Jaguars thinking about local flooding victims from Irma


Unlike the Dolphins, the Jaguars aren’t getting a week off because of Hurricane Irma.

But as flooding hit Jacksonville at historic records following the storm, they’re trying to maintain their focus on this week’s game with the Titans.

We think about the people that don’t have power or the homes were flooded, we think about the first responders and things of that nature.’’ Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said, via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “We also think about the rest of the state. A lot of us are very fortunate obviously. It was a very difficult storm. I think you talk about it and we understand we have to practice but we focus on what we have to do at the moment.”

The Jaguars dealt with a few issues regarding the storm. When electricity went out at EverBank Field, the food in their kitchen went bad and they had to bring in outside vendors to feed players and staff. And one of their assistant coaches needed to stay in a hotel room the team arranged for since he’s still without electricity. And while some players have some minor property damage, they feel fortunate to have escaped as they have.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis has lived in a high-rise condo on the river near downtown Jacksonville, and said he was alarmed by what he saw below him.

“Seeing all the floods and stuff, it was right in front of my crib,’’ Lewis said. ”Obviously it’s sad that it happened. It’s definitely not cool, and I’m praying for those families affected by it because it sucks. But I couldn’t imagine losing anybody in those type of situations. It’s terrible, I don’t know what to say. There’s nothing you can do about it.’’

The Jaguars are playing the Titans this week as scheduled, which means their entire season schedule won’t be impacted the way the Dolphins’ was with a postponement, which knocked out their bye week in November.