DeShone Kizer: Everyone will forget about pass Kenny Britt dropped

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Browns coach Hue Jackson suggested that Kenny Britt could lose his spot at the top of the wide receiver depth chart this week after what Jackson called an “inexcusable” drop in the fourth quarter of last Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, but the message apparently didn’t make it to Britt.

Britt said on Wednesday that he hadn’t heard what Jackson said until reporters asked him about it and that he “doesn’t expect anything” when it comes to a spot in the starting lineup. Quarterback DeShone Kizer does have some expectations when it comes to Britt, however.

Kizer said that he expects Britt is “going to make some big plays” as the year unfolds and that he’ll facilitate them by going right back to the wideout despite last week’s miscue.

“That ball is going to be right back in that same spot,” Kizer said, via “There are times where there’s going to be two guys on him and it’s going to be a ball that’s right at his face and he’s going to catch it. It’ll be a big hurray and everyone is going to forget the one that he dropped against Pittsburgh, honestly.”

Britt, like all receivers, has dropped passes during his career. The Browns looked past that to give him a four-year contract as a free agent this offseason, so one would imagine that he’ll get more chances to prove Kizer right before anyone pulls the plug on his spot in the lineup for good.

13 responses to “DeShone Kizer: Everyone will forget about pass Kenny Britt dropped

  1. As a close friend of the organization what would make the FO think that Britt is a top tier WR. They should have stuck with Senior, who was probably the only person ever extremely passionate about playing for the Pound’s team

  2. Dropped passes are like turnovers and Kenny Britt drops passes all the time. I’m surprised he wasn’t cut in the pre-season after a crucial drop. Dropping passes has nothing to do with your hands. It’s between the ears. Concentration and mental toughness. Football isn’t for everyone, or at least winning football isn’t. This is on management. It’s one thing if a guy drops a pass, it’s another thing when the same guy continues to hurt your team by repeating the same mistake over and over again.

  3. The Browns are great when it comes to developing their own receivers(Pryor, Benjamin, Gordon etc though they suck at keeping them obviously.) Last time they had a free agent receiver amount to anything I think was Joe Jurevicius back in 07. That’s a long time of picking up others duds just to bench them for your own home grown talent.

  4. blitzinc43 says:
    September 14, 2017 at 8:39 am
    As a close friend of the organization what would make the FO think that Britt is a top tier WR.

    Two things, questions should end with question marks and as a ‘close friend of the organization’ one would expect you should know what they were thinking.

  5. and this is why the Cookie Monsters lose;

    there was simply no logical reason to let a potential no.1 receiver with an almost unlimited ceiling, a hometown homegrown product, as well, walk for the same money as they paid for a peaked castoff WR virtually no one else wanted for the money cleveland paid Britt;

    there was no great draft choice gained whatsoever, so not even that leaden excuse could be spun out to fly;

    if cleveland had Terrell Pryor on the field Sunday, they win that game;

    Pryor easily was worth the three point difference and then some;

    NE, GB, Pittsburgh and other top-tier organisations simply don’t make those kind of mistakes;

    that’s why they win 2-3 point games over teams like cleveland, go 12-4 and not 9-7, play their playoff games at home after a week’s rest;

    that’s why cleveland have never been to a super bowl, and given this latest measure of incompetence at the management level, never will;

    they’ll simply condemn generation upon generation of good players to being trapped on good teams that just can never take that last step to the championship level;

    it’s called perennial bridesmaid, which since 1948 cleveland have mastered (& no, the NBA sham championship doesn’t count);

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