Jameis Winston working on patience as a passer, “but you are who you are”

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in each of his first two seasons and helped the Bucs to their first winning season since 2010 last year, so there’s been a lot to like about the way 2015’s first overall pick has started his career.

It hasn’t been perfect, however. Winston has thrown 33 interceptions and lost eight fumbles in his first 32 NFL games, something that has kept those positive numbers from looking even gaudier as the start of his third season draws closer. Winston said that he’s working to cut down on those mistakes, although he also knows that there are things that might not disappear entirely.

“Change is good as times. And I’m working on my patience. But you are who you are,” Winston said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Cutting down the number of possessions that end with turnovers would obviously be a plus for the Buccaneers, but the benefits could be limited if doing so also meant Winston cut down on keeping plays alive as long as possible or taking other risks that can lead to big plays. Striking the right balance is an imperfect exercise, but it will be an important one as Winston continues to develop.

14 responses to “Jameis Winston working on patience as a passer, “but you are who you are”

  1. Let me get this straight…..he sucks….yet he is the first QB in the history of the NFL to log 4000 yards his first 2 seasons and first QB to throw for 50 TD’s under the age of 23…..

    And the Bucs were 9-7 last season…..my math tells me that’s winning…

    The hate is strong

  2. A 2nd year player trowing 15 and 18 picks in his first 2 years (in which many of those came in a few horrible games as opposed to a weekly thing), and he stinks, lol. Drew Brees throws that many picks regularly. His rookie year of 15 isn’t too far off from what’s Tom Brady’s average every year of 12 or 13, but yeah, he stinks. SMH. But I guess when you have a narrative, you run with that. He’s good people. Get over it.

  3. Don’t change TOO much. Jameis is old school. He is a Quarterback that actually throws DOWN THE FIELD. Easier to have less interceptions and higher completion percentage when you’re throwing those little weenie bubble screens half the time like a lot of quarterbacks do.

  4. Boogerhut

    He has only been in the league two years and you bring up no ring?

    I do agree with you his style is Favre-like. Aggressive, supreme confidence, risk taker.

  5. So basically he’s saying that averaging at least one interception a game is who he is. Glad my team has Dak.

  6. He’s a very good QB and getting better. The Bucs will be smart to not clamp down on his instincts too hard. Those “Favre-like” qualities are hard to come by. Winston and the Bucs are going to be contenders for a while.

  7. I remember hearing all the chatter about Freeman too….. regardless of all the “stats” people tried to used to prove their point, look how that ended… I see their play as much the same… I predict 20+ ints this year trying to prove something…

  8. First two episodes of hard knocks I wanted punch his face off. The last two episodes….. dang it…he grew on me…. When he got so super excited in the last pre season game when the 4th stringer through a td and he went to high-5 the coach who gave him the stink eye, that was great.

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