.

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